UniqueGeeks Online Converter

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UniqueGeeks Online Converter
Author(s)Unique Geeks Media
TypePC Utility
Version21 Jul 2010

A web-based NDS Save Game Converter.

User guide

It supports DeSmuME save format directly, so do not need to Import Backup Memory. UniqueGeeks does not support the No$gba sav format though, so you need to convert No$gba saves to Raw saves before conversion.

Convert to Raw savedata:

  • Close No$gba/No$Zoomer. Go to NO$GBA.ini.
  • Change SAV/SNA File Format = Compressed or SAV/SNA File Format = Uncompressed to SAV/SNA File Format = RAW. Save changes.
  • Go back to No$gba or No$Zoomer, run your ROM, save game normally using the in-game save. This will produce a Raw save.

It is recommended to backup saves prior to using the converter.