Mind Maze

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Mind Maze is a compendium of minigames in which intelligence and skill with the stylus are the basics to solve them.

This project, initially created using PALib, was abandoned early because of problems with this library, which forced the cancellation of the project and the creation NFlib.

User guide

Slide Puzzle: Solve a sliding tile puzzle of 3×4 in the shortest time possible with the least amount of moves.

The better the punctuation, the more credits you obtain to buy more puzzles.


Couples: This is a memory game.

Make 4 pairs per round, in a total of 4 rounds, leaving the “Joker” card to the end of each round. If we uncover it before, we lose all couples accumulated for that round and we will start again.


Labyrinth: Guide a ball through a maze to the exit.

To move it, touch it with the stylus, without lifting it, move in the direction that we want to move the ball. The ball will follow the stylus. The further we are from the ball, the more speed. If we lift the stylus or the ball touches a wall, you will lose control and will have to stop in order to control it again.


Cubes: Build 4 images available by turning the cubes.

Touch the desired cube and you have to turn right or left with the stylus. Rotate the cube faces as many time as you like, but remember, when we put the cube back in its position, all surrounding cubes will turn a face in the opposite direction. To insert the cube, touch the screen briefly.



Since Mind Maze uses some advanced features of DS hardware, it is possible that in some emulators may experience graphic errors or inadequate game speed.