The Curse Of Mamie's Island

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The Curse Of Mamie's Island

There’s some Benny Hill music, Rabbids sound effects, an altered Curse of Monkey Island logo, and a Mr. Freeze treat.

It was submitted to the Dev-fr coding competition with a "swimsuit" theme in 2010 .

User guide

You are Gybrush Fripouille, the famous pirate, and your ship has run aground on an uncharted island. The damage is considerable and you will have to find a way to buy a boat.

Fortunately, this island belongs to a generous billionaire: the gentle "Granny Pognon.

Your only way to take one day off is to elicit full of big Sousous to buy a brand new yacht. Unfortunately, Grandma is already a favorite, to which it spins all owls pepette and you do not know who it!

You'll need to eliminate all the males of this island to be the only one to benefit from the generosity of Grandma! ... but how?

What a coincidence! a terrible and terrifying sea monster has just emerged and wreaks havoc on the beach!

Usually you have to throw a few envelopes kraft him go ... but this time he is very angry, because everyone is doing nothing to bother him right now!

It is time to take advantage of the situation quickly enter your opponents with a bathing suit, pull the rubber band like a stone spear, and project them into the monster's mouth!

But be careful not to project a young working girl to the monster! The mere sight of her bare attributes you require to over-consume your Mr. Freeze to lower your body temperature suddenly brought to the cleat by adrenaline and lust!

Once all competitors eliminated, you can finally hit the jackpot and leave in wrapping all models with beautiful hair (but not only) that are on the island: the super class!



Stylus - full control


Tested on: Flashcard DSTT / TTDS with Firmware 1.17a12