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TypePuzzle Card

SetDS is a game set where player has to find sets with a certain combination. In SetDS, nine cards are displayed. From the nine cards, you must find a certain number of sets. For each puzzle, you may reuse any of the 9 cards displayed as many times as needed to complete all different sets.


  • A Solo mode - Set the Day (WIFI connection necessary): Every day, 10 sets are generated on a server and participants are ranked according to the time taken to find them all: a ranking daily, weekly and monthly are provided
  • WIFI multiplayer (Wi-Fi connection required):

A server for windows can play locally with several DS, this requires setting the IP address of the server and port to use on the DS with the option of setting SetDS.

  • Save the score in single player-time on a server (WiFi connection required).


Identify a 'set' of three cards from 9 cards displayed.

User guide

Each card has a variation of the following four features:

Color - Each card is red, green, or purple.

Symbol - Each card contains ovals, squiggles, or rectangular.

Number - Each card has one, two, or three symbols.

Shading - Each card is solid, open, or striped.

A 'Set' consists of three cards in which each feature is EITHER the same on each card OR is different on each card:

All the same color or all different.
All the same number or all different.
All the same shape or all different.
All the same fill (hollow, shaded, filled) or all different.