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The core of 3dox is based on the work of the Freedo Team: Alexander Troosh, Maxim Grishin, Allen Wright, John Sammons, and Felix Lazarev @ www.freedo.org

Thanks to the author of the (new) 4DO project Johnny @ www.fourdo.com for
figuring out how to use the freedo core and sharing that information with me!
Thanks to the surreal64ce team for Project Dash which parts of are used for
the launcher.
Thanks to freakdave, parts of his Yabause port were used in 3dox as well.
Thanks to the guys at emuxtras.net and on irc #emuxtras for their input and


This is an alpha release and I know it's slow, but it does work.


1. You'll need a 3do bios to use this. Whatever bios you get will have to be 
   renamed to 'bios.rom' and placed in the bios folder.
2. Roms go in the Roms folder! (duh!)

3. 3dox can also load 3do discs. Press 'start' at the rom select screen and 
   3dox will try to load whatever disc is in the drive. Not all xbox's can
   read CD-R's though, but should have no problem with cd-rw or dvds.
4. When loading a disc it takes quite a while before anything appears on 
   screen. Have patience.
5. There are no settings to customize at the moment.
6. Frameskip has been turned ON for this release, which gives us another 
   5 FPS or so. Woohoo!
7.  Assume most games are either SLOW or EXTREMELY SLOW.

Controller Mappings

Game Select Screen:
 A: Launches the game.
 Right Thumb Stick Click: Exits the launcher.
 Start: Launches the disc is the drive.

  B = A
  A = B
 B = C
 Start = P
 Back = X
 Left Trigger = Left Button
 Right Trigger = Right Button
 DPad = DPad
 Right Thumb Stick Click = Exit to launcher