Spider Solitaire DS

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Spider Solitaire DS
Author(s)Jess Telford

Spider Solitaire is a single player card game that has gained popularity since being included as a default game on the Windows Operating System. The basic idea of the game is to get piles of cards from K to A of the same suit. There are 104 cards with the possibility of playing with either 1 suit, 2 suits, or 4 suits.

This was originally written as a DOS console game anf port to the NDS. The source is compiled under DevkitARM r21 and libnds 20071023.

User guide

To start, 54 cards are dealt face-down over 10 piles with the top-most card of each pile face-up.

You then have 50 cards left (giving a total of 104 cards in the game) that can be dealt 10 at a time as long as there are no empty piles.

The objective is to clear the deck by arranging cards of the same suit into piles of King to Ace. When you do, it is automatically removed from play (and placed at the bottom left of the screen).

Only in-sequence piles of the same suit can be selected and moved. However, this selection can be placed on any face-up in-sequence card. For example, a 6 can be placed on any 7 regardless of suit as long as it is face-up.


Touch screen - Move cards (in game), Choose level (menu)

A - Help movement

B - Undo movement

Select - Return to the level selection menu




Should run on all types of Hardware (Slot1, Slot2, & WiFi). Runs on no$gba emulator v2.6.

Known issues

KINOSAKI N-Card 3in1:

  • The game starts and seems to play.
  • The startdisplay with the on the upper screen is blurred.
  • All the cards are blurred too. In the selection screen and while playing too.

Too many sprites being used.

  • If all cards dealt, and a Q-A is selected, that's 104 cards + 12 selection + 12 ghosted = 128 sprites.
  • This causes issues such as black squares appearing instead of sprites, and sprites partially disappearing.
  • The only fix for this (to get around the hardware limitation of the number of sprites) is to update the game to use the 3D rendering engine instead of the 2D. Slated for v4.



  • Current release.
  • Removed debug; pressing START in 3.1.0 would automatically win the game.


  • Added a Particle-system for Fireworks when completing a game.
  • Added animation when Dealing.
  • Added animation when selected cards are dropped on an invalid pile.
  • Fixed bug; Clicking to deal when no cards left to deal would still go through the motions, playing the sound and internally updating the deal data.
  • Fixed bug; Black squares appearing when too many cards on screen.
  • Fixed bug; Flashed white before smooth-fading out after win.
  • Fixed bug; Dealing an Ace onto a King-2 pile would not release the pile as complete.
  • Compiled under DevkitARM r21 and libnds 20071023.


  • Fixed M3 compatibility bug; Pressing Hint when no possible moves would freeze the game.
  • Fixed bug where if there were only one card on a pile and Hint were pressed it would freeze the game.


  • Fixed a bug when pressing Hint twice when no possible moves would freeze the game.


  • Complete re-write of the game engine.
  • Complete re-write of the display engine.
  • Added sounds.
  • Added Ghosted cards for those which are selected.
  • Added a 'Congratulations' section showing score and turns.
  • Changed movement to be free rather than snapping to piles.
  • Updated graphics.
  • Source is much, much cleaner now, and due to modularity, should allow for future versions of Solitaire and possibly other card games.


  • Compiled under DevkitARM r20 and libnds 20070127.
  • Fixed: When a large pile would extend very far off the bottom of the screen, it would wrap around to the top.


  • Cards are now highlighted when selected.
  • Added Cheating (Press A).
  • Added Undo (Press B).
  • Dragging cards now only 'jump piles' when dragged wholely over an adjacent pile. This improves the accuracy of dropping cards.


  • Changed from gbfs to included .h (wider hardware compatibility).


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added Menu/Pause.


  • First Release.