Peculiar Voyage: Escape from Cute

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PECULIAR VOYAGE: Escape from Cute
TypeRPG Rogue-like

This is a demo of a rogue-like mystery dungeon style (e.g. Shiren the Wanderer) game. And there is a basic quest and multi-floor "dungeon" implemented. Also there's a scoreboard to try to improve results, and a few collectables.


  • Gamesave
  • Traps
  • A few item classes
  • Monsters
  • NPCs
  • Basic quest to fulfill
  • Score Ranking, Notes and a "monster menagerie"


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch it and copy it to the root directory of the card

User guide

It's turn based, the player moves or attacks, and the monsters each get a turn afterwards. You basically wander around the dungeon, fight monsters, pick up items and try to survive to the next floor and get as far as possible. Although it's turn based, a hardcore mystery dungeon player often has a style that makes it end up being pretty fast paced.

This is the blue, semi-transparent layer on top of the main action on the bottom screen.

It's basically a map of the whole floor, with rooms and corridors filled in as the player walks into them. Blinking white dot is the player, yellow dots are friendly characters, red dots are monsters, blue dots items, blue square is the exit to the next floor, finally a black x marks a trap location.


A - attack monsters, talk to NPCs

B - (tapped and released quickly) menu for inventory, (menu) back out

D-pad+B - make character run down a corridor, (next to friendly character) swap spaces with player

L - shoot equipped projectiles with a slingshot

R - restrict character's movement to diagonals

X - status menu

D-pad+Y - change directions without moving, (inventory menu) sort items



Tested on: FlashCard M3 Real with Sakura firmware 1.34

It's playable on an emulator (NO$GBA seems to run it best), but saving the game state, etc. won't work, so you'll have to be ultra hardcore and play start to finish each time.

Known Issues

Still some odd monster AI behavior, not nearly enough item types and monster types. NPC conversations are very basic. Scoring is kind of screwy.

Movement in a non-dungeon area (e.g. the first village after the training dungeon) is messy -- you go into a house and when you come out, you're somewhere else in the village...

The somnambulistic state has a zzz animation over a character which implies asleep, but it's supposed to be sleepwalking. I know it's kind of screwy...

That stuff floating across the screen in the "Red Forest" is supposed to be fog -- which is why monsters can seem to come outof nowhere in "corridors" there.


To the PAlib and libnds people, to Danc from LostGarden for the PlanetCute graphics, to Hidden Observer and to the NO$GBA guy.

Also to the devkitpro, devkitARM people and to the EFS guy.