Sandbox Engine DS-DSi

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Sandbox Engine DS-DSi

Sandbox Engine DS-DSi is a 3D FPS style DSi hybrid (also playable on DS) game which started back in 2010 on the DS but when the DSi sudokuhax was discovered its being made with DSi mode in mind.

Finally releasing the 1st version on 3/5/2011.

User guide

This is a field in 3 dimensions, there are items like cars, trees, casas, etc. It does not have many features at the current version , some of them are able to fly as some elements of the stage.

It also shows the burden of polygons, the vertex and the CPU.


Stylus - flying objects on the Stage

D-pad - move to forward and backward and turn

A - scroll up

B - scroll down

L - move to the left

A - scroll to the right

Select - displays the load of polygons, the vertex and the CPU.


Tested on: Flash card SuperCard DSTWO with EOS 1.11 Firmware

If play on DSi, need the exploit sudokuhax or DSI Flashcard Cyclo Evolution, which supports SDI mode.



  • Made lots of changes to the code & bug fixes, actually added a basic GUI finally.
  • There's 4 maps now, adding more objects, cars, buildings, houses & maps, ect & looking for ways to make the maps bigger.
  • The texture changing & has been removed in this release but will return next release. (Edit:saved the ability to pan camera up & down in this version.)
  • Made some textures higher resolution like grass, & snow. (more should have higher resolution in next version.)