Another SpecializeMii 3DS

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Another SpecializeMii


Golden pants for everyone! Unlock any Mii for editing!

What is this?

SpecializeMii is an application for the Nintendo 3DS that allows you to set the special-Status on arbitrary Miis in your MiiMaker database.

Normally reserved only for Miis distributed by Nintendo, a special Mii wears Golden Pants and triggers special events in certain applications, such as Mii Plaza.

Additionally, this application allows for copying the System ID and the MAC address from your Personal Mii to any other, which allows for effortlessy "stealing" Miis received from other consoles, and reduces manual labor in using the CFL_DB of another console on yours. (Since FTP servers and hex editors for 3DS exist, this means it's now possible to do the whole process without a PC. Woot!)

Finally, you can simply open this application and re-save the database to fix the checksum, if FixCRC for personal computers is not your first choice.

How do I use it?

Download the lastest release and then either install the .cia with the CIA manager of your choice or use the .3dsx provided with the Homebrew Launcher. The features are listed on-screen.

REMINDER: This software alters data in a Shared Extdata archive. It doesn't really do anything harmful, but to be sure, backup archive 0xf000000b with a save file manager such as JKSM or by holding X when launching the application. The backup will be written to sd:/<current date>_CFL_DB.dat.

The "Copy Ownership" feature is best enjoyed if your Personal Mii is editable.

If you are moving your Mii database to a new console, please do as follows:

  • Open Mii Maker on the target to create a legit Personal Mii, if you didn't already.
  • Use an extdata manager, such as JKSV, to backup shared extdata F000000B from both consoles.
  • Open the CFL_DB.bin from both consoles in a hex editor.
  • Copy and paste, from the new database to the one you want to import, the following offsets:
  • 0x0C ? 0x13 (Personal Mii System ID)
  • 0x18 ? 0x1D (Personal Mii MAC address)
  • Save this modified database (preferably to a new file) and import it into the target console. No need to import any other files from F0000000B.
  • Immediately run SpecializeMii afterwards, select every Mii to be unlocked and press Y on them.
  • Save changes and exit. Enjoy.

How do I build it?

Make sure to recursively clone the repository (git clone --recursive ...) and then build by running make.

Five hours ago, I never heard of this homebrew.

Yet, since the moment over a year ago, when I confirmed without doubt the format of the System ID, I've wanted to make a tool to automate unlocking Miis for editing, but the annoyance of converting a wikitable to nested structs and especially writing database parser & checksum functions put me off.

Now you can do this from the comfort of your console!

3DSX (tested on 11.5, Rosalina 8.1.1, hblauncher 2.0) only, because buildtools don't work due to missing dependencies and I don't want to spend any further time fixing software I don't like (not that you'll likely use this homebrew more than twice...)

Read the main readme for more information, and don't forget to thank @phijor for his backend work...