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If you have played Tetrinet you should have a big head start. I assume you know how to play regular Tetris.

This game is Tetris with weapons. For each line you clear, a block with a letter on it will appear in your field.

These lettered blocks are weapons and can be used on your opponents or on yourself (some of them are good).

When you clear a line that has a weapon in it, that weapon will go into your inventory.

To use the current weapon on an opponent (or yourself) you press the button that appears above their field (A, B, X, Y).

You can change which weapon is current by using the right thumbstick.

Here is a list of all of the weapons and what they do:

  • A ADD LINE Adds a line
  • C CLEAR LINE Clears a line
  • UP FAST Speeds the up falling block
  • DOWN SLOW Slows down the falling block
  • N NUKE Clears entire field
  • B CLEAR WEAPONS Clears all weapons from field
  • F FLIP Flips field upside down
  • S SWITCH Switch fields with another player
  • R RANDOM CLEAR Clears up to 10 random blocks from field
  • G GRAVITY Sucks all blocks down to the bottom filling in all holes
  • Q QUAKE Randomly Shifts each line to the left, right, or center
  • O BOMB Ignites any bombs currently in the field causing the surrounding blocks to blow up into the field
  • I CLEAR INVINTORY Clears all of the weapons in the player's invintory
  • <> SWAP DIRECTION For 15 seconds, when the player hits left on the gamepad, the shape moves right and vise versa

A quick start tip, yellow weapons are bad (offensive) and should be used on opponents while purple weapons are good (defensive) and should be used on yourself or a teammate. Flip and Switch are green since they could be good or bad.

Join #BattleBlocks on efnet to let us know how you like it. We always like to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Major changes since bbx-0.0.1 beta:

  • Menu system - You need a way to control all the new options below, hence, the menus.
  • Profiles - You can create and password protect your own profile.
  • Scoreboards - Keep scores for each player and display them on a scoreboard.
  • Custom Soundtracks - Plays music that you have ripped to your hdd via the xbox dashboard
  • Background image - The whole screen has a background image and you can customize your own background in the player menu
  • Rumble option - Each player can decide if they want their controller to rumble when shapes touch down
  • Team support - Red, Blue, and Green teams. You can join a team or play solo.

Thanks goes to everyone who has beta tested:

kl0wn - found a bug in the menu system that caused BattleBlocks to crash and exit to the dashboard