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Left/Right - move a bar  
Left/Right - move a bar  
Up/A - change the order of the letters of the bar
Up/A - change the order of the letters of the bar
R - use an item  
R - use an item  
Start - pause
Start - pause

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A game similar to Yahoo! Towers. Clear the falling pieces by aligning them to make the word Temby! It keeps the principle of Temby! Towers and adapt it to a single player version.It uses the PAlib.


Align horizontally or vertically and diagonally in a minimum of three squares the same color (letter). Or form the word "TEMBY".


Left/Right - move a bar

Up/A - change the order of the letters of the bar

R - use an item

Start - pause


17/05 v0.6 Temby! Towers DS

  • New name Temby! Towers and personal design.
  • Viewing and score level. And increase the speed as a function of time and score points.
  • Déplacemnt the horizontal support if we leave right or left.
  • Block of Defence "T" function (deletes the first line of play), we use the option with the 'R'.
  • Test of a DJ Costello.

24/04 v0.5 Yahoo Towers DS

  • Manage the number of sprites, so more bugs after displaying the first 128 sprites.
  • Animation of explosion of the squares.
  • Destruction of the squares in an alignment forming the word "yahoo!" (You can form a clear yahoo come here)
  • Put a break with Start

22/04 v0.4 Yahoo Towers DS

  • The destruction of the squares bug has been eradicated forever
  • Identification of lines of more than 3 square diagonally (not "yahoo").

21/04 v0.3 Yahoo Towers DS

  • "Skin" of the lower screen, positioning the score, the player's name and an avatar (changeable by touching it).
  • Added display of the next bar and added bar items.
  • Display the version number on the screen as below.
  • If a bar above the top of the screen: game over (end of text display and lock the game). If restart: Resetting a part
  • Identification of lines of more than 3 identical squares horizontally or vertically (not diagonally or "yahoo").
  • Erasing squares identified (presence of a bug but not yet identified).

19/04 v0.2 Yahoo Towers DS

  • Added a title screen.
  • Setting the positioning bug, so the bars go down and stack neatly.
  • Code optimization (more divisions and fewer float).

17/04 v0.1 Yahoo Towers DS

  • First release the bars go down, stack and locked down. But the presence of bugs. For a night (all night) code, I think it's cool.

16/04 Yahoo Towers DS

  • The idea flourished in my little head, away you go! Neurons and motivation in motion!


Thank you to Mollusk for the PAlib, yopyop for his bel emulator, DJ Costello for the soundscape to come. Gwoin well as for his advice. And of course testers, Julmachin, Beda, MaCopine, MonFrère