Secret Hordes

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Secret Hordes
TypeRole Player

Secret Hordes is a gadget for the browser game Hordes (Apocalyptic RPG Free Online Motion twin), that player will have some useful info on town by simulating the use of cameras placed at different location.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Copy secret_hordes.nds to the flash card.
  3. Copy 'external identifier' (see tab 'Settings' in your soul ) in a file named secret_hordes_key.txt to place to the root of linker.

User guide

If you're like me, a poor survivor in the twilight world overrun by undead of Hordes , my latest find may interest you. The other day I found a strange object in the rubble of a television studio in ruin: a small case control surveillance cameras!

Worn, battered, he certainly lived better days. I also recovered in the rubble a few dilapidated cameras. The whole was probably used in these games reality once so popular, cultural masterpieces of human genius before his sudden fall.

The world is now devastated, invaded by hordes of undead. Maybe this equipment video surveillance can help me survive a little longer?

Only three cameras are on hold now in working order, despite a blurred image, noisy, colorful approximate. I've prepared one in the outskirts of the city, another front door to check a glance if it is closed before midnight, and the last before the wells to monitor the content. I will return in a state other cameras to monitor other places.

Secrethordesds2.png Secrethordesds3.png


A - update the data

X - hunt flies attracted by rotting undead who come to walk on the device



Player can access test data tapes with wmulator. Run secret_hordes_emulateur.nds with an emulator such as NO $ GBA.



  • Changing the attack animation of the horde. Will you find the surprise guest?
  • Some surprises are within the scope of the cameras ( small and dedication to Deepnight a squirrel Canada) .
  • Fixed a bug related to a memory buffer size too small when you download the XML file of the city.
  • Fixed a bad error loading key (the file name was incorrect ).
  • Still more flies.