ACNL Spotpass File Creator 3DS

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ACNL Spotpass File Creator
Last Updated2019/01/09
TypePC Utilities

ACNL Spotpass File Creator

ACNL Spotpass File Creator is a Proof of Concept application for creating Custom Spotpass Content for ACNL.

It currently supports creating Spotpass Content for Post Office Presents and Campground RVs.


  1. CFW is required for using the files.
  • Spotpass files are generally signed by Nintendo, but CFW patches this.
  1. A dump of the ARM9 Bootrom (boot9.bin) is also required in order to encrypt and decrypt these files.
  • This can be obtained either through GodMode9 or by holding Start + Select + X upon booting your 3DS. (The latter is only applicable to boot9strap users, though this is the majority anyways.)
  • The boot9.bin must be placed in the same folder as the application, or in %appdata%\3ds\ on Windows or $HOME/.3ds/ on macOS/Linux.


This app should be compiled using Qt.

The releases are compiled using Qt 5.12.0 MinGW 64-bit. Milage may vary with other versions.

How To Use

As this app is only a Proof of Concept, a full "How To Use" will not be provided.

  • To use the outputted files with ACNL, I recommended using Fiddler along with SciresM's SSL Patch setup on your 3DS and also installing the ClCertA.p12 on your PC. Then export it to a .cer and place it as %userprofile%\Documents\Fiddler2\ClientCertificate.cer.
  • Then setup Fiddler as necessary and connect your 3DS to it's proxy. Then redirect file requests from ACNL to the local file on your PC.