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QBX is a thinking game in which players controls cubes to solve puzzles. It was one of the winner in the Neo Summer Coding contest 2006. It proposes 4 game durations: Endless, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. They can be selected from the welcome screen.


  • 4 game modes
  • recorded scores


The aim is to make lines in a 3D cube 5x5x5-sized.

User guide

Shapes will be submitted one by one. Each shape comes from above and can only be translated forward/backward and left/right.The cube, can only be rotated around its 3 axis.

The shape does not fall automatically. Hence, you have time to place it. Then you chose when you want it to fall. Then, it will go down in one shot.You have to move the shape and rotate the cube in order to make the shape going inside the cube to make lines.

Any line made of 5 little cubes will then disappear.


D-Pad and A/X/Y/B - move the shapes and rotate the cube (can be configured)

The bottom screen proposes 5 big buttons, from left to right:

  1. Drop the shape (like the SELECT button)
  2. Zoom in
  3. Reset the zoom
  4. Zoom out
  5. Drop the shape (designed for left-handed/right-handed)

You can navigate between the scores tables of the various game modes pressing the 2 upper arrow-shaped orange buttons or the R and L buttons.


08 July 2006 First release. No sound yet. 12 July 2006 Second release. Update for compatibility with M3 who had screens flipped. Changed some ugly textures. A few animations added. 15 July 2006 Third release. Changed again some ugly textures. Add randomizer init at startup. Changes in the scoring system. Changed fonts digits. Added a few animation for hibernation screen. SELECT button bound to "drop shape". Added a smiley showing score rank (in case of highscore ;)). Sounds ... (may be not final). 04 August 2006 Fourth version New sounds. Names in scores with the handwriting recognition system (partially, currently only letters from 'a' to 'g'). Various bug fixes. Documentation. 11 August 2006 Version 1.0 New additional sounds. Bug fix in the highscores saves. Handwritting recognition for all the letters. Player's name in highscores. Input "black board" now has the graffiti for the 'w' letter (that was previously missing).