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AuthorGrizzly Adams

A network remote control for MythTV frontends. WFC settings is required to be already in place for this application.


  • Automatic LCD backlight off.
  • Three pages of touchscreen buttons.
  • Support for latest DSLite wifi hardware (using DSWiFi CVS).
  • Return to menu (libCartReset).
  • Three Frontend IP Configurations (configurable at runtime).
  • LCD fade out.


Download and extract file.

Create a folder named MythRemote in the root of memcard, mythremote will keep its config there.

DLDI patch the appropriate file (.nds or .ds.gba) and copy it to the root directory of the card.

User guide

Once launched MythRemote uer will need to change the IP address it will be using for MythFrontend.

Enable Network Remote Control in frontend settings. Be sure that the port numbers match between the frontend and new remote (DS). Click Save before exiting the config menu. Now MythRemote will autoload configuration every boot.

There are 3 slots so you can use remote with multiple frontends.


D-Pad - Navigation

A - Select

B - Back

X - Volume Up

Y - Volume Down

There is a powersaver function that takes effect after 1800 frames (about 30 seconds) or when the lid is closed. Tap the screen to turn it back on.

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