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What's News

  • New cart type added "64 KB 5200 cartridge w/32 KB Banks". M.U.L.E. as well as new Atari800 conversions for the 5200 are playable now!
  • Basic cassette images are now supported. So you can now "cload" games or programs.
  • Added an option to change the "cassette position" for tape images with more than one game on a tape. This is temporary until I can add a full selectable list option.
  • Fixed a typo on an #ifdef preventing "sap" music file selection.
  • Crazy SAP speeds when selecting a SAP music file to play has been fixed. Occured when trying to play a SAP file after an MP3 had played.
  • Fixed an issue with Custom ACT palette selection not working.
  • Fixed a logic error with the auto config database where it was running a game with no match without going into game configuration.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto config database where the "Burst Phase" was not being set correctly if Artifact mode is set.
  • Switched Atarixlbox over to the new Preset Controller system which is more flexible. It still "autoselects" certain preset controllers when changing between 5200 and computer. Make sure you copy over the new "PresetC" folder.
  • "Atari Joystick", "Atari Keyboard" and "Atari 5200 Stick" renamed to "Standard Atari Joystick", "Standard Atari Keyboard" and "Standard Atari 5200 Stick".
  • Slightly tweaked the "Standard" preset controller configs to make more sense. Don't worry they don't affect the button assignment.
  • Emulator now supports Action Lists.
  • Combined IGM "Change Disk" and "Display disks loaded in drives" menu options into one menu option "Change/Rotate/View Disks".
  • Combined IGM "NTSC Filter", "Modify Palette Parameters" and "Select Custom ACT Palette" menu options into one menu option "Change/Modify NTSC Filter or Palette".
  • Emulator always remembers which Disks, and Tape is loaded on initial set-up. That way if you do change any during gameplay it will not foobar startup when you go to play the game again. If you want to change the "initial set-up" just delete the games config by pressing black on the game selection screen.
  • Boot Cart, Disk, and Tape are no longer asked for in already configured games with a multifile zip. If for some reason you want to change this just delete the games config by pressing black.
  • Added a "per game" autoload save state option. Options are "No, 1-10, Most Recent"
  • Activated new synopsis code. Long filename now supported.
  • Fixed bug where preset controller type was incrementing by 1 on start of a game with no configuration.
  • "SIO patch" is automatically turned off when an ".atx" image is selected.
  • Other various small little fixes that I made that I probably forgot about. :lol: