MoonShell NDS Loader Plugin

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Unneon MS2 YSMenu Loader
TypeSystem Tool

NDS Loader plugin allows moonshell2 to run commercial roms. Back to YSMenu Firmware plugin allows moonshel2 to open ysmenu when Back to Firmware button is pressed.


Enable the option to run commercial roms on moonshell2 Use the menu moonshell2 that is more beautiful than the r4


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Install YSMenu as nds file on the card. The ysmenu.nds ysmenu.ini and may be in the root folder TTMenu, or folder YSMenu

Thereafter there are 2 ways of network installation: Manual: R4 DS and Clones:

  1. Copy the file to the folder extlink/nds.ysr4.nds moonshl2/extlink card
  2. Copy the file to the folder resetmse/R4TF.nds moonshl2/resetmse card

DSTT and Acekard2 (not tested):

  1. Extlink Copy the file/ folder to nds.ysother.nds moonshl2/extlink card
  2. Resetmse Copy the file/ folder to ysother.nds moonshl2/resetmse card
  3. Rename the file to moonshl2/resetmse/ysother.nds softreset card


  1. Run Install.bat
  2. Type the letter of the SD card (ex: F: \ -> type f)
  3. Choose your card (1 for DS R4 and clones, 2 for others)
If you want to use YSMenu firmware as the R4 DS, use the plugin as _DS_MENU.DAT firmware, putting that file on the root of the card
If you use cards other than the R4 DS or clones, rename the moonshl2 \ resetmse \ ysother.nds to file softreset card

User guide

The plugin saves the file name selected by the moonshell2 AUTO_BOOT the YSMenu and starts the YSMenu.

To open the YSMenu, open ysmenu.nds by moonshell2, or by function "back to firmware."

Otherwise, the last game will be started automatically.

Known issues

Makes the boot of homebrew in moonshell slightly slower The boot roms is slower than open right through YSMenu because moonshell should start the plugin that launches the YSMenu It is not possible to directly use cheats


Homebrews created by Unneon, using PAlib, LibFat, chism's NDS Loader, minIni and moonlight's extlink