War of Weeds

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War of Weeds
Author(s)Mollusk, Daydream

War of the Weeds is an ambitious game in which you guide your weeds through a series of challenges to defend your village. It has 5 types of games with various levels of difficulty and 3 modes of play.

It was participated in the Neo Spring Coding Compo 2007 (winner).


  • original graphics
  • 3 game modes

User guide

Game modes:

1 vs CPU

ATAX: It consists of converting flowers opposite in the same type as yours, for that we will have to place one of our flowers bloom beside the contrary. It has 18 levels.
Reversi: The typical reversible, got to have more chips than the opposite of our kind. It has 3 levels.
Blocker: This minigame is quite original, we block the opponent by putting stones around, but we also need to dodge to put the CPU.

1 vs 1 In addition to the ATAX, Reversi and Blocker.

Weedshot: Although not one hundred percent functional, would be a Worms but with plants.


Hexaweeds: It consists of converting weeds in the same color until the end.
Pop: We will be destroying the flowers of the same type who are together, and try to finish without any.
Water: We will change the position of the pipes so that water which is located in the center and thus pass through these may irrigate all the flowers.
Picross: A game of logic rather complicated (for me). We will find out the hidden picture taking as track numbers around.
Fill: The game is to fill the board with the flower chosen in the start menu. Although it seems simple is not.


Works on Flash cart Sakura M3 Real with firmware 1.34