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{{TOChorizontal|Applications|Games|Emulators|Loaders|System tools|PC utilities}}

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Media players

Video and audio

Title Version Description Author Last updated
DbrowSer 2008 File browser that can play mp3 and view jpg files. Tommie 2008/09/05
DSMediaCenter final A full-fledged homebrew launcher/movie player. Hillbilly 2009/05/30
DSMplay v0.8 Media player application that plays DSM files. Infantile Paralysiser 2007/09/15
DSTwo iPlayer v1.1 Media player for DSTWO. Supercard 2010/11/17
DSVideo v1.01 Video player and converter. Dominic Ludlam 2008/12/08
MoonShell v2.10 stable Well known multimedia player. Moonlight 2010/08/31
MPEG4 Player 2008 An MPEG4 Player for the DS. Erspicu_brox 2008/08/17
Tuna-viDS v1.1 Plays AVI files that contain Xvid encoded video and MP3 encoded audio. Chishm 2008/07/04
XM7Play r2011 XM/MOD player. Sverx 2011/01/27

Video only

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Spinal Media Player v1.0 Movie player. Spinal 2008/02/18

Audio only

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Advanced Sound Library v1.0 A sound library for the NDS. Noda 2007/12/02
A Tint of MENUdo: Player 2009 Media player for MENUdo. Soulanger 2009/08/22
DSAmp v1.0 Control Winamp from DS. PadrinatoR 2006/08/11
Dissonance v0.2.1 Internet radio client for DS. Dave Brady 2006/05/17
FAT Player MikMod v5 A player module track. Cid2mizard 2008/07/15
LibXM7 v1.06 A C library to play XM (and MOD) modules using only ARM7 resources. Sverx 2011/01/27
LMP-ng v1.02 MP3 Player, Ipod clone. Lucas 2010/03/03
NDS Music Player 2011 Uses fincs' SSEQ Player to play the music. KazoWAR 2011/09/15
NDSWebradio v0.3 Streaming web radio client. Yaouank 2007/08/12
Online Jukebox DS 2010 Shoutcast player for DS. The coon 2010/08/20
PAMOD v1.1 Fully customizable modplayer. Kleevah 2005/11/10
PocketSPC v1.0 Emulates the audio hardware of the SNES, playing SPC sequence files. Gladius 2005/09/11
Raw Sound Player 2005 RAW sound player. Extreme Coder 2005/08/11
SIDPlayerDS 2006 Port of SIDPlayer,a replayer program for C64 music. GPF 2006/08/20
SylphAMP v0.04 Winamp-to-NDS interface. Ficedula 2006/07/04
XMid NITRO NDS final A MIDI player. Ruben 2012/11/22
YetAnOtherMp3Player v3 MP3 Player. Birslip 2006/05/20


Title Version Description Author Last updated
3in1 Expansion Pack v1.9d Allow user to load GBA ROMs from Flash Card Slot 1. Rudolph 2007/12/01
3in1 SRAM Test v2 Verify the SRAM memory of EZ 3in1. Cory1492 2010/01/26
Ands-pdf v1.4 PDF reader. Albinofrenchy 2009/03/17
Back2fw v1 A homebrew to boot DS firmware. Yasu 2008/03/27
BackupBuddy v0.9.1 Find files of the extensions on card and upload to an FTP server. Joe Ciagamitaro 2012/02/13
Balik Bayan DevWifi 2008 Send files from PC to DS via Wifi then automatically runs it. Soulanger 2008/08/21
BLARGH Text Editor r122 Implement Joe Strout's HexInput method of inputting text on DS. Anomalous_underdog 2009/01/25
Bowser v080107 Minimalistic browser for the NDS storage cards. Spaghetti DSDev 2008/01/07
Brandy Basic V for Dslinux v1.19 DSL02 The Brandy BBC Basic V interpreter. David Daniels 2008/01/17
Bunjalloo v0.8 Simple web browser for the Nintendo DS. Quirkysoft 2009/12/24
ComBox v1.4 Allow files transfer between 2 DS,computer and a FTP server on Internet. Lilou 2008/04/26
ComicbookDS v3.0 Comics reader. Gnese 2010/11/29
ContactsDS v0.02 A contacts organizer. Hero2 2009/10/16
DB Downloader v2.0 Automatically download cheats code that corresponds to linker. Javils 2010/09/05
Dillama v0.2 beta Control Xbox Media Center with DS (XBMC not Xbox 360). Tsunami0ne 2006/07/31
Dolphin Reader v20100204 Txt and Html reader on DS. Chris Liu 2010/02/04
DPhone v1.0 A iPhone clone. Hillbilly 2008/11/01
DS2DS v3.2 Allows user to send files without router or via a DS to another without size limit. Kram 2008/06/07
DS2Tools v1.4b Two tools in one: SkinUp and DataUp. Fef51 2011/02/18
DSBash final Web-Browser for, and plus mp3 player. Leinad 2009/03/14
DSBook preview r2 Text viewer. Cory1492 2006/07/11
DSchedule 2008 Organizer application compatible with ICal and Google calendar. Samel 2008/03/03
DSCompress v1.3 GZip utility to unzip zip files and GZip files. Carpman 2007/11/08
DScritor v1.0 Create text writing on a handwriting. Miguel28 2010/08/21
DS Dictionary v1.1 Turning your DS into a dictionary. William Garrison 2008/01/23
DS-DOS v0.5 MS-DOS type clone featuring a command line interface. Wolped 2008/03/24
DSecure v1.00 Flashcard security Homebrew. Luca.Fraga 2009/08/13
DSe Notepad v0.99 A notepad app originated by Enira. TD9175 2008/11/01
DSFile2 v2 File browser application with editing functions. Calcprogrammer1 2007/08/21
DSFTP v2.6 2006 FTP server for DS. Bjoern Giesler 2018/03/01
DSHobro v0.4 DS HOmebrew BROwser. Costello 2008/07/28
Dsio 2007 An interface allowing to interact with the DS in both senses (Send / Receive Data 8 bits). RefiX 2007/08/03
DSKiosk v1.2 A homebrew organizer/launcher. Kornflexx 2009/06/16
DSlibris v1.5.1 Text reader incorporating html support. Ray Haleblian 2018/11/23
DSMouse v0.3a Allows DS to become a mouse to control PC. Dankredues 2007/04/24
DSNotes 2007 Note application, which is similar an offline pictochat. Qwerpoi 2007/07/02
DSLua v0.7 LUA scripting for the NDS. DSLua team 2007/06/10
DsOS v0.6 Multifunction application. Aurelio 2009/08/22
DSPhoto 2007 Photo viewer. Arialia 2007/03/03
DSReader 2007 Ebook reader. Eddie Park 2007/07/05
DSwiki v0.3alpha2 Offline Wikipedia Reader. OlliPolli 2009/03/20
Dsup 2008 Similar to DSFTP and DS2DS. Samel 2008/01/07
DSZip v0.01 Offline Wikipedia Reader. Pierluig 2007/08/11
Dump NDS 2008 Backup GBA game saves with Slot-1 flashcart. UnplayedNamer 2008/12/10
Eagle: BMP Viewer v0.9 Program to display a BMP image. DreamIsland 2009/07/14
Editeur Master v0.122 To edit scripts directly on DS. Nicolas Mougeot 2013/08/14
edpJoyDS v0.7.1 edpJoy client for DS. edicpop 2018/01/27
Eepinator 2007 A basic EEPROM backup tool. Davr 2007/03/31
EFS Library v2.0 Library/tools to manage files within a NDS binary. Noda 2008/06/25
EOSTools v1.9 Able to download skins and maintain updates for Supercard. Fef51 2011/03/07
Etool v3.13b Etool EZ4 version, a save manager. Cory1492 2006/07/16
EZ4skin r7 Skin GBA/NDS gfx and text for EZ4. Cory1492 2006/09/07
FAS1 v1.5 A tool to flash a FlashAdvance cartridge in Slot-2 from a Slot-1 device. Smiths 2008/02/10
File Manager v0.6U Manage files on card and send/receive files from other DS. Padnoter 2010/07/27
FileNinja 2008 FTP Client for the DS. Azaydius, Irtehmongoose, Justinparker 2008/12/17
GBA Backup Tool v0.21 SLOT-1 GBA back-up tool. Rudolph 2008/10/26
GBALdr v0.1 final 3in1 loading tool. Cory1492 2007/04/27
GhostBuster 2010 Repair/correct the defects of ghosting that appears on DSi. Spinal 2010/12/11
GodMode9i v2.7.1 A full access file browser for the Nintendo DS and DSi consoles RocketRobz 2021/08/01
HomebreWifi beta0.3 Download homebrew through wireless connection. XEM 2010/12/03
IFile v0.15 A lightweight file manager. Darkchild 2008/03/05
IkuReader v0.65 A handy eBook reader application for the Nintendo DS is now available for download. Chintoi 2011/05/14
Image Viewer v1.1 A document reader and image viewer for DSTWO. Infantile Paralysiser 2008/04/14
IMGView v0.6 View pictures for R4/R4i. NachtaraChecker 2007/01/06
IReader v1.12 Iphoto like image viewer. Godslash 2010/12/22
JabberDS v0.3 Jabber client. Theli 2008/03/20
JoyDS v0.2 Use NDS as a joypad using PPJoy. Luccax 2008/04/19
JPEG Viewer v0.3 Views JPEG images. RobM 2016/02/17
Lector&Traductor v1.1a Opens txt files in utf8 encoding and allows associating a dictionary to translate unknown words. Memorydes 2009/11/20
MasterSO v1.0 Shell for DS that includes a tester keys, MP3 player, sound recorder, notepad etc. The Dark Master 2010/09/05
Mawaqeet DS beta 11 Muslim prayer time utility. Mzr603 2007/07/11
Micro 2008 A text editor like pico. Samel 2008/08/19
Micro Lua DS v4.7.2 Micro Lua DS is a Lua interpreter for the famous game console from Nintendo. Reylak 2014/01/04
MiniDico v0.2 alpha Mini French dictionary - Japanese(romanji) dictionary. Yostane 2007/07/31
Morning Timer v1.2 Clock app for ds. Infantile Paralysiser 2008/04/03
Multitouch Photoviewer v2.0 An image display application. Dragontje124 2009/07/17
nDoS v0.6 Includes note, reader, contact list and drawing apps. Gally 2005/08/10
NDS Backup Tool FTPd v0.11 Backup retail saves from DS to PC over WiFi. Rudolph 2009/11/25
NDS Backup Tool Slot2 v0.4 DS rom/save dumper for DLDI supporting GBA slot flashcarts. Rudolph 2009/07/04
NDS SAVES to SLOT-2 v1.0 Make valid backups of Nintendo DS games' savedata and restore them. Marc_max 2011/09/10
NDSkybook v0.6 A Japanese Book Reader. mizunonds 2006/07/20
NewDictS v0.87 DS homebrew application for encyclopedias, dictionaries, translators and much more. Sesa 2008/02/18
Note DS v1.0 Create and edit notes on the DS. Carlo999 2009/08/30
Notepad DS v1.37 Able to create, manage, edit and save custom notes. Pichubolt090 2009/11/28
NotePaint v1.0 Text editor and drawing tool. RRRDGames 2010/02/20
Okiwi DS v0.2 alpha Web browser on NDS. Pedro J. Estébanez 2007/09/06
pkmn-chest v2.2 A Pokémon Bank for the 3rd through 5th generation Pokémon games. Pk11, Universal-Team 2020/07/07
PoffPad 2007 Writing application that uses gestures to record alphabetic letters. Poffy 2007/08/08
qDSed v0.4 A homebrew text reader. QRT 2007/10/16
R6 Save Relocator v1.0 Automatically finds deserted .SAV files for Neoflash R6. MK2k 2009/06/17
ReadMore alpha Ebooks reader in TXT format. Björn Giesler 2007/03/24
ReinMoon v0.6 beta Save Game editor. Infantile Paralysiser 2006/09/08
Reno Studio Neo Compo 2008 A notepad software. Willreno 2008/03/18
Reveil Humain v2 An alarm clock which plays MP3 files. Birslip 2007//05/01
Reveil MP3 2009 MP3 Alarm Clock. Squale76 2009/05/11
SavReceiver v0.1b Client to receive save files sent by Savsender. 2007/06/22
SavSend final 'Download' the save-files from original cartridges. Leinad 2009/08/20
Savsender v1.1b A simple EEPROM backup tool using Wifi. The B Ark 2009/05/26
Simple GBA Dumper 2009 Reads a GBA cartridge and saves it to the Slot-1 flashcard via DLDI. Leinad 2009/08/19
Simple GBA Mode Switcher 2007 Boot a GBA cart in Slot-2 with Slot-1 DS flash carts. Ryanfb 2010/06/08
SliDeS v1.1 Viewing photos (256 * 192) as Slide Show. Carcas42 2008/03/07
SunOL v0.3 final An NDS official release list viewer. Sundevds 2008/11/11
SunOS v102909 An open source OS for DS. Sundevds 2009/10/29
SvSiP 7th Use Nintendo DS as an actual phone. Samuelv 2007/11/26
TextDS v2.43 Text viewer with edit function. Stormwave 2010/06/12
Textview v1.2b2 Standalone text viewer. Bliss 2008/07/21
The SMS Center v3.0 Able to send SMS to mobile phones with tremendous speed. .:Mik:. 2010/03/12
Triplecard Sample 2007 Sample code that uses all functions of the EZ 3in1 from a slot 1 card with read access. Cory1492 2007/03/08
Trimmer DS v1.1 Trim rom directly on NDS. BboyFroX 2011/10/14
TTDSi Check v3.0 TTi Genuine or Fake Check program (Only for TTi). Ndstt 2010/09/27
TWiLight Menu++ v21.4.0 DSi Menu replacement for DS/DSi/3DS/2DS. RocketRobz 2021/08/11
Txtwriter v0.3.2 Text editor optimized for easy, fast typing. Alan Gerow, Sektor 2007/01/14
VocableDS b1.3 Vocabulary trainer. Frezzy 2012/10/09
VocabularioDS v1.2 Spanish French Dictionary. SpixShadow 2008/10/19
Wifi Voice Chat Client v1.62 Use NDS as a phone which allows Wifi Voice Chat. Infantile Paralyser 2012/06/27
Wood Dumper r85 & r72 Nintendo DS Dumping Tool. Wood 2011/10/19
Wooddumper4hiya 2018 Wooddumper 3DS ported to HiyaCFW for DSi. ahezard 2018/05/23
WordDs v0.61 Text editor designed for nds that saves files in html format. Frezzy's 2009/06/02
Xsystem v0.2a Semi os/filebrowser like DS-DOS. Hacker013 2008/09/26
YetiBrowser v1.0 MK2/3 SD file browser/reader/editor/viewer. Smealum 2006/03/19

Operating systems

Title Version Description Author Last updated
DarkSO v2.0 NDS Operating System. DarkSceneGroup 2009/04/13
DS2Key v1.01 r44 Wardriving/Remote desktop tool. Sypherce 2009/01/20
DS2PC demo Remote administrator similar to Win2DS. Luis_mikau 2008/01/06
DS2Win v0.82 final Using DS to control your computer. Monkeynz 2008/06/12
DSBlue 2006 Wifi Modules, Scratch Pad, Remote Desktop, Calendar and Shoutcast support. ThaKilla 2006/09/22
DSBrowser - Dual Slot v0.9 A Multi-cart file browser. Cornaljoe 2008/08/20
DSLinux 2013 Port of Linux to the Nintendo DS handheld device. DSLinux team 2013/06/21
DSOperators v0.3 final Homebrew OS which features some applications and games. WolfSpider 2010/12/28
DS-Me v4.5 final Operating system (OS), as can be Linux or Windows. Mikau, Plata 2010/07/15
DSuite v1.02 Contains a file browser and a contact list among other things. Ssjowowo, Achilleas 2009/09/14
DS Vista v3 An adaptation of the Vista operating system Windows Vista on DS. Filou HB 2011/11/23
DSVNC v0.3e VNC client for Nintendo DS to control the computer. Thoduv 2008/07/11
HWOS2 2009 Operating system that boots homebrew. Funkystuff 2009/03/19
Inferno DS r175 Port of the Inferno Operating system. Noah Evans 2010/08/24
ManuSO halloween Shell consists of a Textpad, calculator and stopwatch and several games. ManuelVS 2011/10/31
MENUdo 2011 Free homebrew operating system. Soulanger 2011/01/26
MOSDS v4.0 A Spell application includes MP3 player, alam, notepad, etc. Mmuziek 2010/06/07
NDS WinS 2006 Windowing systems on Nintendo DS, an API for the Nintendo Dual Screen. LiraNuna 2006/01/07
Play Boot Ds v1.0 Contain several boot up screens of different gaming consoles. Master Sonic 2009/09/19
R4Menu v1.2 R4Menu for any flash cart. Spinal_cord 2010/06/20
Remote Touch DS v0.6 Remote control your PC. BlazerRazor 2009/12/31
RyOS v1.11 alpha An alternative OS for Supercard DSTwo user. RyoGem 2011/03/22
Wii4DS v3.0 Emulates Wii system on DS. Hiei03 2009/12/18
WinDS v2 2005 Windowing systems includes several programs. LiraNuna 2005/08/10
Winex DS v3.0 Refer to Windows as system window and icons are similar. Froskito 2009/09/11
WintenDos v3.0 Recreation the Windows operating system for DS. Darkyesus 2009/08/20
WiXP v6.0 Windows XP Style Homebrew. Ametller124 2011/08/23
Woopsi v1.3 Nintendo DS GUI library. Ant 512 2011/07/21
X-Soft v10.0 & plus With interchangeable skins environments, applications and games. Master Sonic 2009/10/04


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Biorhythm v140209 A mathematical application of human biology. Shyriu42 2009/02/14
CalcEmu r3 Also named DS85, TI-85 scientific calculator emulator. Davr 2007/07/31
Calculator DS 2005 Calculator App for the Nintendo DS. Lien 2005/10/09
Digit Solver v1.00 Turns DS into a calculator. Mushroomfantasy 2006/08/19
DS-HPCALC v1.0 HP11C and HP16C scientific calculator. Jeff Laing 2008/04/21
Eigenmath DS v1.0 Free computer algebra system. Leonel H. Sandoval 2009/02/01
GraphDS v0.9.1 Graphing calculator application. MorganDS 2009/01/28
Handwriting Calculator v0.25 Inspired by the handwriting calculator from nokia labs. Quipeace 2009/09/14
Mandelbrots DS v0.6 A fractal browser for NDS. Davr 2008/05/05
Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0 A fractal browser. TheMagnitude 2008/04/27
Mandelbrot Set Explorer 2012 A Mandelbrot generator. Sverx 2012/01/09
Maths Mate: Auto Algebra! v0.2a Able to work out simple algebra equation. Jpoopdog 2011/09/10
MathomaticDS 2006 Port of Mathomatic to the DS. Davr 2006/11/11
MoonCalc v0.1 beta Calculator on DS. Moonlight 2011/02/16
NdsMandel 2007 A fractal browser for the NintendoDS. YJay 2007/07/30
Pa_Calc 2006 Simple Calculator. Jandujar 2006/02/28
TablesDS v2.1 Table of multiplication. Mrvbscript 2009/08/11
Wabbit DS full TI-83+ Emulator. JimE 2007/11/03
WireWorld DS v1.0 DS version of a cellular automation. Asiekierka 2020/06/27
Zognc v0.18 Scientific Calculator. Zogna 2009/10/24


Title Version Description Author Last updated
AXE v0.03 Chiptune solo. Tepples 2006/09/12
BetablockerDS v1.0 Livecoding performance. Dave 2011/01/27
Bliptracker v1.0c NDS drum machine. Dan 2007/06/03
CellsDS v1.3 A flexible, programmable grid-based music sequencer. Clone45 2008/10/04
ChorDS v0.3 A portable guitar with the ability to play free partitions. Deuspi, Nob, Shinza 2009/04/19
Dboy v1.0.r28 A tracker-style sample sequencer. Checkpoint 2011/05/13
DDJs Silver 2008 A Disc Jockey Table. Braware 2008/10/10
DrumMe 2007 A drum kit. NeX 2007/06/01
Drummer v0.2 A networked digital musical interface, allows multiple users to design and play a drum kit. Andrea Bianchi, Woon Seung Yeo 2010/01/18
Drummers v2.0b Digital musical interface for drum kit. Lien 2006/03/20
DrumPad DS 2010 Simple drum pad app. Whistlingboy 2010/01/23
DsAPM? v2.0 Sounds of TV program called APM TV3. Pikus 2009/07/24
DSDaft v2.0 Daft Punk console. Corenting 2012/07/03
Ds-h alpha Change Nintendo DS into a harmonica. Braware 2010/11/23
DsKara v1.2 A karaoke application. Graph05 2007/11/30
DSMCU preview A wireless mix controller. Dan 2008/07/04
DS MIDI Keyboard v1.5 Acts as a MIDI keyboard. Tobw 2010/04/04
DSMetronome v1.0 Metronome on NDS. Demented 2009/01/14
DSolfege 2008 Port of Solfege. Pianopenguin 2008/12/13
DS Sampling Keyboard v1.2 Kind of like a casio sk-1. Tobw 2006/11/25
DS Synth v2 Sixteen mononphonic midi channel that you can control over wifi. Evan Morris 2009/03/28
dSTAR beta 05032007 Midi sequencer. Therain 2007/05/07
DStep v2 A live sequencer. Evil Jed 2008/03/25
DuckSlinger r49 Piano on DS. Coda 2009/04/24
Finger Drum 2008 A simple virtual drum kit. Mathieu Veron 2008/03/06
FUDI Kaos DS v0.2 Use NDS as a Kaospad style input to send messages over the wifi to music program. Chris McCormick 2007/12/02
GlitchDS v1.4 A powerful cellular automation sequencer. Clone45 2008/07/05
GrooveStep v1.0 Full featured music making application. Bioroid 2008/12/25
GuitarSound v1.5 Guitar and bass tuner. Fooshi 2008/12/19
iDaft DS 2009 iDaft ported on the Nintendo DS. Reyhn 2009/08/29
Jazzier Suite v2.0 Aid musicians in improving ability to recognize pitch,read music,etc. Gaz 2010/08/09
Kaos DS v1.5 An XY controller to adjust MIDI controls. Tobw 2010/04/05
KnobsAndSlidersDS v0.3 Create widgets on the DS by sending it messages from your PC or laptop. Chris McCormick 2007/05/25
Lab Rec 2010 A Lab recording. Braware 2010/12/01
LibXM7 v1.06 A C library to play XM (and MOD) modules using only ARM7 resources. Sverx 2011/01/27
MidiControl v2 A kaoss clone, used to be MidiPad. Benji7905 2011/06/01
MIDI Jammer v3.0 Graphical midi tool. Andrew Buch 2008/11/20
Monome DS v1.0 Simple simulation of a monome 40h like device with some artistic license. Grizzly Adams 2007/08/11
Musicly Ocarina v0.02 Playable Ocarina on NDS. Dereklarue 2012/08/20
My-MeloDS v0.45 Piano-based music application. Outphase,Zoharmodifier 2007/05/29
MyPiano alpha A 61 note virtual Piano for Nintendo DS. BranMuffin 2009/03/12
My Virtual Piano v0.2 beta Play a piano on Nintendo DS. Electronix 2008/08/06
NDS_BGMFILER v20101115 A music making application, features midi playback, keyboard, channel selection. MeRAMAN 2010/11/15
NDSOcarina v0.3 A 4-hole ocarina for Nintendo DS. Danielps 2010/08/31
NitroTracker v0.4 A versatile tool for creating music. 0xtob 2008/07/10
Olas v0.1 Calming wave sound. Naruto1994 2010/04/03
Piano DS v0.5 Virtual piano simulator. CrashingThunder 2010/03/22
Piano Rigolo v1.0 A piano application to detect notes on keyboard. Blackos 2006/10/13
Pulse DS v1.6 A MIDI synthesizer to produce Game-Boy-like sounds. Tobw 2010/04/05
ProteinDS 2009 Similar to ElectroPlankton concept. Gorgull 2009/01/22
RepeaterDS 2008 Stuttering sample player. Clone45 2008/06/09
Seno DS v0.9.1 Music live sequencer for the Nintendo DS. A128 2010/01/21
Sniff_jazzbox v1.o1 Converts the wlan-waves into sound waves. La1n 2007/12/08
Solfege 2009 Music theory application. Guex 2009/06/06
Sonic AS v1.1 MIDI player. Ruben 2009/10/24
SoundBoardDS 2009 Similar to a DJ’s soundboard. BranMuffin 2009/08/17
Sound Cells v1.0 An experimental synth. Patryk 2006/11/10
Sonic Orbit v0.3.7 A sound manipulation homebrew. Simon Kenny 2011/02/11
South Park Sound final Contains sounds of different characters from South Park. ATHUR6 2008/08/27
String Tuner DS v1.0 Useful to tune guitars and other musical instruments. Object65 2008/09/12
StrumMe 2007 A sampled guitar. NeX 2007/06/09
TabBed v0.18a Guitar application. Wizlon 2008/03/20
The Legend Of Zelda Symphony v0.0.2 Ocarina simulator which appeared in the game Legend of Zelda. RDilus 2011/07/27
ToneSynthDS v0.24 A NDS Composer Applications. HotelSinus Sound Design 2009/11/16
Toy Piano 2008 Sampled piano. Brian Grogan Jr 2008/03/29
TuneItDS 2011 Guitar tuning tool. SimplexProductions 2011/08/21
UkuleleDS v1.0 Virtual guitar tool. Patryk 2005/11/06
Xylophono 2008 Classic xylophone. Mars_Visage_Software 2008/06/19
Zelda Instruments v2 Sounds from the Zelda series. Buck_7 2011/07/13
Zelda SFX DS v0.1 Zelda NES Music Homebrew. King Dodongo 2011/09/10


Title Version Description Author Last updated
24ClockDS v0.5 The clock from the TV show 24. Felix 2008/10/12
Alarma 2005 Customize-able alarm. Lien 2005/10/24
Alphabet Arabe O Clic v2 Arabic educational application. Nabli Ahmed 2009/09/20
Alphablocks v2.0 Alphabet learning application for children. IceDaddy 2011/10/27
AMAP4DS v3.2 Metro and bus maps viewer. Christophe Andreani 2007/05/23
Amy The Chatterbot 2007 Port of AineBot 0.8.12. DVSoftware 2007/01/29
Analog clock v0.1 beta A simple analog clock. Moonlight 2011/05/16
Animanatee v1.5b Flickbook style animation program. DekuTree64 2009/09/13
AnimEDS 2020 A sprite/animation editor. PypeBros 2020/08/11
ARcardPACK v2.1 Simulates the 3DS AR cards on an NDS, 3DS, or PSP. Snailface 2011/12/29
ASCII Art Maker v0.3.1 An ASCII art application. XDPirate 2009/11/09
A Tint of MENUdo: Doodle 2009 Paint tool for MENUdo. Soulanger 2009/08/22
Autoescuela DS 2008 Practice driving tests to help getting a driver license. Zante 2008/01/13
Avia : Tropic Edition 2010 Free birdwatcher's guide. Simplex Productions 2010/10/09
Beup Live v0.7 Windows Live Messenger (Formally MSN messenger) clone. KevinC and HtheB 2009/12/15
Bible for NDS v1.2 Bible software for NDS, Lite, DSi and 3DS. BibleforNDS 2012/01/18
Binary Clock 2007 A binary clock. Mastertop101 2007/03/20
BootFirmware 2008 Boot firmware without taking out slot-1 card. Playallday 2008/10/28
Carnet d'adresse 2012 MicroLUA address book. Papymouge 2012/01/01
CC Creator v2.0 Create simple cartoons, using the famous "memes" circulating on the Internet. Froskito 2011/07/30
CC Game v1.0 Includes 50 funny images or memes for a good laugh. Dioni0396 2011/06/18
ChaTchI v1.1 Chat on a server that stores the conversations. Eglomer 2009/08/30
Check NDS v2 Check the screen, touchscreen, buttons, speaker and microphone. Bong @ HKCC 2006/07/19
ChessClock 2009 Turns Nintendo DS into a Chess Clock. Guilhoboy 2009/09/15
Chinese Touch v1.5 Chinese educational tool. Syslock 2011/04/22
Chuck Norris Facts DS v0.7 Include exceptional jokes of Chuck Norris. MasterDJE 2008/07/19
CLIRC v0.05 final IRC client. Cluster 2009/01/22
ClockDS v1.0 Clock and alarm for the DS. Stormwave 2010/06/18
Cng's Button Tester v1.0 Check if all buttons are working. Crazyninjaguy 2010/11/15
Colors! v1.1 A simplistic digital painting application for NDS which inspired by using Wacom boards in Photoshop or Painter. Jens Andersson 2010/10/04
Comprobación de Botones final Buttons tester for DS. Cheleon15 2010/06/22
Constellations DS v0.8 Constellations DS is a DS homebrew application to view and learn about stars and constellations. Nameless 2007/07/28
CosmosDS 2010 Information about solar system. Mikethunder 2010/04/05
Cronometro v2.0 A stopwatch. DanXZero 2009/08/10
DadoS v0.1 alpha DS dice thrower for role playing games. DKnight 2006/05/01
Dana O.S. v0.2 Includes 3 apps: flashlight, paint and fat. Neoicek, Javils 2010/08/31
Death Chimp demo A tech demo with music and image effect. K2 2010/09/02
DiagnoDS v1.0 DS console tester. AlmamuPP 2010/09/01
Diagnose 2007 DS function tester. Spinal 2007/07/23
DiceDS v1.0 Tool for RPG player that want to play everytime. Spaghetti DSDev 2008/01/08
Dice Roller DS v1.1 Roll dices on your DS. Wisen 2010/01/10
Dice Roller (Rainbow) v0.5b Dice roller. Rainbow 2007/10/06
Draw 2006 Port of sketching application "Sketches of Q". Davr 2006/07/26
Draw-Stereo 2007 Stereogram drawing application. Micromoog 2007/12/20
DSAIM v0.03e An AIM/Icq client for the DS. Ryan Kegel 2007/05/07
DSArsenal 2008 Weapon viewer with information. Karatekid1111 2008/09/11
DS Battery Life Timer v3.1 NDS application that shows battery life. Snailface 2011/05/03
DSBible v2.51 Bible-reading app.4 translations included. Jeremy Ruten 2009/01/25
DS Button Counter v1.0 Check button presses, holds, and counts. Kiaku 2012/05/17
DSCalibrate v0.9 A calibration application. Arialia 2007/12/22
DS Chat v0.99 beta Homebrew Pictochat with online history. Bafio 2006/05/04
DSdiag v2.1 Nintendo DS Diagnostics Tool. TheOnlyEnglishRose(TD) 2007/08/27
DSF 2008 File interpreter. Samel 2008/03/20
DSgf alpha 2.11 A go game recorder and reviewer. Nio101 2008/02/10
DSliver v0.25 A text-based card library for MtG. Lyon4 2008/08/17
DS Kanji Flash v0.5 Learning Japanese Kanji for Non-Japanese. Schellingb 2010/03/28
DSKash v1.00 Remake of old currency converter GpKash. Chris 2011/11/04
DSketch final Simple sketch drawing application. Samel 2007/08/20
DSLamp v2.2 A torch on DS. Corenting 2012/07/03
DS_LCD_Tester 2007 An application to check DS screens. KING CORN 2007/06/09
DSLiveWeather 0712 Fetch the current weather information with WIFI. Lick 2007/07/12
DS Maps v0.2.1a Google Maps viewer. DMC 2008/02/20
DSmerlin v090507 A single character recognition engine clone. David Lott 2007/09/05
DSPad v0.2b Turn DS into a wireless gamepad. Ced 2007/03/20
DSPadTilt 2007 Turn DS into a motion sensing USB gamepad. KeithE 2007/07/23
DSPixelFix 2009 Fix dead pixel on DS. MADcat1990/Darkchild 2009/07/22
DSPlib v1.0 A library for PAlib. Master Sonic 2009/06/30
DS Sleep v1 Help user to fall asleep. Filou HB 2012/07/25
DSpertator2 v2.0 MP3 Alarm Clock with other customizable features. Copete23 2009/02/28
DSSpeech Speech Synthesizer v1.5 DS port of a speech synth from Atari ST. Headspin 2006/11/01
DS Star Chart v270411 An application for stargazers. Pokeball29 2011/04/28
DSTELNET alpha 2.0 Connect to Telnet servers. ILOVEPIE 2011/09/16
DS Test v1.0 A test application. Mcat12 2011/07/20
DS Twitter v1.5 Twitter client for the NDS. Acdtrux 2009/04/19
DS Visual Novel Reader v1.5.0 visual novel reader. Jake Probst, anoNL 2012/05/30
DS Weather v0.1 Displays the current weather conditions with Wifi function. WolfSpider 2012/08/21
DSWave v1.0 Library for Micro Lua DS, resemble the wave effect of PSP. RedHunter 2012/11/06
DS Weather Report v0.5 A weather station on DS. Stravingo 2007/08/05
DSZhongwen v1.0c Learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. Rrc2soft 2007/08/15
DuelDS v1.0 An assistant for the card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Dr.Razor 2011/01/04
EnigmaNDS v1.0 Enigma machine simulator. Mincemeatteam 2011/07/01
ESpeak beta Speech synthesizer for English and other languages. N00bey 2009/09/03
Etch 2010 Paint app focused towards pixel art with other features. BassAceGold 2010/08/10
EvoCheatUp v0.4.1 Modified version of the UsrCheatUp. SolidusRegim 2008/08/17
Evolution: 28 ans de consoles portables v0.92 beta An educational App about 28 years development of portable consoles. Virtua Peanuts 2007/07/28
FavDS 2009 Save & run NDS files by putting location in a text file. Xiao32 2009/02/02
Fb4nds v1.5 final Facebook's chat client. Lino 2010/03/24
Fencing 2008 A program for fencers, referees, directors, and coaches. Minty 2008/09/09
FerretBoysFunbrew v8.3.14 A fun homebrew. Ferretboy007 2009/09/05
Fiches pour le BAC S 2007 A revision sheets LAC S. Beda 2007/04/09
FlashDS 2009 8 color flash light for the NDS. Coincoin 2009/07/05
FlashcarDS v0.3 A Spaced Repetition flashcards application, similar to Anki. Nfinite 2010/09/13
Flickbook v0.3 Animation app for the Nintendo DS. Masscat 2012/06/01
Flipbook 2005 MSPaint-like drawing program. Sintax 2005/08/09
GameUp v3.0 Utility for Nintendo DS that conclude the trilogy of the Up-Series homebrews. .:Mik:. 2009/07/17
GH Painter 2010 Draw on DS using the Guitar Grip to pick colors. Mjsdude 2010/07/16
GIF/CARD viewer for Magic: The Gathering 2008 Card viewer for the card game: Magic The Gathering. Sylus101 2008/06/06
Gun Game v0.45 Remake of gun application. Rockleeace 2011/09/07
HandWritter v1.01 Hand writing app that able to identify characters. Also known as PaintIZFun. Earth2222 2010/01/06
Heero's HBDB 2008 Cheatfiles for DSOrganize. Heeroo 2008/07/22
HMTK 2009 Health Monitoring Tool Kit for Diabetes. Arrpirate 2009/03/19
I Ching DS v0.51 I Ching Readings. Sam Malone 2008/08/12
Ipod Touch Gun App v1.5 A gun app from ipod touch. Rockleeace 2011/09/07
IRCDS v0.3d IRC client with custom skin support. Davido2 2007/03/20
Isofácil 2009 Isometric drawing application with color. Raultecnologia 2009/10/25
Japanese And English Phrase Converter demo Translate English phrase to Japanese. Iainprice 2008/07/04
Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review v20090813 Kana character review tool. DesertDog 2009/08/13
Japanese Training v20080514 Japanese learning application . Cuicui666 2008/05/14
JapFR v0.4 Application to learn Japanese vocabulary. Benjamalin 2006/11/07
JOZ2 3AM p2 Depicts 36 various Sourates from the 114 of the Coran. Nabli Ahmed 2009/09/25
Just a clock... v82909 A simple analog clock app. Hoitjuh55 2009/08/29
Kana DS v08sep14 Japanese learner. Julio Gorgé 2008/09/14
KanjiDs v20070825 Japanese Kanji learner. LeToto 2007/08/25 v2.3 Program to learn to write Japanese Kanji symbols. Zeroathiradi 2009/02/18
Lampe DS v1.4 A simple flashlight application coded in µLua. Aurel2108 2009/12/29
LCD_Tester final Recover pixels vague. Kleevah 2005/08/15
Linterna DS v0.01 A flashlight on DS with different colors to choose from. Neopiro 2008/08/10
Loituma Girl DS v1.1 An adaptation of some popular flash animations. Gnese 2007/04/23
LoL v3.31 Contains 33 jokes. APSSPA 2010/03/27
MCinfoDS 2011 With tons of info about Minecraft. Ryoushi 2011/05/30
Mediatheque DS v1.0 A library to manage your collection of comics/movies/stamps etc. Cid2mizard 2008/03/19
Meditation with Talah Rama demo A meditation timer/guide for the DS. Backtothefuture 2009/04/01
MegaHAL DS v1 Conversation simulator better known as a “chatterbox.”. Asiekierka 2009/02/14
MegaStopwatch final Megaman theme stop watch. Thungbard 2010/12/29
MemoryDeS v1.2 Allow user to study and review vocabulary lists in the Apprenticeship of languages​​. Memorydes 2009/01/23
MemtestARM v0.03 Makes sure that your RAM pak is working fine. Tepples 2007/09/25
Mendeleiev v0.9 Periodic table and element information/list. MasterDje 2007/08/29
Metroid Gravity v3.0 Metroid Prime Hunters animation simulator. Disgepia 2010/05/13
MorseDS v0.2 Morse translator. Aguilera_87 2009/08/31
Motion Plotter 2008 An app that draws lines. Sektor 2008/03/20
MythRemote v0.2 A network remote control for MythTV frontends. Grizzly Adams 2007/01/22
NdéS v2.0 Virtual dice on DS. Coincoin 2009/07/14
NDSRo 2008 Client for eAthena servers for Ragnarok Online. Leinad 2008/05/16
Neko DS 2008 A port of an old PC app. ThemePark 2008/08/21
NeoKey Fileviewer v0.1 An alternate fileviewer. D-loader 2006/03/19
NDSMail v0.60 RSS and POP mail client. Bronto 2007/09/09
NdsMiiMaker v0.1 beta Create your own Mii. CoinCoin 2009/07/24
NDSpiritLevel v1.0 A spirit level application inspired by an application on Android. Bootlegger 2009/02/04
NitroHax v0.94 Cheat tool for official games running on the Nintendo DS. Chishm 2018/04/09
Oclock 2008 Alarm clock on DS. Cid2Mizard 2008/09/13
.:OsUp:. A homebrew allows user to update through WiFi the OS of the flashcard. .:Mik:.
OtaClockDS rc2 Port of Otacon's desktop clock application. Madcat1990 2008/06/17
PAINT BLACK DS v1.2 An application for creating black and white drawings. Cid2mizard 2008/08/19
Paint DS by ps911 initial Paint application. Ps991 2009/06/20
Paint DS by s_hansse 2009 A Paint application. S_hansse 2009/08/15
Paint Stylus v0.1 beta Another type of graphics editor Paint. RDilus 2009/03/30
PassMe2 SRAM Writer 2005 Writes the SRAM in GBA mode for PassMe2. Pepsiman 2005/10/01
Perpetual Calendar + Clock 2005 Calendar and a clock. Taiyou 2005/08/10
Phidias 2007 A drawing program for Nintendo DS. Tapio Pyrhönen 2007/04/20
Pictoblog v0.2 Allows you to post hand drawn images to your Blog. 0xtob 2007/04/02
PikuLinterna DS v2.0 Simulates a flashlight on Nintendo DS. Pikus 2009/08/27
PikUsos DS v2.0 Contains a digital clock, flashlight, paint and more. Pikus 2009/09/01
Pintared 2009 An advanced version of Telesketch. Raultecnologia 2009/08/17
PixelFixer 2012 Flashes the screen in different colors to unstuck pixels. BassAceGold 2012/09/08
PIXELMAN v0.93.2a Sprite designing, testing and animation tool. Sylus101 2008/11/05
Pocket Pixie DS alpha 3 Graphics editor. Morukutsu 2008/03/20
Poker Blinds Timer v1.0 Poker tournament blind timer. Der-Leo 2009/07/16
PolyTouch v0.1 Polygons painter. René C. Kiesler 2008/08/28
PPaPP v0.1 Shows coordinates of the desired point with a Stylus. Virtua Peanuts 2008/01/06
PPSEDS r11 Pokemon Save Editor. Chase-san 2012/05/31
Project JDS v1.30 Japanese 'alphabets' learning application. Ashai Rey 2007/10/22
Prueba de Botones v0.8 Button tester on NDS. 0-00 2008/08/24
Putzpie Etch A Sketch v0.2.1 Etch-a-Sketch for NDS. Putzpie 2008/07/02
RAC 2008 Tool used to back up and restore the town on Animal Crossing: Wild World to a SLOT-2 device. Tepples 2008/01/01
RangerDS v0.54 A GPS application. Ranger 2008/04/27
RMMnDS v2.12.2 Calculate shortest path program for the metro's net of Madrid. Mincemeatteam 2012/04/15
RPaint v1.0 A paint like application for NDS. Revo 2005/09/19
Roast Of Mario 2011 Port of a short Mario clip from the internet. Chadrcheze 2011/10/15
SCDS1 Pokemon Cheat 2007 A .scc Pokemon diamond Action Replay cheats for Supercard DS. -=M*C=- 2007/06/06
Scrabble Assistant DS v0.6b Assist players using the board version of Scrabble game. Nicolas Pillot 2008/01/31
SDepS v1.0 A pedometer for the Nintendo DS. Tobiasbp 2008/08/21
SEDS - Sprite editor v0.4 Small drawing and animation tool. PypeBros 2011/05/29
Simple Diagnosis v1.0 Use it to see if DS needs a new rubber pad or fixes. Kiaku 2012/05/17
SK8 Dice 2010 Port of the skating dice game which based on real dices for skaters. Amchacon 2010/01/25
SkinSelcter 2010 Swap between multi-skins loaded on DS (for DSTT and YS menu). Tora Software 2010/03/25
SkinUp v1.0 Manage and upgrade skin's archive directly from Nintendo DS (Supercard DS One only). .:Mik:. 2009/02/16
Sleeper Killer 2007 An alarm clock with special features. Mastertop101 2007/08/20
Somebodys Watching Me 2012 Video of "Somebody's Watching Me" by R&B artist Rockwell. Rockleeace 2012/03/18
South Africa World Cup 2010 DS Manager v1.03 Manage the schedule and results of your favorite teams from World Cup. Cid2mizard 2010/06/25
Stoppuhr DS 2009 A stopwatch with a little lapcomputer. Roman Adler 2009/11/24
Stopwatch DS v0.2 Stopwatch for DS. Foxi4 2011/02/18
StopwatchDS 2008 Basic stop watch application based on Timer Demo by Chris Liu. Syntech 2007/08/13
Super Alarm 2009 Alarm clock with Super Mario World scenarios. Emov2k4 2009/05/13
Sudoku Solver 2009 An application that solve Sudoku puzzle. Krupkat 2009/02/15
Sudoky v1 Sudoku puzzles solver. Bobiwan 2011/06/07
SuitekiDS v0.1a beta Spanish-Japanese and English-Japanese dictionaries. Hispadic 2010/06/19
Super Cutre Botons v1.0 beta Buttons tester. Salsaman 2008/09/27
SutraDS 2009 Portable kamasutra guide. Cid2mizard 2009/03/18
SystemTest v0.1 Able to see the language, time, color and more. Playallday 2008/08/31
Table Sixty-Nine v69.0 Find out if you are seated at table #69 in any radix. Chris 2012/05/10
TapSpeedTest 2009 A model on how fast an average (trained) user can tap up a given button combination. Ant6n 2009/11/20
TAUNT DS v0.2 Send "taunts" to another DS via wifi. Cid2mizard 2008/06/04
TelecranDS v1.2 An adaptation of telecran. Oxo 2008/02/27
Telesketch 2009 Pixel by pixel painter. Raultecnologia 2009/06/17
The Magic Counter 2009 An application for the card game Magic The Gathering. 4n4bol 2009/12/23
The Stiff Man X: The Parcel v1.0 Download the latest news and competitions through a server. StudioPlatinum 2010/04/29
ThreaDS v20080806 A thread library for DS. Spaghetti DSDev 2008/08/07
Tirada2 2010 Dice roller. Aguilera_87 2010/09/01
Tiri v2.0 A typing Siri for DS. EyKcir 2012/03/18
TouchTest4 demo Find bad areas of NDS touch screen. Unknown 2006/01/05
TouchTest DS v1.2 Help diagnose the touchscreen. Briankealing 2009/08/24
Treasures of Gaia v0.2 View the entire earth on DS via Google Maps. Stravingo 2007/08/20
TwitOnly v1.1 Japanese Twitter application. Momoonga 2010/04/17
UAPaint v1.3c Drawing application. BassAceGold 2009/08/20
Ultimate Dog Tease v1.0 Port of one of the most viewed videos on Youtube. Klaatu42 (from Youtube) 2012/05/12
Uptime DS v0.1 Test energy-consumption of different cards and batteries. Freemaan 2006/03/19
UsrCheatUp v2.9 Update cheats from DS through Wi-Fi. Giovanni 2010/02/05
VibratorDS 2012 A vibrator for the Nintendo DS. Nehrem 2012/08/20
VoiceAlarmClock v1.0 Alarm clock with own recorded voice. Master Sonic 2009/09/15
Vortex Generator 2009 Generate visual effects. Dantheman 2009/06/14
Walkie-Talkie v0.3 Walkie-Talkie for the DS. Ericgies 2008/11/17
Wallpaper v0.1 Learn polish. Tigro 2008/08/24
Wecker DS X-Mas Edition Alarm clock with an mp3 file. MystBoy 2008/01/06
Wildlife Greenhouse 2011 Guide for camper with variety of edible plants. SimplexProductions 2011/09/11
Woctochat v0.3 beta Chatting App for the DS. Acceuil 2008/03/29
Yahoo Messenger v0.1 A Yahoo Messenger client. Atomsoft 2008/06/01
Zatmar paint v1.0 Based on Paint from Windows. Zatmar 2009/08/11
Zelda The Six Sages v0.51b Zelda animation simulator. JUDELCO 2008/09/05


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Title Version Description Author Last updated
AriaDS final Inspired by a flash game Spike Tend To Kill You. Dr.Razor 2011/05/31
Atom 2006 Avoid the electrons. Zalo 2006/12/05
Avoider 2011 Fast paced arcade-style game to avoid enemies and collect stars. Min 2011/05/08
Battle of the Worlds demo 2D fighting game. Gemisis 2009/01/24
Bubble Fight EX final Control a Gradius sprite which becomes a Gradius Force when it attacks. Relminator 2012/09/19
Burning Hit! demo Fighting game inspired by the animate/comic Bleach. HIGHVOLTAGE 2008/09/09
Castlevania: Harmony of Destruction v1.0 Based on the Castlevania game series. DarkHacker2635 2009/08/16
CataPulte DS v1.2 Catapult game. Sensei 2008/08/07
Darkster v1.0 An action fighting game with different classic video game characters. The Dark Master 2012/01/05
Deepsea 0.2 Control a jellyfish to fight enemies by colliding with them. Cobalt 2010/07/24
Dojo Rumble 2009 Defeat a number of ninjas. DION 2009/04/24
DSCopter v1.9 Pilot a helicopter and take it as far as possible. Vtor 2010/04/26
Eurotunnel 2006 3D flying-game. Tassu 2006/03/21
Fishing The Deep v1.0.1 Deep sea fishing game. DigitalDesignDude 2021/04/26
Flyin' v1.1.1 Control a fly, discover the levels, find the green sphere. Ds 2012/01/06
FreeSKI test SkiFree clone, originally from Microsoft. Kleevahs 2006/01/14
Genesis War DS v2.0 2D fighting demo, features Genesis/Mega Drive characters. Sonic Master 2009/03/31
Glubies Planet DS alpha 1.25 An action reflexion game, guide the Glubies to a safe place! Yagero 2009/03/19
Goomba Kombat v0.1 An ultimate tournament for the mushroom kingdom. Rockleeace 2011/03/30
Helicopter DS v0.21 Clone of Helicopter for the DS. Earboxer 2010/04/13
Helicopter Game v1.1 Based off of the helicopter game. Magmorph 2010/01/21
Hokuto No Doom 2008 Adaption of the DOOM and The Fist the North Star. Iceman 2008/07/07
Icecapades - The Fight to Save Winter v1.0 With some unusual characters such as angry reindeer, great carefree yeti, etc. Mtheall, Skilly, Nexus 2011/03/23
Indiana Jones y La Maldicion Azteca final Indiana Jones fan game in Spanish. GRK 2008/05/04
International Karate final Remake of International Karate on C64. MrSID 2007/01/06
Kongregate 2007 Avoid the incoming orbs as they fly into mouse. Mollusk 2007/07/17
Last Survivor v2.0 Build a shelter, avoid monsters and discover secret. The Dark Master 2011/08/31
Mad Wrestler Beat Box 2008 Simple fighting game. Trabitboy 2008/06/19
Mario VS Luigi v1.0 Duel between Mario and Luigi. Exterminator, 4n4bol 2010/03/23
Marshmallow Duel DS v2 Marshmallow Duel clone. Pospi 2007/03/16
Maziacs v1.0 Adaptation from ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and MSX. Alekmaul 2010/12/29
Metal Slug Combat v1.0 Metal Slug homebrew project. MasterSonic 2009/10/29
Momentum Ball 2008 Avoid the bullets. NEON725 2008/01/01
M.U.G.E.N. DS beta 0.1 M.U.G.E.N-style fighting game. ANTONIOND 2008/03/20
Néfer 2012 Hack'n slash game. Valmond 2012/10/17
Night Stalker 2007 Port of old fashioned styled action ahooter. Nico 2007/10/24
Noel Duty 2008 Christmas themed game. Neilos088 2009/01/12
Noiz 2006 Avoid all incoming shots, and go toward the next level. ApM 2006/01/12
Petzy Ball 2007 A reaction puzzle game. Murfy 2007/05/25
RC-DS v1.0 Fly a radio controlled plane. Mikethunder 2011/03/17
Ribbon v1.0 Help a worm to survive. Soakbox Limited 2007/02/15
Seaquest DS v0.8 Remake of the Atari 2600 Seaquest. Snatcher 2009/01/19
SFCave DS 2006 Remake of a popular internet action game, SFCave. Webez 2006/08/24
Smash Bros Ultimate v3.0 Adaptation of fighting game Smash Bros. Master Sonic 2010/03/13
SNiPeeMoN demo Assassinate a series of Pokemon creatures using a sniper weapon. Eldude, Mario264 2009/04/03
Sonic Rage beta 2.01 Beat'em all game. Blabla 2009/12/20
Starfall DS 2012 Temple Run mixed with the polarity action of Ikaruga. Multiple Option 2012/08/17
STO Sai, Tam Action game with different characters to choose from. Saifi Boïnali, Tamouze Arnaout, Omar Meradi 2010/08/24
Stylus Maze alpha 3 Stimulate Electric Bar Maze game. Kabir94 2010/02/07
Super Smash Bros Charged v1.1.0 beta SSB game for the DS. Commodore 2012/08/02
Super Smash Bros Crash! DS v10.1 Remake of Super Smash Bros. Miguel28 2011/08/01
Super Smash Bros DS v0.2 A clone of Super Smash Bros. Gemini 2008/10/25
Super Smash Bros Rumble demo 0.8 An adaptation of Super Smash Bros. Team Rumble (SSBR) 2010/07/02
Super Smash Bros Tactics v2 beta Turn-based approaches fighting game. Ali banana 2006/06/05
Sword Master v1.0 final Typical fighting game. Eglomer 2011/08/08
Teddy Must Die v1.0 Fly the spaceship down on a Kamikaze mission to destroy Teddy. MBJ007 2013/01/03
TKKNDS v0.91 Clone of TKKN99 on PC. Jsfaint 2009/02/26
T-Rex Game DS 2020 Recreate the famous T-Rex game from Google Chrome for Nintendo DS. Fewnity 2020/08/29
Twist DS 2007 Control a guy without hitting the wall. Mollusk 2009/06/27
Ultimate Battle DS v1.5 Fighting/duel game. Master Sonic 2009/12/21
WolveSlayer 2007 3D hack'n slay game. Payk 2007/03/20


Title Version Description Author Last updated
The 15th Floor v1.1 An adventure/puzzle game inspired by Hotel Dusk, Myst, and Crimson Room. Tombot 2009/12/11
Aiomi DS 2009 A Flying Adventure Game. BlueWave Team 2010/10/23
A Neko Story demo1 Visual novel game. Orange Melon Games 2008/08/23
AnotherWorld DS v1.0 Based on Another World from newraw engine. Alekmaul 2011/07/16
Back From Ashes (WIP) v1.1 A sequel to The Fifteenth Floor. Tombot 2011/04/10
BD dont vous êtes le Héros 1 & 2 v1 & 2 Comic style adventure. Cid2mizard, Kukulcan 2008/05/17
Bob's Game demo 2D adventure game with focus on story, puzzles, items, and communication. Robert Pelloni 2009/04/03
Calling: an Unlogical Series of Events 2009 Textbased adventure. Chainsawkitten 2009/04/06
Cell v1.1 Horror escape game. Tom Pike 2010/07/12
City Of Thieves v1.8 Port of an adventure gamebook written by Ian Livingstone. Richel Bilderbeek 2020/06/20
Corruption v1.51 Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Papafuji 2007/02/21
Doctor Lord v0.5 Exploring/adventure game. Sheeft 2010/01/16
DoubleScott v0.9 Classic Text Adventures by Scott Adams. Papafuji 2006/11/30
DSlair v0.1.4 Port of Dragon's Lair. Tony Savon 2005/12/10
Emerald Isle v1.0 Classic Graphic Adventure by Austin brothers. Papafuji 2007/01/12
Escape 2008 Old-school adventure game. Kukulcan 2008/07/21
Escape From Island v1.0 Point and click adventure game. Explore an island and try to find a way to escape. Ben2303 2008/03/18
Explore Hyrule 2012 Explore the remake of the map Legend of Zelda Overworld. Kazuki 2012/02/17
Fatal Relations v1.0c Adult themed visual adventure novel. Nodtveidt 2010/06/02
Fate/hollow ataraxia Prologue 2008 Port/remake of Fate/stay night, a visual novel game's prologue. Multiple option 2008/05/11
Fish! v1.51 Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Papafuji 2007/02/21
Gea vs CoDOS 2008 Super heroin game in 3D. Zalo 2008/06/20
Ghost Town v1.0 Classic Graphic Adventure by Scott Adams. Papafuji 2007/01/12
HTE: Hack To Escape v01092010 Escape the church. 4n4bol 2010/09/01
Jinxter v1.51 Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Papafuji 2007/02/21
Livingstone Supongo 2011 Remake of Livingstone Supongo? by Opera Soft. Prizzio 2011/07/07
LoneWolfDS - Flight From The Dark v1.51 Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book I). Frédéric Calendini 2010/07/05
LoneWolfDS - Fire On The Water v1.51 Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book II). Frédéric Calendini 2010/07/05
LoneWolfDS - The Caverns Of Kalte v1.52 Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book III). Frédéric Calendini 2010/12/13
LoneWolfDS - The Chasm Of Doom v1.1 Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book IV). Frédéric Calendini 2010/12/13
LoneWolfDS - Shadow On The Sand v1.2 Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book V). Frédéric Calendini 2010/12/13
Los Liquidadores 2009 Point and click adventure. Bfth_soft 2009/06/30
Mad City v0.9.2 Remake of the Amstrad CPC6128 game from 1985. Schyzophrenic 2008/04/29
Maze of Apocrypha 2010 Mazes and puzzles in 3D. GugloPWN 2011/03/20
Mysterious Adventures v0.9 Classic Text Adventures by Brian Howarth. Papafuji 2007/01/12
Myth v1.51 Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Prizzio 2007/02/21
Nintendo Adventure Books: Monster Mix-Up DS v20090824 Digital version of the gamebook written by Bill McCoy. Multiple-option 2009/08/24
Operation Libra full A complete escape the room game. X711Li 2014/03/21
Organism 2011 Play as a green organism and escape the room. AngelWire 2011/04/26
Paradoja Temporal final Travel in time adventure. Konkdekilo 2008/02/17
Passage to Demarr 2008 2D RPG style Adventure game. Badcoder 2008/09/15
Pikus Adventures v1.0 Pokemon adventure game. Pikus 2009/06/27
Pokemon Ghost Black ReTold 2010 Visual novel based on an urban legend of a Pokemon game. Multiple:option (DesertDog) 2010/08/20
Pyramid of Doom v1.0 beta Classic Graphic Adventure by Scott Adams. Papafuji 2007/01/12
Raruto DS 2008 Naruto fan game. Jester_agr 2009/02/02
Robot Finds Kitten DS 2007 Find the kitten on a field of other random characters. GPF 2007/10/17
RPGtemp beta 5 Choose your own adventure-style RPG with ASCII graphics. Rydian 2011/03/19
Snatcher Pilot DS 2008 Remake of the Konami adventure game for Sega/Mega CD "Snatcher". Multiple:Option 2008/11/08
Son Antre v4 A french text-adventure. CL 2009/10/01
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle v1.0 beta Classic Graphic Adventure by Scott Adams. Papafuji 2007/01/12
SRAM v0.9 An adaptation of an old french text adventure game. BigS 2006/02/01
The Detective v1.00 Homebrew detective game. Gameplay-wise it's similiar to Miles Edgeworth. Headsoft 2010/03/30
The Golden Baton v1.0 beta Mysterious Adventure by Brian Howarth. Papafuji 2007/01/12
The Guild of Thieves v1.51 Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Papafuji 2007/02/21
The Jewels of Darkness Trilogy v1.01 Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest & Dungeon Adventure by Austin brothers. Papafuji 2007/01/15
The Legend of Zelda: Molblin's Magic Spear 2009 A children's book based on The Legend of Zelda. Multiple-Option 2009/09/21
The Pawn v1.51 Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Papafuji 2007/02/21
The Saga of Erik The Viking v1.0 Dramatic Adventure by Austin brothers. Papafuji 2007/01/12
The Silicon Dreams Trilogy v1.01 Classic Graphic Adventure by Austin brothers. Papafuji 2007/01/15
The Time Machine v1.0 beta Mysterious Adventure by Brian Howarth. Papafuji 2007/01/12
The Time & Magik Trilogy v1.01 Classic Graphic Adventure by Austin brothers. Papafuji 2007/01/15
Valhalla DS ep 1 Port of Valhalla classics Episode 1: The Crypt. TenSpeed 2009/03/19
White Light v1.0 Inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill. 2009/11/30
Without Escape v1.4 final A first person homebrew adventure game. PacoChan 2011/10/11
Wonderland v1.51 Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Papafuji 2007/02/21


Title Version Description Author Last updated
2HPong v0.2 Pong game for DS. Aurelio 2009/02/05
2PongDS v0.2 A 2 screen pong. Etk 2006/02/17
3D Ping Pong 2005 3D pingpong. Delfare 2005/07/03
5nake v31072009 Based on the oldschool Snake games with new features. JustBurn, MattTS, Kepler 2009/07/31
Agent Eight 2010 Be a secret agent and stop the terrorists. Skyfrog 2010/08/21
AirHockey DS initial Air Hockey game. Dragontje124 2010/02/02
Air Hockey on NDS v0.1 Air Hockey. Valeuf 2007/07/13
Arcade Slots 2007 Arcade style slot machines. Jayenkai 2007/10/28
ArkanoiDS final A clone of Breakout/Arkanoid game. Diffuse 2005/08/11
ASCII Pacman 2007 ASCII themed Pacman game. Evilspoon 2007/08/19
Asteroids: The Classic 2009 Clone of the classic asteroids game. Bencarr22 2009/07/22
Baby-foot DS beta 4 Table football game. CyBeRCeD 2007/04/14
Blitz v1.1 Blitz clone, originally a VIC-20 game. Blueballoon 2010/12/17
Block Bust 2008 Port of Arkanoid. Gungnir 2008/07/11
Blockman Gets 2009 Similar to Pac-man. Jayenkai 2009/10/06
Bomberman DS v271108 Bomberman clone. Epitech 2008/11/27
Bouncy Marble v2 2009 An Icy Tower clone. Leinad 2009/08/21
Breakout! v1.2 Breakout game in futuristic 3D theme. Ds 2011/01/15
Breakout DS v0.1 Clone of breakout bricks game themed with Mario Bros series. Scognito2 2006/12/07
Breakout Halo Edition v1.0 Breakout clone. Rockleeace 2011/03/03
Break Out Mania v0.2 A Breakout clone. Ninogenio 2005/12/18
BrickBlox v2.5 Breakout clone. Funkystuff 2009/08/12
BrickFall LP-3 The game Falldown. BassAceGold 2007/09/01
Busca Objetos v1.0 Find hidden objects. DanXZero 2009/07/29
Centipong v20081202 Classic Pong but with a little more action. Jayenkai 2008/12/02
Chocobo Joust 2009 Final-Fantasy-themed remake of Joust. DStopian 2009/01/10
Combos v1.0 Dance Dance Revolution type Boxing game. Merlot14 2008/03/03
Crok DS v1.0.1 Freewheeling Pacman. Senki 2011/11/22
Cubebreak 2008 Simple breakout. Cobain 2008/10/18
Cube Breakout v3.7 3D breakout with 4D mode and a not common power-up system. SephirothFF7 2007/12/09
Defendguin DS v0.0.10 Base on William's classic arcade game Defender. GPF 2006/01/05
Digger DS v0.2 Remake of a classic game originally by Windmill Software. Sektor 2007/06/26
DownFall v1.0 Control a ball to fall on platforms. BassAceGold 2009/01/16
DroppingSkill v0.31 Taken from Double Pong flash game with additions. T4ils 2007/06/04
Dstory v1.7 A bomberman-like game. Naroin 2009/01/30
Dual Pac-Man v0.1 Pac-Man on DS. Sebskater29 2008/02/22
Enguarde DS v0.1b Snake Like game. SpixShadow 2008/10/30
Eskiv DS 2007 Based on the original Eskiv game. Pouer256 2007/03/25
Explosive Gas v0.8 A multiplayer action game similar to bomberman. JimmyL 2008/07/13
Eye Kebab Pack 1 v1 Collection of classic arcade games like Retro game. Eye Kebab Studios 2009/05/03
Fall DS 2010 An adaption of fall on DS. Yoshi123 2010/12/16
Falldown 2006 Classic falldown clone. BassAceGold 2006/10/03
Falldown DS v1.0.20.18b NDS homebrew port of a GP2X WIZ game. Hoitjuh55 2009/08/21
Fall Down DS v1.1 Based on the classic TI-Calculator game, Fall Down. Keoniomega 2007/03/17
Falling Boy 2011 An adaption of Fall Down. Fantasix 2010/08/27
FeeDaFish 2006 Inspired by Insaniquarium. Dieudunet 2006/03/29
Fish Tank v0.2 Remake of Insaniquarium. Ben2303 2008/03/15
Flappy Bird DS 2020 Remake of the Flappy Bird for the Nintendo DS. PolyMars 2020/02/28
Frogger DS v1.0 Clone of the Arcade-Game Frogger. King Dodongo 2011/01/31
Frog's World DS v1.0 3D Frogger clone. King Dodongo 2012/01/23
Ghuntlet r47 Gauntlet clone coded in Micro Lua. Ghuntar 2009/10/28
Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris 2005 Enhanced remake of the old classics. DesktopMan 2005/08/09
Gravity by eglomer v0.2 Combine skill and gender features. Eglomer 2009/08/26
Happy Holi-DS 2005 Brick the walls game. John Lavigne 2005/12/31
Hungry Snake 2010 Classic snake game known from mobile phones. AfBu 2010/06/29
IOCEROPONG v0.33 A simple pong game. BEYZz 2009/03/02
Iro v0.9c A Breakout clone. Scawf 2005/09/29
JaPongG 2008 Also known as Just Another Pong Game. Leinad 2008/03/25
Jump! 2010 Avoid falling out of a platform. Ryan 2010/06/01
JumpFree 2005 Adaptation of a game on ZX Spectrum called Bugaboo. Alekmaul 2005/05/10
KOMOPONG DS v0.97 Pong-like game. Copete23 2008/08/31
Kong DS 2006 Port of Donkey Kong from Game & Watch. Loopy (olimar) 2006/04/27
Laser Hockey DS v0.6.0 Air hockey. Moose At Play 2008/12/31
LuaPong initial Pong game coded with LUA. Dioni0396 2011/06/11
Lucky Slot v1.0 Slot machine. Cid2Mizard 2008/07/16
Lunar Lander v1.0 An arcade game released by Atari. Eye Kebab Studios 2008/11/11
MagneTron v1.5.3 Fast paced arcade game. Steven De Toni 2011/02/03
MartaPONG v1.2 In the style of the legendary tennis, Pong game. Martaper 2011/01/16
Mental Games 2007 Compilation of quick little games. Pitt, Mollusk, Zeblackos 2007/08/21
Mental Pong 2007 Pong game. Mollusk 2007/01/19
Missile Command DS 2009 Classic Missile Command game rewritten for the Nintendo DS. B. Perry 2009/02/08
My Pong v1.0.2 Old school Pong game. Commodore 2012/06/25
NibbleDS v1.3 Eat-stuff genre game. DesktopMan 2005/08/09
Ninji & Zarbi v0.1 Play two characters at the same time, each one of them being on its respective screen. Mia 2006/10/22
Pac-ball final Pac-man with skins fun. T3uch1 2006/05/26
PacMan v0.92 alpha Pac-man game. Girate 2010/10/12
Pacman (Formerly PacMan E) v1.03 A reverse engineered version of Pacman. MrKiller 2011/01/14
PacMan WAR v2.5 Pac-man game. Rockleeace 2011/03/03
Paddle Battle DS 2006 Table hockey game. Sumiguchi 2006/08/18
Paddle DS v0.3 Reflexion game similar to tennis. Quipeace 2009/06/20
PAPong v2.2 Pong game with different themes. Strata8 2009/02/17
Pibote DS 2008 A Pong game with a minor twist. Pabloppp 2008/02/01
PinHockey v0.2 A mix of Pinball and Hockey. Relavak 2008/03/04
Pistol Pong DS v1.0 It's like the classic game pong, but with guns. Jonatan6 2021/03/17
Pizza Worm DS 2006 A port of Pizza Worm for the DS. Turambar 2006/07/29
Plain Pong 2009 Pong clone. Zhedelta 2009/10/17
Poke-Pong v1.0 Pong style game with Pokemon theme. OdnetninI 2011/02/24
Pong++ 2007 A pong clone. Dean.rather 2007/07/29
Pong 3DS beta 0.6 Pong in 3D. AntonioND 2008/03/14
PongClassicDS v0.5 Remake of Pong with Solo and Multi modes. Minishlink 2008/03/20
Pong DS by BigBob85 v0.3 Pong gamw with different several modes. BigBob85 2008/06/12
Pong DS by DDaniel 2008 Pong game. DDaniel 2007/08/07
Pong DS v0.2 The famous and classic game Pong on DS. Filou HB 2012/05/03
PONG extreme v0.1 A classic, remixed based on Pong. René C. Kiesler 2008/08/27
PongPong DS v0.1 Pong game for the DS. Ayla 2007/08/10
Pong The Original v1.2 2 players Pong game. Funkystuff 2008/12/17
PROHIBITION v24082006 Remake of Prohibition created by Infogrames. Kukulcan, Space1 2006/08/24
PYIN-PYANG v1.0 A Yin-Yang Pong. Christophe Andreani 2007/10/26
P'Zong! 2007 A derivation of Pong with a twist. Priyesh Dixit 2007/07/27
Rally-X DS 2006 Classic Namco arcade game from 1980. Datafrog 2006/09/22
Rebond 2008 Simple Pong. Cobain 2008/10/18
RefleXtreme v0.1b Execute the corresponding buttons. Bksonic 2010/05/21
Retro Frontón DS 2009 A variation of Pong. Raultecnologia 2009/05/10
Reverse Brick Breaker 2010 Similar to Brick Breaker. Bobby Lou Jo 2010/10/03
Royal Set DS final Slot machine. The Dark Master 2010/08/21
Search Eye DS 2009 Hidden objects game. Kukulcan 2009/03/18
Sheep Goes Left DS 2011 Port of the game Sheep Goes Left available for iOS edition. Jayenkai 2011/09/09
Slotmachine v0.3 Simple slot machine. Godslayer500 2010/11/10
Snafu v1.0 Classic Snake for consoles. Gummo 2008/08/31
Snake Dual Screen 2008 A snake-based homebrew. Edddy 2008/03/17
Snake by Volz 2007 Simple Snake game. Vloz 2007/12/17
Snowman Attack 2007 Ward away the evil snowmen with super snowball rifle. Jayenkai 2007/12/31
Sonic Ball 2006 Inspired by Arkanoid. N64Francois 2006/03/19
Space Pong v0.6 final Homebrew based on tennis, with a slight variation. Circus 2007/06/03
Spike Dislike DS demo 0.2 Recreate of Spike Dislike game. Spinal_cord 2011/08/23
Squirm 2009 Port of Squirm from Commodore 16, a PacMan style game. Zilog 2009/05/05
Stacker beta Stop the moving square to form a tower. Aguilera_87 2010/08/24
Steam Ponk v2.1 Pong game with obstacles and animations. Team Invisible Ninja Squid 2009/06/11
Super Cutre Frontón beta 1.2 Based on Pong. Salsaman 2009/08/27
Super Extreme Smile 2010 Be a rolling smile and roll the world around it. LaPatateInc 2010/08/20
Super Pong 2009 Game in pong style. Gemisis 2009/04/14
SuperPong! v2.0 Pong style game. PacoChan 2006/07/06
SuperPongBros 2008 Pong game with Mario theme. Delca 2008/02/07
Super Snake DS update Remake of classic snake game with new features. Chatterbug89 2007/08/19
Take the eggs! Ornithorhynchus Anatinus GO GO GO! v1.0 Remake of Metteke Tamago with Ganbare! Kamonohashi for the DS. Retrohead 2008/09/29
The Floaters And Eric 2006 Remake of a classic game Eric and the Floaters. Kak 2006/03/20
TroNDS v0.2 Includes two varieties of Snake game. Montspy 2008/03/18
Trucmuche DS final Look for the hidden objects. Cid2mizard 2008/10/14
Trucmuche DS 2 v1.0 Look for the hidden objects. Cid2mizard 2010/10/05
Ugly Pinball 2005 Pinball on DS. Mollusk 2005/09/10
Uza The First Journey v20081008 Similar to Robotron/Geometry Wars. Multiple:Option 2008/10/08


Title Version Description Author Last updated
3 en Raya v0.4 Three in a row game. Senzo 2008/01/20
4 en Línea 2010 Connect 4 Game. JuDelCo 2010/06/03
5 Dice 2008 A dice game based on Yahtzee. Gaz 2008/03/01
Awale v1.0 An ancient board game. Philoo 2008/09/04
Babylon v0.9 rebuilt Fast paced strategy board game. Papafuji 2007/02/07
Bataille Navale v1.0 Battleship-type game. Ikcitxvao 2008/06/16
BattleShips DS 2011 Battleship homebrew. Vampire0123 2011/09/24
Blubb 3D 2007 Online multi-player 3D battleship-type game. Qwärty 2007/03/22
Box v1.0.0.0 An adation of Close The Box for the NDS. Garhoogin 2021/08/16
Can't Stop DS v0.2 Port of the board game "Can't Stop". Nameless 2006/09/15
ChessNET DS v1.0.2 Online chess on NDS. CYBER_Aeon 2008/04/09
Connect4DS v0.96 Connect 4 game. Hoitjuh55 2010/05/13
Connect4DS by Stelek 2008 4 in a row game. Stelek 2008/10/09
Crystals v1.1 Based on an old board game Black Box. Orczalon 2006/09/04
DSChess v0.4 Classic chess game. B. Von Loesch 2008/03/24
DSDice v1.2 final A Yahtzee clone with extra options. M. Lucanius 2009/08/21
DSGo v1.0 Go on NDS. Jandujar 2005/10/23
Froskipoly v2.0 Monopoly style board game. Froskito 2010/09/02
Hexxagon DS v251009 Remake of an old DOS board game played on a hexagonal board. RyouArashi 2009/10/25
Impossible Tic Tac Toe 2010 Tic-tac-toe game. Earboxer 2010/04/05
Jangki DS v0.2 Oriental chess game in Korea. Beodeulpiri 2009/03/22
Juegos Reunidos Froskito v2.0 Board game Pachisi. Froskito 2010/01/20
LudoNDS v0.1.0 Ludo clone for the Nintendo DS(i). SuperSaiyajinStackZ 2021/01/25
MancalaDS v2.1 Also known as Oware (or Awele), Kalah, Sungka, Omweso, and Bao. HtheB 2007/02/04
ManyChessDS v1.3 Supporting multiple variants of chess. Sephiroth_FF7 2008/08/16
MastermindDS v1.22 Code Breaking Board Game. GuSec 2008/08/20
Mastermind DS by BigS v1.0 A mastermind game for Nintendo DS. BigS 2006/01/16
MasterMindDS 2005 Another Code Breaking Board Game. Nikolas Lahtinen 2005/08/09
MasterMind by Ruffsta 2010 Break-the-Code Board Game. Ruffsta 2010/08/06
Morpion Solitaire v2.01 Board Game. Gedeon34 2008/07/11
Moulin DS v1.0c DS version of the board game “Nine Men’s Morris”. Mouarf 2009/08/01
Navy Wars 2011 Classic battleship game. NightFox 2011/02/13
Nintenchess v1.0 A simple chess game for Nintendo DS. Guenhwyvar, Pepe 2006/05/29
Omalone v2.3 DS board game with WFC. Omalone Team 2012/06/01
Omok DS v1.2 Classic board game Go. Beodeulpiri 2007/07/17
PEGS DS v2 A version of Peg solitaire. Kukulcan 2007/08/29
Puerto Rico DS updated Puerto Rico board game for DS. Johanb123 2006/07/29
Puissance v4 Connect Four Homebrew for the DS. MasterDje 2008/04/23
QuartoDS v0.01b Adapted from Quatro. Injection18 2005/09/07
QuoDS v1.2 Port of a game called Gnome Quod. Veubeke 2009/06/04
Reality Game v0.6 8 mini-games, includes board games and card games. JimmyL 2009/02/18
Reversi DS v0.6 Reversi game with an AI as the opponent. Darren Earl 2010/12/16
River Crossing 2007 Based off the River Crossing board game. Gedeon34 2007/07/06
Sator/Arepo/Tenet DS v1.0 3 mini board game. Frodonag 2009/02/15
Slide And Run v0.9 A board game with a tiny physical engine. Gwoin 2006/08/18
TabuDS v1.0 Port the famous board game Taboo (Spanish version). Suloku 2007/08/21
Temby! Towers DS beta/final Yahoo! Towers ported to DS. Tembargo 2006/12/31
Tic Tac DS v3.1 Simple tic-tac-toe clone. Jonatan6 2021/03/08
Tic Tac To v1.0 Simple tic tac toe game. Bl00dy 2008/12/20
Tic Tac Toe DS v1.0 Simple tic tac toe game. Blahh 2006/04/03
Tic-Tac-Toe DS 2010 Classic game with Megaman theme. ISubaru 2010/01/31
TicTacToe DS Summer 2009 Tic tac toe game. S_hansse 2009/08/06
TicTacToe PSPvsDS 2006 & 2013 Tic tac toe game. Sony PSP 2013/02/01
War of Weeds 2007 9 challenging minigames. Mollusk 2007/03/20
Wifi Blubb v200406 Battleship game that can interact with others through Wifi or a single DS. Qw3rty 2006/06/30
White vs Black 2007 Chess game. OutOfRange 2007/09/20
YahtzeeDS by Dopefish v0.5 Simple Yahtzee game with local wireless play feature. Dopefish 2008/02/07
Yahtzee DS by Hotkebab99 v1.0 Port of Yahtzee. Hotkebab99 2008/06/06
Yam v1.04 Yam dice game on DS. Fef51 2009/02/16
Yam's DS v1.0 An adaptation of the Yam's (or Yahtzee) dice game. Fantasix 2010/09/23
YatzyDOS 2005 A port of an old console based yatzy game. D3tr0it 2005/08/09


Title Version Description Author Last updated
3A Cards 2007 Simple card game. Hewenxie 2007/04/16
Arcomage v0.99 A computerized fantasy card game organically produced by The 3DO Company. Bodom-Child 2007/01/28
Anime Jo All-Star Kirifuda Taisen 2009 Battle card game. DesertDog 2009/03/19
BlackJack DS v0.7 Classic card game. Scott McClymont 2008/04/22
Card DS 2011 Three simple card games. Nobody 2011/06/12
Cards Of Incantation v1.0b Formerly known as WagicDS, a strategy Magic card game. Virman 2011/11/08
DiscardEmAll v0.2 Get rid of all your cards before opponent. T4ils 2008/03/09
DSBowling Solitaire 2007 Unique card game scoring scores like real bowling. Dannynewp 2007/03/20
El Nim DS v0.2 2 players card game. Pakoh 2009/09/27
Gostop DS v1.3 Korean card game. Beodeulpiri 2007/06/24
Hoola DS v1.1 Poker game. Beodeulpiri 2007/06/23
Lost Cities DS v0.8 Card battler game. Tambourine_dc 2008/02/16
NDS KoiKoi 2010 Japanese Flower Card Game. MeRAMEN 2010/08/30
Sexy Blackjack Trainer 2008 Featuring Sunny Leone/Sora Aoi. Multiple:Option 2008/08/19
Sexy Blackjack Trainer II 2008 Featuring Maria Ozawa. Multiple:Option 2008/10/19
SnailRace 2009 A slug racing game combined with card game. Samel 2009/03/13
Spider Solitaire DS v3.1.1 One-player card game from Window. JessTicular 2008/02/09
Teenage Queen NDS v1.2 Unofficial Amiga port of a 32-card game of strip poker. Foxy 2005/08/26
Tetra Master v0.5.1 Mini card game from Final Fantasy IX. Massif 2008/09/13
Triple Triad DS v1.0 final Final Fantasy VIII Card Game. Minoru 2010/10/15
Triple Triad Pokemon Edition v1.1 A Pokemon themed version of the FFVIII card game Triple Triad. Unknown 2008/06/14
Vicepoker DS v0.1 Full video poker game. Kenzo Kabuto 2006/03/18

Game engine

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Ace Attorney DS v1.1 Casemaker/Visual Novel Engine. B12Core 2009/11/01
DSMZX 2009 Port of MegaZeux. Kvance 2009/10/18
FPS Maker 2012 First person shooter-type game engine. Smealum 2012/08/21
Icarus Adventure System v1.1d Graphical adventure games developer. Jordi Pérez 2018/08/18
Nitro Engine v0.6.1 3D engine which aim to help making 3D game for DS. AntonioND 2011/09/01
µLibrary v1.12 New library to use the 3D GPU to create nice 2D games very easily. Brunni 2009/01/12
Virtual Game Maker DS v0.98 Create your own RPG games on the DS. Globoeil 2007/12/25
Wee Basic v0.81 BASIC interpreter for programming. Marovada 2009/09/04


Title Version Description Author Last updated
AmplituDS v4.0 Rhythmic Shooter. Sander Stolk 2008/07/31
BeatStorm 2007 A rhythm game with different themes. Aron & Calle 2007/07/05
Croahh Hero 2008 Music reflexion game. Mony 2008/06/18
Custom Ouendan 2007 Based on the game "Osu! Tatake! Ouendan" and the Elite Beat Agents. Takaishi Takeru 2007/07/19
Dance 'n Shoot 2006 Musical shooters. The_Legend 2006/03/20
DDRLite 2006 Remake of Dance Dance Revolution with converter included. Sypherce 2006/08/21
DeadJey 2008 Help the worst platter shuffler to pass through this part of his career. ToiletKing 2008/06/20
DJ Portable DS v1.1 Guitar Hero-style homebrew. T4ils 2007/02/26
DS Bonga 2006 Clone of Donkey Konga on Gamecube. Miqualke 2006/08/01
DsDsRevolution v0.4.4 Dance Dance Revolution-type game. Tako2 2008/09/08
Dual Step Revolution neoflash compo Dance Dance Revolution clone. Shoryu 2005/08/11
FingerManiaDS v0.96 Clone of Stepmania. Blowbomber 2008/08/03
FretFury 2008 Homebrew that utilizes the Guitar Grip from Guitar Hero. Wazmo 2008/08/20
Game Melody Oratorio volumn two Teaches you how to play game melodies via a virtual piano. Multiple:Option 2008/04/27
Gioioso! A Weird Music Game final Rhythm puzzle game. Tassu 2006/08/19
Glockencord v1.1.2 A combination of a glockenspiel and a harpsichord. Dave_Ryman 2010/04/12
Guitar Hero: Roadie Edition 2008 Play as a roadie who's tasked to tune a guitar by a rocker. EvilSpoon 2008/06/20
Innocence v1.00 Innocence is a musical simulation game based on the Hatsune Miku vocaloid synthesizer software. Tarosa 2009/02/01
Maestro alpha An Electroplankton-like game. DevilDog 2007/07/27
Mario Paint Composer DS bullet bill Indirect remake of the music composer tool. BassAceGold 2010/07/28
Metronome DS v0.1 A simple metronome based game. Moonlight 2011/04/06
Metro-wardive v1.1o An adaptive game with locative levels. La1n 2007/12/31
Pianout 2008 Air base fart piano. Decjo 2008/06/20
PlayDiSmusic 2007 Music game. Sumiguchi 2007/01/28
PushIt! v0.1.0 Sort of like DJMax or DDR. Ti-Ra-Nog 2008/09/02
Roque Bande 2008 Music video of sorts. T4ils 2008/06/20
Sound Way 2010 Based on a Nintendo's Electroplankton minigame. Dextervi 2010/09/05
Steam demo 0.7 Minigame about matching musical harmonies. Mindwave 2011/08/26
The Sounds Of The Season 2007 Rhythm game. Sumiguchi 2007/01/14
Touch me (I'm famous) v0.1 A combination between shooting game and rhythm game. Mia 2006/08/03
Touch Touch Revolution 2006 Similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Mastertop101 2006/08/08
Video Games Hero full A Homebrew version of guitar hero. Sumiguchi & Spriteattack 2008/08/26
dds - a stepmania v1.1 a stepmania / ddr clone for the nintendo ds. qgerman2 2020/05/19


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Agility 2010 Test your speed. Ryan 2010/08/01
Alex Adventure Kid 2010 Platformer involving teleporters and jump pads. Eldude 2010/01/01
Atomic Adventure v1.1 3D Jump'n'Run Game for the Nintendo DS. King Dodongo 2011/03/12
Awesomeguy v0.4-beta4 Destroy the crocodiles and collect coins. Radiodee1 2011/01/04
Bill & Ted - Time & Time Again 2009 Time travel platformer. Spinal 2009/03/19
Billy The Bunny 2010 A simple platformer. KingdomH 2010/04/06
Bilou:Apple Assault v1.6b Platformer styled homebrew. PypeBros 2012/10/05
Blockman 2009 A colorful freeware platformer. Jayenkai 2009/06/08
Bounce 2010 Ball platfromer. Firepip 2010/12/16
Bunny Run 2010 Racing platformer. Cobalt 2010/05/04
Chewing Boy demo Platformer-shooter. Morukutsu 2010/08/21
Chief Watzon 2008 Find the stars and gems. Student Game Developers 2008/05/01
Chronoclon v0.3 Remake of the PC puzzle/platformer Chrontron. Jubei867 2011/06/29
CommanDSKeen v1.0 An adaptation of Commander Keen series from PC. Alekmaul 2008/08/18
Crocodingus in Cube Island v1.1 3D puzzle-platformer. PXLteam 2008/08/30
Donkey Kong II demo Remake of Donkey Kong game on Game & Watch. Martin Kool 2007/08/20
DSLiero 2012 Remake of the DOS original Liero. Schmendrick 2012/02/19
Duyumania v1 Brain teaser/platformer for Nintendo DS. Preview version participates in the Neo Compo 2010. Nacho Cuesta 2012/02/06
Epic Caveman 2010 Run to survive. Trey 2010/08/17
Evelonth v0.99 Platform game. Copete23 2009/01/11
Everlasting Love: Tomorrow Hill v0.3 Combination between a 2D platformer and a rhythm game. Mia 2007/04/10
Everyman 2011 An original platformer. ALGraphics, X711Li 2011/08/21
Everything's A Lie 2010 Inspired by 2dcube's Karoshi games. Bksonic 2010/04/24
EXCITING WINTERY ADVENTURE v0.57 Simple platformer. EKid 2009/01/20
Finger Monkey and Inverto Goose 2006 Uses shapes on touch screen to activate special moves and attacks. Kung-Fu Fetus 2006/08/13
FlashbackDS v1.1 Port of Reminiscence Engine to NintendoDS. Alekmaul 2011/10/09
Fuzed DS beta 0.01 Puzzle platformer. Relminator 2012/09/18
Giana Sisters DS 2007 A Commodore 64 classic for the Nintendo DS. MrSID 2007/02/22
Gizmo's Adventure v1.0 A simple platformer for the Nintendo DS. Nicholas Crook 2010/11/02
Glace DS demo 6 Remake of Glace by Tommy Visic. S_hansse 2010/05/05
Gravity Shifter v1.0 Mario adapted from NES. TheMacksun 2011/12/13
Halo: Dumb Combat Somhow Evolved 2011 A sidescroller game. Rockleeace 2011/02/27
Hector Le Castor v1.0 A "mario-like" in 2.5D. Imacnds 2010/02/14
Hero 2006 An action/platform game. AronBS 2006/03/21
Ikachan DS v0.1.1 Port of Ikachan, a freeware minigame originally by Daisuke Amaya. Rain 2020/10/05
Inside the Machine final Control an animal to get out the body of a monster. Morukutsu 2008/08/15
JNKPlat Happy Ending Puzzle platfrom game. Jayenkai 2008/10/07
Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp 2009 Retro-styled platformer. Ishisoft 2009/12/19
Jumping Barnabe v1.0 Originally from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Alekmaul 2005/08/08
Jump Beat demo Music platform game. Cilien, jmap 2011/05/03
Kenny Adventures v2.0 Platform game based in the “South Park” world. Froskito 2010/01/04
Kirby Vs All-Star v0.3 Inspired by Kirby and varies Nintendo games like Super Mario. Tipiak 2006/08/04
Knytt Stories DS v1.0a full Several short levels/stories included (new stories are created by the community). Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren 2010/04/10
Kubik DS v0.81a A small platform game. Quent42340 2011/06/13
Lapinou Jumps! v1.2 Rabbit platform game. Thoduv 2008/07/28
Lode Runner v3.0 Platform puzzle game remake from Apple II. C_Boy 2012/01/24
Lode Runner Return v1.0 Port of Lode Runner from 1983. Alekmaul 2010/08/12
Manic Miner v1.0 Port of Manic Miner on the Atari 800. Andy 2010/01/05
Manic Miner in the Lost Levels v1.06 Remake of the game platform Manic Miner (ZX Spectrum, 1983). Flash 2010/02/27
Mario DS 2nd edit demo Super Mario World Clone. GEMISIS 2011/05/19
MarioBroDS 2006 Handeld simulator of MarioBros Game&Watch. Adree 2006/09/20
Mario Bros Game & Watch Remake 2006 A Game & Watch remake. Tipiak 2006/02/19
Mario Craft v1.3 Super Mario theme Minecraft clone in 2D. Nobody 2011/07/29
Mario VS Time v1.1 Be fast and collect coins. Aekara 2011/08/11
MegaETK v1.04 Side-scrolling platformer/shooter. ETk 2008/05/17
Monky 2007 Similiar to Donkey Kong. MariHQ 2007/05/14
Mr. Robot 2012 Remake of the C64 version "Mr.Robot and his robot factory". MaRk2512 2012/08/18
Multi View v1.0 3D platformer homebrew. ThatOtherPerson 2011/11/17
Natura No Story demo Platform game with original graphics and dynamic gameplay. Morukutsu 2009/07/23
NeoPlatDS 2010 Unique, fast-paced platformer. Jayenkai 2010/10/01
New Super Mario Bros 2 beta 0.001 Super Brothers homebrew game. VISHI SO FISHI 2008/10/05
New Zelda demo A Zelda Castlevania. Lupidan 2006/08/02
Oil Panic DS v0.2 Simulator of the Game&Watch Oil Panic. Mia 2006/04/26
Parallel Worlds alpha 5 Platforming game. Strata8 2009/03/09
Poulpi's Adventure demo Octopus Adventure. Masamune 2008/10/23
PyroFighterDS 0.1 pre-alpha Navigate levels with JNKPlat style graphics and put out fires. T4ils 2009/08/16
Ratchet and Clank DS v0.1 Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time clone on DS. Sonic The Hedgehog 2011/07/12
RGB DS 2009 Navigate through two screens in order to get to the end of each stage. UVaSGD 2009/05/13
Rick Dangerous II DS v1.1 An adaptation of the Atari ST version Rick Dangerous 2. Alekmaul 2011/11/01
Robot Unicorn Attack DS v1.0 A fanmake of Adultswim's Robot Unicorn Attack. Insanepotato 2011/04/21
Rockbot v0.1 beta 6 Replicate of Rockman (aka Megaman). Protomank 2010/07/21
Santas Robot Helper 2008 Collect Santas missing presents. Rugal 2008/01/07
Sauver Papa Nöel 2011 Christmas theme platformer. thomh @ ck 2011/12/17
Sgt. Helmet Zero DS v1.0 Remake of Helmet Zero for ZX Spectrum. IceVAN 2010/01/19
Snowflakes 2008 Action platformer/ puzzle game. Mmelw 2008/01/27
Sonic The Game v2.0 Remake of Sonic game. Froskito 2009/04/15
Sonic the Hedgehog v1.0 Recreation of Sonic. Master Sonic 2009/04/19
Spider DS demo With a touch of RPG. Laharl 2008/12/12
Spirits DS 2013 Remake of Spirits from Topo Soft. NightFox 2013/07/16
StarquakeDS final Starquake remake. John Ward, Lee Bonner 2008/12/12
Stickman DS 2009 Student-developed platformer with user-created platforms ala Kirby Canvas Curse. Julien Saddour, Florent Lim 2009/09/18
Stray Cat DS final Port of Stray Cat MSX by MSXdev Imanok. Frodonag 2010/03/20
Super Mario Bros Galaxy DS v2.0 Inspired by the classic Super Mario Galaxy on Wii. The Dark Master 2011/02/20
Super Mario Red Coins DS v1.5 Collect all the red coins. Rockleeace 2011/03/12
Super Mario Galaxy DS demo 3 (ep1 & 2) Adapted Mario Galaxy commercial from 3D to 2D. Froskito 2009/09/10
Super Mario Sunshine DS v1.0 Port of Super Mario Sunshine in 2D. Rockleeace 2011/05/16
Super Mario War DS 2005 Super Mario multi-players game,DS port of Super Mario War. GPF 2005/10/20
Super Metroid World 2009 Combines elements of Super Mario and Metroid franchises. DeProgrammer 2009/10/31
Sushi The Cat DS 2005 2D platform game. N3TKaT & Kamui 2005/08/11
SyobonActionDS 2012 A Mario clone, also known as "The Impossible Japanese Game". N00bey 2012/08/18
TestDS v1.0 Port of the flash game "Spikes Tend To Kill You". Dr.Razor 2011/01/25
The Last Coho 2008 Inspired by the artwork of the First Nations in the American Pacific North West. MrX5000 2008/12/15
Tiled Map Level Editor v111124 DS-based level editor. Schmendrick 2011/11/24
Tom's World v1.0 Simple platform game. Filou HB 2011/10/30
Turok La Senda Del Guerrero new demo Based on the series of Turok. Carhr 2014/01/22
TuxsliDeS v1.0 Winter platfromer. Tomdev 2011/03/20
Uber Project v1.0 Run and jump platformer for the NDS. Phan_b, Cleric_b 2010/07/07
Uummarmiut final Find all the Christmas gifts. Birslip 2008/01/05
Worlds DS 2011 Play a black ball that goes through different worlds. Rockleeace 2011/01/01
WTN 2011 Platform game which character has power to absorb object. Delca 2011/08/31
Xrick DS v2.2 Open source remake of “Rick Dangerous” . Alekmaul 2010/11/20
You Have To Burn The Rope DS 2009 Remake of the famous game on PC, You Have To Burn The Rope. LaPatateInc 2009/08/19
Yoshi DS demo Remake of Yoshi's Island. Vincent Roumier 2011/12/07
Yoshis Bad Brother 2005 Platform game where you can shoot your enemies. Seddy 2005/08/09
Yoshi's Revenge 2010 Escape from Yoshi. TheSecOrg 2010/08/25
ZotBot DS 12-10 Similar to Super Mario World. Creepyplaidman 2005/10/12


Title Version Description Author Last updated
+ ou - DS v0.2 Find the hidden number. Filou HB 2011/09/02
10 DS v1.0.0.0 An adaptation of flash game 10. Copper 2014/02/15
15-16 Puzzle r1 15-16 slider game. Dustin 2007/03/20
100 Boxes puzzle 2010 Clear 100 boxes in the field. Kyoufu Kawa 2010/02/22
AcChen DS v0.81 Homebrew tile-matching puzzle game. Preussie 2007/10/18
AlchiDS 2011 Simple yet addictive match-3 game. Fantasix 2011/07/26
Alien Puzzle 2009 Alien puzzle game. GEMISIS, PrinceGohan 2009/08/21
AmazeDS v1.1 Randomized “perfect maze” generator. M. Lucanius 2010/03/17
Amuz DS final Similar to Zuma, a game developed by PopCap Games. Frank569 2006/09/28
Aperture Science DS r1 Homebrew nintendo DS adaptation of Valve's Portal. smealum, lobo 2013/08/21
Area Ten 2008 Based on popular Flash game which tests your motor skills. Kukulcan 2008/03/11
Atoms DS v0.7 Place atoms to defeat other player. GouldFish 2010/04/12
Aventura informática 2009 Computer puzzle about basic computer skills. Raultecnologia 2009/06/04
Aztec Challenge v1.1 Port of Laser Mayhem,a TI-82 game, by Badja. Bodom-Child 2006/03/17
Bakudan v0.6 One of the different variant of tetris. MeRAMAN 2007/11/22
Ball final Align three balls of the same color to make them disappear. Abyssahx 2008/04/04
Ball Buster! initial Based on a variant of Tetris called Quirks. Elusion 2010/01/23
Bally Wally 2010 Direct the ball into the hole. Janmulder 2010/03/31
Baukasten v3 Puzzle with 11 different shaped pieces. ChiSaw 2008/07/09
Birds DS 2009 Port of a mini-game from Big Brain Academy for the Wii. HvE 2009/08/20
Bitsweeper release 5 Minesweeper port. Heriberto Delgado 2011/12/24
Blocks Mania DS 2009 Remake of a challenging puzzle game. Kukulkan 2009/07/14
Bloops DS 2006 Group Bloops to destory them. N64Francois 2006/03/12
Blox v0.6 Adaptation of the same name puzzle game. JanMulder 2011/06/19
Bomb Defusion v1.0 A collection of word games. Matthew Newell 2009/12/20
Boondoggle v0.2.0 A collection of word games. Matthew Newell 2011/05/27
Brix DS v3.0 Physics-based puzzle game. Boive 2009/09/01
Buscaminas DS v1.2 Minesweeper for Nintendo DS. Alber h 2008/09/23
Caisses DS v4 update Sokoban puzzle. Kukulkan 2008/10/23
CardAgain DS 2010 Memory card game. Jayenkai 2010/08/22
Clonemines v0.2 A mix of Tetris and Lumines. Myersn024 2008/01/22
CLOSED v1.7 Riddles with creepy theme. Ali Banana, Cobain 2009/07/17
Codename Hacker v1.1 A clone of Chips Challenge. Alekmaul 2008/08/20
Coffee Prince DS v1.0 Memory game. Ryu, Seung- Ryul 2007/08/19
Cogito DS 2008 A variant of the Rubik's cube. Rom1 2009/12/06
Collection 2010 4 entertaining mini-games. Dustin 2010/03/15
Color Lines v1.0 Based on the original Amstrad CPC game. KuKulKan 2010/12/03
ColumnsDS 2010 Based off Columns/Jewels. A2h 2010/07/18
Crack Attack v0.5 Similar to Tetris Attack. Samel 2008/08/18
CrossPics/Sumdoku 2006 Two puzzle games: Killer Sudoku and Sum Sudoku. JimmyL 2006/03/06
Cryptic Quotes v1.0 Puzzle word game. Foxtatum 2011/10/05
CrystalChase DS 2008 Cear the crystals on the game field. Mh2008 2008/02/10
Cuatro Diferencias Diferentes v1.0 Spot the difference. Jgamesu 2008/10/03
Cube-DS v0.7 Rubik's Cube game. SatNav 2010/04/25
Cube-X DS v1.0 Unofficial port of the Amiga game “Cube-X”. Titoboy666 2007/08/13
CuTrIx 2006 Tetris clone made in 3D. Jandujar 2006/03/14
MasterMind DS by Dave v1.2 Implementation of MasterMind. Dave_Ryman 2010/02/25
Dazzle Sparkle 2007 Basic clone of Bejewelled. Fairuz Lokman 2007/08/11
Deflektor DS 2009 Deflektor remake. Sigmaris 2009/06/07
Defuse v0.25 Look for the three-digit number combination. Eldude 2008/09/14
Demineur by Papamouge v0.3 Minesweeper game for Nintendo DS coded in Lua. Papymouge 2012/01/01
Desactiva la Bomba v0.2 Defusing bombs. AlmamuPP 2008/11/20
DeSxpressions v0.4 Hangman style homebrew. Cid2mizard 2007/08/31
De-Lite 2006 Similar to Lights Out. Jamie Fuller 2006/11/20
Dev-Fr Sliding Community 2008 Sliding puzzle game with 20 custom packs. Kukulcan 2008/08/20
Dexter's Labyrinth DS 2011 Remake of Dexter's Labyrinth. Jdl 2011/11/17
Diamant v1.5 Push boxes to put in their places. Spectrenoir06 2012/03/21
Diamantes Rocas DS 2005 Jewel puzzle game. Kaltorak 2006/04/21
Dice DS v1.1 Remake of the flash game Dice Straight. Copper 2011/05/08
Dice Roller 2007 Puzzle game based on sliding tile games. OutOfRange 2007/08/21
Diddy's Adventure v0.21 Embodies Diddy Kong through various levels and to meet different puzzles. Filou HB 2012/04/05
Digitory DS v0.1 Remake from the flash game Digitory. Cid2mizard 2009/05/13
Don Simon v1.1 Clone of Simon for the DS. Fr3nd 2005/11/15
DSAcademy full Brain Training. Tipiak 2006/07/20
DS All Stars v7 Puzzle game. Space1 2007/08/24
DSameGame v2.0 beta Clone of SameGame. Angel Barreiros 2007/01/17
DsCube final A 3D version Rubik's cube. Sepro 2008/06/17
DS Mines v0.7 Minesweeper game. aGaTHoS 2008/05/18
Demineur by Beda v0.5 Two player Minesweeper. Beda 2006/10/24
D-Space v1 Similar to ZZT and Arctic Adventure. Zzo38computer 2006/04/24
DSPaintball 2010 Draw paths for a bouncing ball to get to the goal. Miguel28 2010/08/15
DS Sokoban 2006 Port of a classic puzzle game created in 1980 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi. Adree 2006/10/20
DSudoku by Gluck 2005 A DS version of Sudoku. Gluck 2005/09/25
D-Sudoku v0.9 Sudoku on DS. Ben2303 2006/03/15
DSudoku by CM 2007 Original Sudoku clone. Crescent Moon 2007/01/04
EarthShakerDS 2012 Adaptation of the classic Boulder Dash of ZX Spectrum. Ant512 2012/05/26
Electro 2008 Cube puzzle. Chris28 2008/05/11
Element DS update Inspired by the Flash game called "COLLISO DS". Lobo 2008/10/23
Encuentra las 3 diferencias v1.1 Spot the difference with Mario theme. Draco el dragon 2011/11/21
Enigma v0.2 Puzzle game similar to Closed. Liberty 2008/02/08
El Juego Mas Difícil Del Mundo DS v1.0 beta Port of the flash game with the same name. Disgepia 2010/08/28
El Juego Más Difícil del Mundo PRO NDS v1.0 Hardest v1.0Game In The World PRO. Magicblack2009 2012/07/12
EunHye DS v1.0 Jigsaw puzzle game with actress from Korean drama. Beodeulpiri 2007/10/01
Evil Birds DS demo Port of Angry Birds. BAgames 2012/07/21
EyeQ DS v0.7 Count the number of bubbles. The incredible boss 2010/02/03
FACE4² v1 & Lost Avatars puzzles. Aguilera_87 2011/10/02
FastRead Training 2007 Touch number 1-25 one by one in-order. Hewenxie 2007/08/04
Firewall v1 Complete mathematical problems. Digital Worm 2009/10/02
Fireworlds v1.1 An original puzzle/platform adventure. Dirbaio 2011/05/26
Five Error 2009 Find differences between two images. Tiwaz, Kukulcan 2009/08/20
Flake Out! DS 2010 Fast-paced arcade-esque game. X711Li 2010/08/21
Flock final Carry the birds to the star. Gillian Laidlaw 2012/07/24
Flux 2005 Tetris-like game. Rize 2005/08/10
FP-Project release 5 Bubble Shooter. JED 2006/08/18
Frodo In The Battle v1.0 Similar to Where's Wally. Master Sonic 2008/11/05
Fushido v1.0 Inspired by an original game Ishido. Didou 2006/03/08
Gift Shuffle 2009 Look for the hidden gift. Spike420 2009/01/04
GoBlue! beta Avoid as many of the enemy ships. Pete 2007/04/01
Gramme DS 2008 Two-way line puzzle game. Vaccha 2008/01/20
Gravity Duck DS 2012 Control the duck to collect golden eggs. BAgames 2012/07/21
Grid Challenge v0.9 Gridlock game. Miqualke 2005/09/16
Hangman DS v1.0 Hangman for Nintendo DS, featuring an English dictionary. Eye Kebab 2008/11/15
Hangman 2009 Hangman clone. Tassu 2009/08/19
Hawaiian Islands 2006 Pairing puzzle game. Vinnepin 2006/08/20
Hexa Virus v2 Adapted flash game Virus 2 for the DS. Mollusk 2006/11/06
HexxagonDS alpha 1 Clone of the DOS classic Hexxagon. Kevin Vance 2006/08/24
Homer and The Lost Donut v0.6b A Simpsons based maze game. Neumann 2007/07/01
Hot Spot DS 2007 Remake of an old tile-placeing puzzle game. Samel 2007/08/15
Hungry Mice DS demo Steal the cheese in the kitchen. JBrulez 2011/01/27
Ice Slider DS full v1.1 Ice Slider is a puzzle game, with the objective of collecting 10 coins on each level. EgoTrip 2012/07/07
Janken 2009 A WIFI rock, paper, scissors game. Masamune 2009/04/05
Jay’s XWords 2009 A collection of Crossword puzzles with a usable interface. Jayenkai 2009/02/17
Jelly Blocks v1.3 Port of the popular flash, and iPod Touch game, Jelly Blocks. Copper 2011/05/08
Jewel Warehouse full A puzzle-platformer that offers a unique series of challenges. EgoTrip 2013/12/05
JezzballDS v1.3.0 Corral colored balls. Erick Citaire 2008/05/29
JoggleDS 2006 Find words in a 5x5 grid of random letter tiles. Lotti 2006/09/08
JumpDS v1.0 A variation of KJumpingCube. Veubeke 2009/06/04
Jumpy Froggy v0.5 beta Remake of "Jump Mania". Cid2Mizard, Kukulcan 2009/08/14
Ka-BoOm v0.3 Minesweeper style game. Stravingo 2007/06/03
Karoshi DS compo 2010 2D platform-puzzle game. Jesse Venbrux, Maxime Euzière 2010/12/31
Kirby in Box World Adventure v0.4 beta Isometric puzzle game. Kukulcan 2009/08/13
Krexblibos 2009 Collect cherries to progress on levels. Azenris 2009/10/01
Krystals DS final A remake of NightFox's Colors. NightFox 2014/04/13
KuMoLo 2008 Move boxes to reach the marked exit. Kukulcan 2008/03/14
La Epica Aventura de una Pelusa v1.0 Lead a spider to get through all the obstacles. Disgepia 2010/08/31
Le Compte est Bon v0.4 Account Is Good, maths game. The_Pimousse 2008/05/28
Lemmings DS v7.04 full An open-source port of the classic Amiga action-puzzle game. Mr D 2007/06/14
Let There Be Light full Transform colored blocks for matching and subsequent deletion from the grid. Icodeatwork 2008/06/30
Lights Off 2008 Clone of classic Lights Out game. Massif 2008/02/23
Lights Off! 2009 Lights Out with several variants built in. ArrPirate 2009/08/20
LightSout 2009 Lights Out homebrew clone. Karakh 2009/01/31
Lights Out! v2.0 An adaption of Lights Out. Eglomer 2009/08/16
LinesCS v0.2 Align 5 squares of the same color to make them disappear. frozenjaZz 2007/11/27
LOCKJAW v0.46a Tetromino Stacking Game. Damian Yerrick 2008/11/09
Loopover v1.0 A DS port of Carykh's Loopover. Sammy6 2020/07/02
Lost in Space full Control a spacecraft and reach the exit safely. nanyuduo 2008/11/21
Lost Marbles v0.2 Based on the Loose Your Marbles game for PC. Sych 2010/04/02
Lox demo Collect Keys in the labyrinth. Bigredpimp 2004/09/17
LumiDS v0.2a Similar to Lumines for the PSP. FireSlash 2006/01/11
Magic Lines Light "Light version" of the original game published by Thalion. Foxy 2005/08/10
Magic Number DS v1.0 Number guessing. Isma--ro3 2010/09/01
Magi Gift Wrap 2008 Simple puzzle game. TD-Linux 2009/01/20
Mahjong v1.0 final Classic Mahjong game. Gwoin 2006/09/28
Maketens v0.061 Numbers puzzle game. Bob_fossil 2010/03/14
Maouss DS v140808 Puzzle game set in the future. Kukulcan 2008/08/14
Marble preview v2 Remake of a classic wood labyrinth game. Noda 2008/08/29
Mario Bros Lemmings DS v3.0 Custom maps for Lemmings DS. Madmaxou 2009/09/20
Matecedario final Spanish version of the game show "The numbers and letters". Mikethunder 2011/02/13
MathsAttack 2006 Based on MathOp with some changes. T4ils 2006/06/14
MathOp 2006 Math game. T4ils 2006/07/04
MazeD v0.02 Look for exit in labyrinths. Walar 2010/12/31
MazeMania v1.0 Port of MazeMania on iphone. Crypt!k 2009/05/31
Mee DS demo 1 A brain trainer/memory game. Madcat1900 2011/10/19
MemorizeMe final A brain trainer/memory game. Madcat1900 2008/05/11
Memory DS 2007 A card flipping memory game. M-a-r-k-u-s 2007/07/26
Memory Me v0.1 Port of the flash game Picto. Doud 2007/10/01
Migraine 2009 Sliding puzzle game. Roronoa 2009/11/12
Mind Maze final Compendium of mini puzzle games. NightFox 2011/08/30
Mines demo A simple clone of Minesweeper. Davr 2006/08/16
MineSweeper by karakh 2009 Minesweeper game. Karakh 2009/02/02
MineSweeper by moonlight 2011 Mine Sweeper clone. Moonlight 2011/03/20
Mine Sweeper by stefan v1.1 Conversation of Minesweeper for the NDS. Stefan 2007/07/31
MineSweeperDS update DS version of the Minesweeper for Windows with some improvements. The_Legend 2006/08/20
Mnemeds v0.1.0 pre-release Mnemonic-based puzzle game. Vaccha 2007/12/09
Mot Mot Motus v1.03 Adaptation of the TV show Motus for Nintendo DS. Orion Jones 2012/03/11
Munky Blocks DS 2009 Get all of Munky's Blocks in order. Jayenkai 2009/11/24
MyBookWorm v0.4 Port of the Java game Bookworm. Teka 2008/08/07
NDS PICROSS 2012 A homebrew version of picross. MeRAMAN 2012/11/07
NDS Sichuan 2010 Mah-jong tiles puzzle game. MeRAMEN 2010/05/29
N-Echo v0.4.3 Clone of the SCEJ game Echochrome. JT673 2009/02/05
Negative Space v2.0 A homebrew puzzle game for the GBA based on the concept of negative space. Mia 2008/12/16
New Caisse DS final Sokoban puzzle, remake of Caisse DS. Kukulkan 2008/10/23
NightFox's Colors 2009 Puzzle game in Colummns Style. NightFox 2009/08/04
Ninpic 2010 Lineup game. Pixel Lord 2010/05/21
Not To Scale DS v1.0 Port of a unique swapping puzzler Not to Scale by randomdragoon. Copper 2014/01/15
Noob Mini Games 2008 Spot the Differences game. Tiancai 2008/03/25
Obama Says Yes We Can 2008 An Obama-themed Simon Says type game. Multiple:Option 2008/09/13
Oh Mummy Evolution v1.5 Maze game based off the old Amstrad CPC. Wizlon 2007/08/19
OMG WTF 2009 Falling blocks game. Arrpirate 2009/08/13
Orkus v0.4 Puzzle game. Orkus 2006/05/21
Orscol DS v1.1 Control the color block. BAKAWORLD 2008/10/01
PairsDS beta Matching game. Psym 2006/11/15
PanikGastrik 2007 Rush Hour with creepy theme. Rema 2007/07/29
Parkin' Rampage 2021 Navigate the police out of the jammed parking lot. Mighty Max 2021/01/03
Pasatiempos DS beta 1.5 Includes Word Search Puzzle and Sudoku. Hermes 2007/02/27
PA Sudoku v1.3 Sudoku game with over 3 difficulty settings. PBone 2006/03/21
Pejnidi Diaforon final Spot the difference between two similar looking pictures. SPECIAL84 2009/06/14
PhotoCupDS 2006 Based off the Mega Touch series of games Photo Hunt. Knight0fDragon 2006/10/26
PicrossDS v0.3a Puzzle based on a grid of black and white squares which form a picture. Cidrick 2005/12/18
Pingalo v0.19 beta Help Pingalo to gather eggs and baby penguins. TomyzFlash 2007/10/13
PingWin final Penguins puzzle game. Gwoin 2006/02/17
PipeDS v0.1 Pipe Dream-like game. Myran 2008/03/18
Pipe Nightmare 2007 Recreation of Pipe Dream. Knight0fDragon 2007/03/21
Plofs v0.99 Similar to Lemmings. Copete23 2009/11/20
Plop Invaders v0.52b Slime puzzle game. Zeblackos 2007/07/23
Plus Ou Moins DS v2.1 Classic game adapted. Corenting 2011/02/26
Pocket Physics v0.6 Solving puzzle by drawing, based on the Crayon Physics game. 0xtob 2008/03/16
Poppin v0.4 Pop balloons. Jgc146 2009/03/24
Poulpo 2010 Port of Java version of The Clever Flog. Desconocido 2010/04/19
Present Factory 2008 Christmas themed puzzle game. Maple 2008/01/07
Pro-SUDOKU v0.8 Sudoku game. Ludo6431 2007/08/26
Protector DS 2009 DS versio2009n of the Flash game "Zwingo". Boive 2009/01/01
PuyoPuyo Clone v0.01 alpha Inspired by the original Puyo Puyo game. Chongtin 2008/12/28
Puzl 2008 Jigsaw puzzle game. SiW 2008/03/21
Puzzle v3.1 Square puzzles. Neumann 2007/07/01
Puzzle by zeblackos v0.0001b Fit tiles into a pre-defined area. Zeblackos 2007/12/17
Puzzle48 2011 Three very different puzzle. Aguilera_87 2011/08/31
Puzzleboy v1.10 An addictive homebrew puzzler originally named QuirkDS. MaRk2512 2010/02/24
Puzzlemania alpha 080922 Minigame collection. Knightfox 2008/09/22
PuzzleManiak v3.6a A collection of games for the DS. Alex 2008/08/20
Puzzle N01: To Bulban v3.1 Puzzle game, inspired by the Professor Layton Series. AlceX 2009/12/23
Puzzli v1.1 Remove all fish from board. Alekmaul 2010/08/29
Puzzobomb 2008 A mix of Puzznic and Bombs. Jayenkai 2008/12/02
QBX v1.0 A thinking puzzle cube game. Didou 2006/08/11
Quadrangular DS v0.1 Tetris but with different shapes. 2008/01/06
Qub3DS v1.0 Tetris like mini-game from Grand Theft Auto IV. Wjan 2008/12/15
QuirkDS 2009 Port of Kwirk game from the Game Boy. MaRK2512 2009/05/25
Really Bad Eggs 2013 Egg puzzle based on Tetris. Ant512 2013/12/23
ReboNDS v1.1 Puzzle/action game, fill playground area with isolating balls. Didou 2005/11/10
Ripholes in Rubbish final 2D platformer/puzzle game set inside a sketchbook. Craig Abernethy,Kevin Amoyen,Mee Cha,Chris Davidson,Max Lampert,Trevor Prater,Lena Chandhok,Malcolm Wyatt-Mair 2009/12/04
Robot Arm DS v1.0 Control robot to reach the goal. Jeremy Ruten 2007/08/20
RobodromDS v0.03a Conversion of a game started on Amiga in 1992. Cotsz 2008/08/02
Rodent's Revenge DS v1.00 Homebrew clone of Rodent's Revenge. Jeremy Ruten 2009/02/13
Rodixs ¡TIC! final 2 Control a red ball to defect enemies. Cheleon15 2010/08/28
Rokoban DS 2010 3D Sokoban game. Zalo 2010/03/14
Rubber Bands 2006 Collection of mini-games all based on a simple particle physics system. Walaber 2006/06/30
Rubik's Cube v1.1 Rubik's Cube program. Morgan Robertson 2007/12/26
RushHour DS v1.2 Move the car to the exit. Maximilien Dagois 2008/10/14
Sam and Max The Hangman Game v1.1 Hangman Game based on the Sam and Max universe. DisizDream 2010/08/13
Santa's Challenge 2008 Find and return presents. GeekyLink 2008/01/02
Scogger v0.2 Control a frog to solve the puzzle. Scognito 2008/03/02
Secret Collect 2007 Collect secrets from all over the globe. Phillip Bradbury 2007/07/14
Seek And Recharge update Control a robot to reach a new battery before running out of charge. Samel 2009/08/16
SensitiveDS 2006 Level based maze puzzler. Spinal 2006/08/21
SetDS 2007 Puzzle card game. Gedeon34 2007/07/06
Setris preview Remove color stones. HAFFAX 2008/11/01
Setsuzoku no Puzzle v0.3 A challenging tile-matching game. Stravingo 2007/09/16
SheepSOS v1.0 Bring three sheep and three wolves from one bank to another with a boat. Sylux 2010/07/05
Skinz Sudoku 2007 Sudoku with undo/redo function and several skins. Mollusk 2007/06/11
Sliding O' Mania 2007 Sliding puzzle game. Kukulcan 2007/08/09
Slippery Cave v1.93 Guide a penguin to advance an icy cave. Fantasix 2011/01/11
SnakeDS v1 Port of flash game Unreveal. Beda 2007/03/21
Soko DS v0.4 Sokoban game. Cobain 2008/01/12
Sokoban All Stars v1.1 Mario Sokoban coded in LUA. Benjani13 2009/10/28
Sokoban Touch & Go! final Mindbending puzzler sokoban game. MaRk 2010/09/14
SokoKnight v0.1 Sokoban clone. Necronlord 2008/01/17
SpritesOut 2006 A tile flipping game like Lights Out. Chadkeck 2006/07/14
SquarO v1.4 Casual game with a touch of Sudoku and Minesweeper. Aguilera_87 2010/09/01
Staris v0.7 Tetris for the Nintendo DS. Sephiroth_FF7 2008/01/23
Still Alive DS v1.21 A puzzle adventure based on and inspired by the video game Portal from Valve, and much more notably influenced by The Flash Online game. T4ils 2009/08/01
Stone Age alpha Port of Stone Age (published on Atari, Amiga, PC). Hdxs 2006/03/27
Stone Age DS final Port of an Amiga game, Stone Age. MaRK2512 2009/10/25
Stringy Things 1 & 2 2008 A super collection of word games. Jayenkai 2008/11/25
StripedRectangle 2005 A puzzle block game. Proto_T 2005/08/10
Subtera Puzlo v1.3 full Collect coins and key that to unlock the exit. EgoTrip 2013/01/01
Sudoku by Zapf 2005 One of the first Sudoku ports for the DS. Zapf Bandit 2005/09/26
SudokuDS by Mad 2008 Sudoku on NDS with medium difficulty. Mad 2008/05/28
Sudoku DS by Dopefish v0.5 Sudoku game. Dopefish 2008/04/12
Sudoku DS by morganDS v1.0 Sudoku on NDS. Morgan Robertson 2007/11/18
Sudoku4Kids v1.0 Sudoku game for kids that generates a single quadrant Sudoku. Mincemeat TEAM 2012/09/19
Sudoku Maniac v1.1 Sudoku clone with graphic improvements. Graph05 2007/09/12
Suomitetris DS v1.1 Tetris clone. Aitotat 2006/07/19
Supaplex DS wip Remake of the Amiga classic Supaplex. RyouArashi 2010/09/22
Super Maze DS 2009 Stimulating maze game. AlexPlunkett 2009/09/02
Swap-DS v24 SWAP puzzle. Tiwaz, Kukulcan 2010/08/14
Take it Cheesy 2010 Match lines with identical values​​. MoDmew8 2010/11/23
Tangram DS v1.1 Ancient china puzzle. Beodeulpiri 2007/08/16
Tetattds v3.1 Tetris Attack Clone. Flatware 2008/10/12
Tetravex DS v1.0 A Tetravex game for the DS.. Jeremy Ruten 2007/10/02
Tetris DS v1.3 Tetris Clone for DS. DesktopMan 2005/08/10
Tetris 3DS v1.3 Tetris in 3D. AntonioND 2008/07/04
Tetris&Touch 2006 Tetris clone with new style. Payk 2006/03/20
Tetris: The Grand Master 3 DS 2008 Port of TGM3, similar to Tetris DS by nintendo. MeRAMAN 2008/08/15
Tetrominout 2009 Combination of Tetris and Breakout. Karakh 2009/02/05
Textris DS v1.1 Retro style interpretation of Tetris. Snailface 2011/12/03
The Light Corridor DS 2007 Based on a meditative/zen, puzzle-solving game for the DOS system. Jerone Eippers 2007/01/01
The Search Master: Metal Gear Solid Edition initial A Metal Gear Solid-themed tile search game. Multiple:Option 2008/12/24
Three Phase Labyrinth v1.0.0.0 A game based on solving labyrinth, to maintain mental alertness. Mincemeat TEAM 2013/03/05
TimeHack v1.0 Edit the margin to hack a timer. Martaper 2011/08/25
UDemineur DS v1.0 final Lua-coded Minesweeper. Reylak 2009/08/21
Ukke DS 2009 Move the star piece across the board. Unkwar 2009/03/19
Ultimate Sliding Puzzle - Pack Arcade Pack Sci-Fi Sliding puzzle with duel screen. Kukulcan 2008/03/11
Ultimate Sliding Puzzle - Pack Ecchi Pack Ecchi Sliding puzzle with duel screen. Kukulcan 2008/03/11
Ultimate Sliding Puzzle - Pack Sci-Fi Pack Arcade Sliding puzzle with duel screen. Kukulcan 2008/03/11
Virus DS Xmas Edition Xmas Edition Special Christmas edition for Virus DS, similar to Dr. Mario. Kukulcan 2007/12/20
Waimanu DS v1.01 Similar to Pengo from Sega Arcade. Disjointed Studio 2011/02/23
Where is the Star? v4.0 Seek stars along the most famous monuments of the world. MagicBlack2009 2010/08/31
Where's Wally DS 2008 Follows the same idea as the Where's Wally book. James Garner 2008/10/24
WinterCube 2006 Clone of the Rubik's Cube in 3D. Scarta 2006/01/03
WordUp! all The classic word games that gamers use the stylus to connect letter into English words. Superpanic 2006/11/22
WordFind DS v1.0 Connect letter into English words. Zapf Bandit Software 2008/11/25
Word Wrap v1.2 Clone of a word jumbling game. Bob_fossil 2010/03/18
Xump DS 2008 Port of PC game Xump. Kukulcan, Reppa 2008/08/18
Yoshi's Labyrinth demo Yoshi 3D game. Circus 2007/12/31
Znax 2007 Collect 4 tiles with same color. Birslip 2007/01/27


Title Version Description Author Last updated
AnkRace 2011 Bet on rubber ducks racing. Min 2011/07/17
Brick Game DS 2009 Run by the road without crashing into cars. Master sonic 2009/05/03
Car Playing v2.73 final Survival game coded in Micro Lua. BALROG 2009/12/26
Chapas GP 2010 Topdown racing game. Jovin 2010/08/20
DadaS v0.2 Horse racing game. Cid2mizard 2007/11/20
DronS v1.6 Light cycle game. n00bey 2009/08/15
DSLB v1.0 alpha Tron Lightcycle clone, alpha stage, pre-multiplayer. Kalus 2007/07/27
DS Racing beta 0.1 3D racing game. MIKEGBA 2006/12/11
Eclipse Driving v1.05 Driving game. Mastertop101 2007/04/06
Futuracer demo 1.0 Furutistic car racing. Rajveer 2013/07/02
ImpulseDS v0.1 alpha A racing game inspired by F-Zero X which includes a track editor. Rajveer 2013/08/20
Kartz: Animalia World! 2010 3D Multiplayer racing kart game. Dheart 2010/12/31
MicroCars DS final Tiny cars racing. Mikethunder 2011/02/13
Night at the Roxbury DS: Driving Solutions 2011 Dodge obstacles while driving a car. Rockleeace 2011/08/27
Pikus Project v2.0 Simple project with car movement. Pikus 2009/06/27
RaceGW final Console style car racing game. Enix-zae 2008/10/23
RedCarGame v2.0 Drive a car across screen. Rubendkz96 2009/07/05
Road Kill 2011 Drive a truck and squash the armadillos. AngelWire 2011/07/06
Speed Trap final Topdown view racing arcade. NightFox 2011/02/13
T4ILS' Rush 2006 Sonic racing game. T4ils 2006/07/04
TIRP 2010 Avoid obstacles to gain high scores. Synvox 2010/08/22
Traffic Jam beta v2 Avoid the accident as long as possible. TheMackshun 2011/05/31
Trash Rally DS v0.7a A top-down rally sport racing game. Ben2303 2005/09/08
Viajes en el Tiempo v2.0 Drive the legendary car from the movie Back to the Future. Froskito 2010/11/12
Virtual City 3D v0.1 alpha Control a car in the middle of a small town. Hotkebab99 2008/10/17
Whee!DS 2 v1.0 A 3D spaceship racing game. Tassu 2007/09/08
Zombie Crush 2009 Drive through streets and kill Zombies. Cid2mizard 2009/11/09

Role playing

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Alchemist Conflict 2009 Rpg-adventure game. Linkz 2009/08/18
Anguna v1.02 Port of the GBA homebrew action RPG. Nathan Tolbert 2008/12/09
Angband v3.1.0 beta NDS versions of Vanilla Angband. Immir 2009/02/09
Arena 2005 Tactical game with 50% RPG, 50% Scissor-Paper-Stone. Mikaus 2005/12/02
ASCIIWAR v0.9999 Play as a RAM controller to save the CPU. Samel 2008/03/20
Diablo 2 Sorceress v1.1.1 Tribute to Diablo 2 from blizzard. Le Rodeur 2012/02/04
DSCrawl v1.0 beta2 A rogue-like game similar to Nethack, Angband, etc. Sasq 2006/09/27
Dungeon Master DS pre-alpha Project to port Dungeon Master to the Nintendo DS console. DMDS Team 2007/04/20
Dungeon Myster v0.2 Similar to Dungeon Master with puzzles in the spirit of Myst and Rhem. C_boy 2010/12/30
End Of The Shadows demo RPG for the DS. Octobinz 2006/10/26
FAangband v2.53 Roguelike game, a variant of Oangband. Michael Smith 2008/12/30
Fallout Europa 220707 RPG game which story take place in Europe. Nodens 2007/07/22
Fandian 2012 Attempts to be a homebrew 3D RPG project. Jeff Hrycak 2012/08/03
GhostBustersDS beta 0.7 Port of the game GhostBusters. Sephiroth_FF7 2008/05/01
Grow RPG v0.95 A new world opened to Evolution. Campanile 2007/08/12
HackDS v1.0 Port of PC Hack 3.61. Donnie Russell 2008/11/13
Halguens 2012 Static MMORPG DS Game. Eglomer 2012/09/28
Legend of Beneshov demo A RPG in style of old SNES RPGs like Final Fantasy (Demo). Programix 2008/08/21
LemIstIo 2012 Adventure to become a hero. LeRodeur 2012/08/21
NetHackDS 3.4.3 r2 Nethack port. Fancypantalons 2016/05/04
NetHack DS 2007 A single player dungeon exploration game. Stuart 2007/03/18
Ock The CaveMan RPG 2007 Homebrew RPG game. Tippy 2007/08/06
Peculiar Voyage: Escape from Cute demo Mystery Dungeon style Rogue-like game. crow 2009/04/14
Red Temple v1.5a Top-down adventure and puzzle game, similar to a cross between Chip's Challenge and rogue-likes. Azenris 2011/05/12
POWDER release 118 Homebrew roguelike role-playing game. Jeff Lait 2018/02/25
Ristrodent v0.2.2 Labyrinth/dungeo/RPG style game. Senki 2009/06/15
RogueDS v1.0 Port of PC Rogue 1.48. Donnie Russell 2009/04/30
Simple Quest 2011 Old School RPG. Pinpingho 2011/03/01
Tales of Dagur v2 A complete RPG game on DS. LiraNuna 2006/03/26
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets 2011 Oracle Of Secrets on Nintendo DS. Quent42340 2011/07/23
Tibia DS demo 0.2 RPG game in Demo stage. Gamer Lords 2009/09/01
The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light demo Remake of the original Zelda NES game. BassAceGold 2010/08/12
Where Is The Doghouse? demo 1 An adventure of a little dog. Filou HB 2012/07/04
ZeldaLua v0.17 alpha Zelda like game coded in Lua. Fantasix 2010/07/13


Title Version Description Author Last updated
2Dart v0.9 Dartgame and scorekeeper. ErrorA 2008/11/27
Abstract Shoot v0.9 Inspired by the Abstract Sea Flash Game. Neumann 2007/07/31
ACOTSYE 2012 First person shooter made with FPS Maker. Smealum 2012/08/21
A Cup of Tea v8 Old school shooting game. Smealum 2007/08/21
AirSlip 2010 Panty shooting game. Cladil, C @ illou 2010/08/31
Alien Conquer v0.6 Classic style shooters. Beredezebe 2010/08/11
Alien Defender 2011 Protect the earth from endless aliens. Rockleeace 2011/06/20
AlienDS updated 3D alien shooter. Pac 2008/10/26
Another Life: Twin's Agony demo 2 First person shooter. Delfare 2006/07/17
Antarex 2005 1942 style space theme shoot'em up. Pocket_Lucho 2005/09/07
Arsenal DS v1.0 Dual-screen 3D shoot em up game. Smealum 2011/06/07
Asteroids DS final Port of classic shooter from Atari. Ronaldo Lombardi 2009/06/08
Audition Shooter 2008 Shoot down the one who can't sing in an audition. Kram 2008/06/20
Back2School 2008 Shoot the classmates from behind. T4ils 2008/10/08
Balloon DS v2.0 Hold DS upside-down and try to pop balloons. Tipiak 2006/07/22
Bang test Aim to shoot silhouettes. Dioni0396 2011/07/17
BioDie v1.0.0 A survival horror top-down shooter. DigitalDesignDude 2020/10/31
Birds demo Shoot the birds and avoid their poops. David Rorex 2006/08/15
Call of Foody Five v2.0 A CRAZY Cafeteria food fight. Team Adrenaline 2009/05/03
C-Dogs DS v0.3 Port of the classic C-Dogs (cyberdogs 2). Sektor 2007/10/27
Chameleon Shot 2007 Kid Chameleon shooter. Sensei 2007/01/03
cHeretic 2021 Heretic for the DS. elhobbs 2021/06/27
Cherophobe DS v1.0 Defend yourself against the unending assault of smiley faces. ThatOtherPerson 2011/05/25
CQuake 2013 Port of id softwares Quake 1 to the Nintendo DS. Elhobbs 2013/06/29
Cosmic Invaders final Spaceship shooter with several levels and bosses. Milpool 2006/03/19
Custom Ship Shooter DS v0.1 Horizontal shoot'em'up. SephirothFF7 2007/07/21
Daemon 2006 A top down scrolling shooter (or SHMUP). Pfhreak 2006/06/06
DawnSeekers 2009 Full 3D first person shooter. Smealum, Lobo 2009/08/31
Death 2008 Rails shooter. Iprice 2008/02/03
Destruere v1.5 Shoot'em up comparable to Open Tyrian DS Warhawk. Roronoa 2009/12/18
DScent alpha 4.2 Port of Descent. Kayvenm 2007/05/12
DS Doom v1.2.1 A port of Doom. TheChuckster, WinterMute, Jefklak 2011/08/09
DSDoom SVN v1.4 A modified version of DS Doom with new features. Kippykip, elhobbs 2014/06/01
DsHeretic v0.3 Port of the Raven game Heretic to the Nintendo DS. Jmva16 2005/09/20
DStrosmash v1.0B Remake of the Intellivision Astrosmash. Namuol 2010/07/09
DualHexen v0.29 Port of Hexen, based on Rick Whitehose's HexenDS. Sektor 2011/04/04
DualHexen Mod 2009 Modified version of Sketor's dualHexen. Dopefish 2009/12/17
DualShooter v0.8 Vertical shot'em up. Eadmaster 2008/03/19
Dual Strike v0.3 A cross between asteroids and Ikaruga. GouldFish 2008/05/13
DUDUDU v0.4 3D Shot'em up. Birslip 2009/10/29
Duke3DS v0.16 Port of the Duke3d from the GP2x port. GPF 2007/11/28
Earth Invaders v1.0 An original shoot em up game. Smealum 2005/08/20
Earth Invaders 0 alpha 2.5D action shooting game set in a futuristic environment. Smealum, Lobo 2007/05/07
Every ExteNDS v1.0 Similar to the style of the massive japnese style shooter game. Goldohulk 2008/08/22
Evil Santa Attacks final Santa recover the presents and destroy the enemies. Chatterbug89 2007/12/31
Explosion of an Aeroplane v0.2.6 Wi-Fi Multiplayer Gravity Force style clone , used to be called "Wright Flight". Ttursas 2007/05/10
Extreme Onslaught recompile A homebrew multi-directional shooter. John Tokash 2007/04/09
Feed Tux 2008 Shoot to feed Tux. Mony 2008/08/18
Final Fantasy Battle 2007 Snowball game. Hewenxie 2007/10/15
FireGhouls v1.3 final Small shooting to kill various creatures. Balrog 2010/03/11
First Strike 2007 Throw bomb to destroy ships. Miaudito 2007/11/11
Geo Wars 2007 Space shoot'em up game. DayDream, Sumiguchi 2007/07/29
Grafoon v0.9 An Arcade Style Puzzle Shooter. preussie 2008/08/05
Gravity Force DS 4th Beta Remake of an Amiga Gravity Force. Gonzo 2011/03/15
Halo NDS beta Port of Halo. Cobradragon1020 2007/12/11
IHalo 2009 Homebrew version of Halo. Bus_Driver 2009/09/15
Jetfighter v0.4b Vertical shooter. Cid2mizard 2007/11/26
Keris 2008 Old-school Arcade classic Shooter. Ddany N. Guyen Dinh Thinh, Benoit Vallee, Jocelyn Girard 2008/11/28
KnightmareDS v0.3 An adaptation of the shoot em up released on MSX in 1986. Thermo_nono 2010/04/18
Legion DS final & v1.0b 3D shooter similar to the early Fallout games. Smealum 2008/08/30
Link's Crossbow Training DS 2011 Travel the world of Majora's Mask, honing crossbow skills. AngelWire 2011/04/07
Maelstrom DS 2010 Based on "Tempest". Philip Corner 2010/01/07
Mammoth Strikes Back 2008 Shoot-em-up Homebrew game. Eku 2008/04/27
Micah Man 7 2011 A sidescrolling shooter. AngelWire 2011/08/23
My SPACE iNVADERS v1.4.0 Space Invaders clone. Commodore 2013/06/15
Nameless Puzzle Shooter 2006 A cross between a standard top down shoot-em-up and a puzzle game. DumbStart 2006/04/25
NdShoot v2.0 Shoot the target. Coincoin 2009/07/07
Nephylim beta Homebrew shooter. Charles-Ludovic Martin, Maxime Leduc 2008/07/17
NinGalaga beta 0.2 Port of a fixed shooter arcade game Galaga. Mino159 2011/05/10
Number Shooter v1.0 Shoot the numbers with the right gun. YoshiInAVoid 2011/01/23
OpenTyrian DS v0.3 Port of OpenTyrian (itself a remake of the classic Tyrian). Dopefish 2008/04/21
Orange Desert Challenge 2007 3D shooter Smealum 2007/01/28
Phoenix DS 2011 Based in Phoenix for the TI83 +. David Matthews 2011/04/01
Pure 2006 A simple side-scrolling shooter which uses 3D mode for all graphics. Djceejay 2006/08/20
Q1DS release 1 A port of the original Quake engine to the Nintendo DS. Izhido 2009/02/27
QuakeDS release 3 Port of Quake on the DS. Simon Hall 2007/10/27
QuakeIIDS release 1 Homebrew port of Quake II. Simon Hall 2008/02/10
Quake Team Fortress DS 2009 A mod of quake. Krutwild 2009/08/09
Rainbow Sprite Wars 2008 2D sprite-based shooter. Theoxylo 2008/06/13
Rapide Fire 2009 A partially abstract vertical shooter. Louis, Pierre Monestier 2009/11/21
Red v1.0 Port of the flash game Red. B. Perry 2010/01/04
Rendezvous Delano v1.19 SHMUP-style game with several Metroid elements. DeProgrammer 2009/11/18
Renegade 2009 First person shooter in 3D. Iainprince 2009/01/27
Retro Rocket v1.1 Inspired by classic gravity games like Thrust. Asbjørn Djupdal, Morten Hartmann 2008/10/25
Retro Wars alpha Port of Retro Wars developed for PC and XBOX360. Sebastián García 2011/11/01
Rise of the Triad DS v0.7 Port of Rise of the Triad for the Nintendo DS. Dopefish 2007/12/06
RType Clone updated A little R-Type clone for the DS. Octobinz 2006/06/21
RType Digital Space 2006 R-Type game. Loutre 2006/07/19
SeaWolf v1.0 Remake of original Atari 2600 homebrew game. Mark-io 2010/01/16
Shmup NDS v1.0 Shmup shooter. Valryon 2009/02/21
Shmup 3D v0.0.2 3D space shooter. Darkmath 2006/09/26
Shoot2d 2008 Simple shooter. T4ils 2008/02/27
Shooting & Score 2006 Shoot em Up. Sensei 2006/04/24
Shooting Range 2009 A whack-the-mole style game. Romaap 2009/03/21
Shooting Watch DS v2.4 A 16Shot-ish game. Retrohead 2010/11/29
Shup Sans Nom v0.2 Shooter uses the graphics from Gundams. Sebskater29 2007/12/28
Sliker DS final Bullet Hell Arena Shooter (BHAS). bksonic 2011/06/23
SnipeD v1.299 Sniping game. Hillbilly 2008/07/22
Snowball Fight 2005 A 3D FPS game. Scarta 2005/11/30
Snowride Xmas release 2 Christmas themed shooter. Nyarlu 2009/01/19
Sopwith v1.7.1 r3 Sopwith ported to the DS. TheLazy1 2006/04/14
Space1 v1.0 Get safe through an asteroid field. Fraz75 2011/06/05
Space Adventure v1.0 Destroy the robotic evil Santa Claus and save Christmas. AntonioND 2009/01/03
Space Impakto DS v2.0 Shoot'em up with 3D backgrounds. Relminator 2011/09/27
Space Invaders DS v1.0 A clone of Space Invaders. Jeremy Ruten 2008/12/28
Space Math DS v1.0 Shoot'em up combines with Maths problem. Frodonag 2011/04/14
Space Pilot 2011 Third person space shooter. Nobody 2011/08/10
Spout by Birslip Beta Square shooter. Birslip 2006/03/12
SpoutDS by Sektor 2006 Abstract shooting game. Sektor 2006/10/30
SpoutEX v1.0 An extended version of Spout for DS. Alekmaul 2007/01/20
Stargrazer 2009 Classic space shooter. SwedishFish 2009/08/21
Star Wars: Die Solo v0.1 A Star Wars game for the DS. ChavaDS 2005/09/06
Super Mario Galaxies v0.8 Shoot'm Up parallel to Jetfighter. Cid2Mizard 2008/02/01
SuperPang DS v0.1b Clone of Super Pang. Egon 2006/10/21
TamaSurvivor demo A Pang (or SuperPang) "clone". TheNinjaBunny 2008/07/09
Team Fortress 2 DS 2011 Adaptation of the multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2. Kazuki 2011/04/22
The Living Dead v1.4 DS homebrew with basic DS shooter system. Nobody 2011/06/03
The Martian v1.2 Play as Martian to fight your way through the city's finest to destroy earth. Team Poo Hill 2007/07/17
The Undead 2 2011 Protect his base. Chasegoree 2011/06/20
The Undead 3 v0.2 Homebrew of The Walking Dead. Chasegoree 2011/08/03
The Undead 4 - Nazi Zombies v4 An adaption of Nazi Zombies. Chasegoree 2012/03/16
Tombstone City 2009 Tombstone City remake on Nintendo DS. Buzz 2009/05/24
Touchdown! The Alien Attack 2007 Stylus controlled shooting game. Sweater Fish Deluxe 2007/03/20
Touhou DS v0.9 Touhou fan game, a homebrew space shooter. Spuzkaizer 2010/01/07
Touhou Fangame for NDS 01new A little touhou style game for the NDS. erisu 2009/08/01
Volley Fire Ds 2009 Space shooter. Legendario_sa 2009/01/05
Warhawk v1.02 A classic remake based on a C64 SHMUP from 1986.First person shooter. Flash and HeadKaze 2010/02/27
WesternDS 2009 A shooting game. Herkules 2009/03/11
White Dwarf v0.2 Arcade style shooter. Preussie 2008/03/19
Wolfenstein 3D 2009 Port of Wolfenstein 3D. Lazy1 2009/04/18
Wolf3D for DS v1.2 Wolf3D Classic Game for DS and DSi. science1matthew 2011/07/21
XmasPede 2008 Help Santa to destroy the worm. Davgav 2008/01/02
Xplosive Combat v1.5 Shoot em up with several levels of varying difficulty and bosses. Fooshi 2009/12/17
YarrgH! final Shoot the pirates to defend the ship. Gillian Laidlaw 2007/05/06
Yetinoel 2009 FPS that uses the “DawnSeeker” engine. Smealum 2009/12/28
Zenit v0.71 Vertical shooter. best_guitar 2009/11/30
Zombie NDS demo 2D shooter. Rob's 2008/06/05


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Blobb DS v0.5 Based on the idea of The Sims and Nintendogs. AntonioND 2008/06/21
Build Your Adventure v0.2 A 3D-Jump'n'Run Game with a Level Editor, allow players to build and Play 3D Levels. King Dodongo 2011/07/28
DrinkS demo Experience life as a bartender. Team DrinkS 2010/10/02
DrugWars DS v1.52 Play a drug dealer and earn money to pay off loan. DragonMinded 2006/02/24
DSlife v3.5 A Conway's Game of Life implementation for Nintendo DS.. Jeremy Ruten 2008/06/13
DScraft v310811 DScraft is a DS homebrew adaptation of the popular game Minecraft. Smealum 2011/08/31
Mine-DS v0.4.1 Inspired by the PC game Minecraft in 2D. Matthew Scholefield, LukeSilva 2016/07/25
DsCraft Koholint Map v1.0 Custom map (and texture pack) for DScraft. DACE 2012/02/05
Glider 2009 A flying simulator. HtheB 2009/08/04
GoLife 2007 Conway's Game of Life simulation. Anarch Mario 2007/04/02
HamHamDS v0.5 Take care of a kennel Hamster. Cid2Mizard 2007/11/02
HyBBoX v2.1 Adapted from the world of "Habbo" on PC. Almamu, Master Sonic 2009/04/15
LegoCad DS v0.2 Build stuff using 3D lego blocks. Shadowghost21 2006/11/15
Lifesa Trip final Game of Life port on the DS. Dynastab 2006/05/28
Lumikha DS 1.3.8 2D Minecraft for DS. Fantasix 2011/07/25
Mass Hysteria 2007 Hack the TV airwaves and place footage onto them. OutOfRange 2007/08/15
Meteora Galatic Battle v0.9.2 Meteroa is a space/fantasy based god-sim game by J. Jerome Wax 2007/08/21
Miniville DS Manager v0.3 Sim City-like homebrew game. Stravingo 2008/05/01
My Life v1.0 final Port of The Game of Life. Doud 2007/02/28
OpenTTD DS alpha 6 Port of Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Dominik81 2007/12/13
Pocket Island v0.95 Port of Pocket God. MJaoune 2011/10/02
Sandbox Engine DS-Classic v004.5 3D FPS style DSi hybrid. T3-Games-Zero 2011/08/14
Sandbox Engine DSi-Hybrid v1.0.4 Rewritten version of Sandbox Engine to utilize more of the DS/DSi features. T3-Games-Zero 2017/07/17
Sandscape 2007 A world of sand clone for the DS. NeX 2007/09/27
Stardull demo 0.1 Dress up music stars and actors/actresses. Noduorg 2010/01/25
Starfighter Skirmish 2005 Space combat simulation, similar to X-wing or TIE Fighter. Connor9 2005/08/09
Stockmarket DS v1.18 Earn money with stock market. Kalfster 2011/03/18
Turnip Merchant v0.6 Buy and sell turnip to earn money. AlceX 2011/01/01
World of Sand 1.0 v1.0 "falling sand" game. Tassu 2007/04/30


Title Version Description Author Last updated
AloufsDS 2009 Based on the mathematical game of strategy Nim. Thermo_nono 2009/08/11
ArchonDS v0.4 Remake of original game from 1983 (Atari ST) with new graphics. Exdream 2007/10/27
A Touch of War v0.11c Real-time strategy. JimmyL 2008/04/21
Balloon Pop! 2009 Balloon based tower of defense game. Prince Gohan 2009/03/21
Cannon Fodder DS v1.0 Action, strategy shooter based on Amiga PC. Alekmaul 2011/10/01
Castle Wars DS v0.9 Remake of flash game Castle Wars. Cravesoft 2008/08/03
ChaosDS by Quirky v3.0 Port of Quirky's Chaos Advance on GBA. Quirky 2007/07/22
Chaos DS by Adam v100706 Port of Quirky's Chaos Advance. Bob_fossil 2006/07/10
DiceSoldiers 2008 Conquer the world against other players. T4ils 2008/03/12
Dicewars DS v0.4.0 Multiplayer online strategy game in a Risk-like fashion. Melw 2007/10/10
Dota DS v0.93 A DS port of the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne map Defense of the Ancients. SeikoTheWiz 2008/08/06
Duelo en el Western beta Play a match in the west to the American style. Suikoden77 2009/01/05
Kolmena v1.0.4 Strategy board game on a beehive. Martaper 2011/07/08
NDS Tactics v1.00 Turn-based homebrew which resembles Final Fantasy Tactics,Heroes of Myth and Magic. Davgav 2006/08/18
NIM 2010 Remove the matches from the screen. Paleface 2010/11/19
NorthSouthDS 2007 Conversion of North&South (Infogrames 1989). Adree 2007/01/31
Paper Scissor Rock 4 DS v0.3 Scissor Paper Rock for NDS. D3x 2007/09/16
Piedra Papel Tijera Lagarto Spock final A variant of “Rock Paper Scissors” with modified gameplay. Aguilera_87 2010/02/04
Piztog Tower Defense 2008 Fast paced tower defense style game. Shoog 2008/03/17
Plants Vs Zombies DS beta3 Port of Tower Defense game Plants Vs Zombies. Suidoken77 2009/09/01
PokebattleDS alpha Battles with pokemons. KazoWAR 2009/09/10
PPC-DS v1.2 Rock/ paper/ scissors game coded in LUA. Reylak 2008/12/24
Protista 2007 Player-created creatures compete for supremacy of the Petri dish. Clark Morse, Corey Ross, Jonathan Bryant 2009/09/01
Race Into Space DS v0.5 Port of Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space for the Nintendo DS. Dopefish 2007/09/14
RPS-DS v1.08 Rock paper scissors game with own characters and style. Metatarsals 2010/02/14
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock DS 2013 Basic game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. GEMISIS 2013/07/16
Sprite Combat v2.1 Implementation of the Rock, Paper, Scissors. WinterAce 2010/01/01
Star War Battles full Battleship in the universe of Star Wars. Space1 2008/03/22
TanksDS v0.1 Inspired by games like Tank Wars, Pocket Tanks and Death Tanks. Sulfyr 2011/05/22
Tictac Joe final Battlefield strategy game. Aron, Calle 2006/08/20
Troops & Flags 2007 Turn-based strategy game . Priyesh Dixit 2007/12/12
Twin Isles release 2 SimCity kind of game in which building island to overpower the other's island. Scott Graham 2006/07/25
Ustrat 2006 An unnamed RTS project. MightyMax 2006/05/21
Vector Tower Defense 2009 Remake of a flash game. Alcohol Smurf 2009/03/20
Warcraft: Tower Defense v0.5 Real time strategic game. Noda 2008/02/25
Worms War Online v1.11 Remake of Worms War, originally created by Team17 for Amiga. T4ils 2007/04/08


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Anime Quiz DS 2008 Game of questions and answers about the world of anime. Ligre 2008/08/18
Burger Quizz DS demo Adaptation of a french TV game. Ben2303 2005/09/30
DStrivia v1.5 A DSLua trivia game for DS. Jeremysr 2006/09/25
EYEQ - The Film, TV & Music Quiz v1.0 A quiz game in the style of Skill with Prizes (SWP) touchscreen games found in pubs. Djceejay 2006/08/16
Flags & Nations v1.0 Offers 9 amusing minigames based upon flags and nations. Object65 2009/09/15
Football Quiz v1.1 rev 11 Measure your intelligence about football. Games Fun Inc 2009/12/12
Game Trivia Catechism 2008 Multiple-choice trivia game of video games. Desertdog 2008/08/19
GéoDS v070209 Geographical quizzes for the DS. CyBeRCeD 2009/02/07
Geografika v1.0 Geography quiz game. MorganDS 2008/02/09
Geometry Quiz 5 v2 Designed to test the player's knowledge of geometry. KingdomH 2010/03/14
LECTURO-QUIZZ 2007 Includes questions about literature. Kukulcan 2007/07/28
NDSmath Grade 2/3 v1.0 Mathematics game focused on 2nd and 3rd grade. Larbi 2010/01/28
NDSRS + 2 Quizzes v2 2 graphical quizzes: United States and Germany. Jake 2009/05/04
NS/NC v1.0 Over 2000 questions about Film, TV, Music, History, Geography, etc. Aguilera_87 2009/06/20
Quizz 2008 Based on the concept of JerrySevere 2008/05/04
Scoglionario v0.1 Clone of TV program “Who wants to be millionaire”. Scognito 2007/08/19
SpsychoD v1.1 Personality/psycho test simulator. Schyzophrenic 2007/08/20
TouchRight! 2009 Math game which features the use of multitouch technology. Hillbilly 2009/08/21
TV Quiz v1.9 Quiz about TV series. Ldsp321, Sergiog12 2010/07/03
U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test 2011 Multiple-choice questions about the American government, history, geography. Multiple-option 2011/08/21
What the Hex DS 2011 Choose the correct color. B12Core 2011/08/21


Title Version Description Author Last updated
'ramming Santa v0.3 Pick up the gift and deliver to the sleighs. Jimmy L 2008/01/06
2DS+ v1.0 Show a 3D effect on the NDS by using the two display. Damicha 2010/11/25
AE Mini Game Collection final Four minigames. Alan, Erik Haugen 2007/04/10
Alice & Marisa 8bit Minigame 2009 Taste test food for coins. Funkystuff 2009/03/21
Also Cute and Fluffy 2008 Small 2-player snowball fight homebrew. Spinal 2009/01/03
Apple Rumble v0.1b Demo mini game. PypeBros 2007/05/17
Around The Clock v2 Based on the darts pub game around the clock. Gaz 2009/08/13
Aros 2008 Zap the arrows as they shoot down the screen. James Garner 2008/10/13
ASCII World v1.3 LUA-coded mini-game. Yannoulu 2011/06/26
Auto DS v0.2 pre Slot-Machine style game. Vaccha 2007/11/25
Avoid 'em all v1.03 Avoid the falling oranges. T4ils 2007/01/22
Avoid the Bird! v0.2 Help a snail to avoid the bird. Kpro1996 2011/07/24
BAGASMI Roulette 2013 A simple text based roulette game scripted using BAGASMI. BassAceGold 2013/08/10
Balance DS 2005 Balance a ball to the exit. Seddy 2005/12/31
Balloon Fight DS v1.2 A work in process remake of Balloon Fight for the Nintendo DS. Cortes48 2008/03/26
Bge Palet 2007 Remake of the play of metal disc present in Beyond Good & Evil. Samote 2007/03/20
Blob demo A physics engine based on Locoroco. Birslip 2008/10/19
Blockhead Catapultor 2008 Throw balls of paper towards others. Kram 2008/10/11
BloxavoiD v1.0 Avoid the blocks. Sulfyr 2010/07/08
Boring Killer 2011 Use weapon to destroy paintings. The Dark Master 2011/09/30
Bounce 'em 2010 Bounce cans into their respective bins. AngelWire 2010/08/25
Bridge Builder demo A bridge-builder/world of goo like for the Nintendo DS. Birslip 2008/11/01
Bubble Maze 2013 Survive in a maze of bubbles. EgoTrip 2013/05/05
Bubble Wrap DS final Virtual bubble wrap. Prodigy 2006/07/22
Bunny Bomber 2010 Drop eggs on bunny to stop it from stealing presents. AngelWire 2010/04/08
Caritas DS v2 "Dress" the face. Neo_Ace 2008/01/04
Catch It v1.0 Collect falling balls. Ghaxaq 2007/04/29
Charge Shoop Da Whoops Lazer v1.0 Catch the electricity to charge shoop da whoops lazah. Rockleeace 2011/06/16
Chase The Turtle updated A turtle chasing game with two players supported. AngelWire 2010/09/07
Christmas Jump final Jump into chimney to the delivering presents. Bobby Lou Jo 2010/12/23
Christmas Past 2010 Four stories about Christmas's of old. AngelWire 2010/12/18
Christmas Rush 2005 Help Santa deliver presents on Christmas. Tim Liszak 2005/12/31
Citrouillus Cretinius 2009 Containing 3 different games devoted to Halloween. Kukulcan 2001/11/03
ClickOnDS 2007 Simple homebrew game. Minishlink 2007/06/25
ComboNationDS 2009 A "combo" game. Xiao32 2009/02/06
Crazy Golf v1.1 Minigolf game. Isma--ro3 2011/09/26
DarkStar 2005 A suite of applications/games. DarkainMX 2005/08/04
Deal or No Deal v1.01 Based on the television program Deal or no Deal. Rubert Durbin 2007/03/03
DexterDS Kanto Edition Pokedex on NDS. Benjifs 2008/12/15
Diamond Snatcher 2010 Grab as many diamonds as possible. AngelWire 2010/03/24
Disquete Volador 2009 Touch the flying disk. Raultecnologia 2009/05/12
Don't Get Crushed v1.1 Move and avoid black balls. That Other Person 2010/12/29
Don't Poison The Cat final Feed the cat. MBJ007 2010/08/24
DS Ball v0.3 Guide a bouncing ball trough a level filled with obstacles. Oxo 2008/03/12
DS Bill final Defend computer from virus. Thedopefish 2008/02/06
DSonic 2006 Wario Ware mini-game. Sensei 2006/02/25
DSGoo v1.0 Celebrity Edition Based on Kai's SuperGoo program. Headspin 2005/08/01
DS Room Maker v1.0 Decorate a room and a garden. Raphi2 2008/07/23
DS Slime 2006 Volleyball game for two players. Jandujar 2006/03/18
DSmash v1.14s Volleyball game for two players. Pichubolt090 2010/06/24
Easy Proposal Maker v20081214 DS homebrew game to help you confess/propose to the one you love. Multiple:Option 2008/12/20
Eat Or Be Eaten v2 Save the worm from starving birds. HvE 2010/02/13
El Click Más Rápido v1.0 Inspired by Click Faster from Facebook. Magicblack2009 2011/01/04
El Oraculo de la Ruina v1 Tells the future. -Human- 2011/02/10
Emoticone 2010 Touch the smilies with the stylus as fast as possible. Gamateur 2010/10/13
Entry 2008 Control a stick man. David_o 2008/01/06
Evil Santa Attacks 2 2008 Play in snowball fight to save Christmas and eliminate Evil Santa. Dovoto 2009/01/20
Feel!Learn!Hit! 2006 Press the right key displayed. Bap65 2006/06/04
FlySwat DS v1.0 Port of Android game FlySwat. Disgepia 2010/09/14
GameBox DS v0.8 beta A set of mini-games. Gwoin 2006/03/16
Gardener v1.0 Mini-game. Insanepotato 2009/01/01
GeneriDex v0.2 Pokedex, containing all 493 pokemon from GenIV . Anthony 2010/03/31
Get Out final Leave the classroom without teacher noticing. S.Jao 2008/05/28
GTA Pokemon final Adds a little GTA edge into the world of Pokemon. Mozzie 2009/11/19
Hero Stickman Saves ze World 2010 Recycle the bottles and cans to save the world. Bobby Lou Jo 2010/08/17
HiDeS v0.01 beta Demo homebrew game. Playallday 2008/10/27
Homebrew with Icons Pack 2010 Includes varies homebrews with icons, descriptions and inforamtion. Ron975 2010/08/25
Hoover Maneuver 2006 Based off a minigame in the GBA's Wario Ware. VgSlag 2006/09/07
HuP v1.11 Mini game in the spirit of Tetris. Sensei 2007/12/10
Ipod Touch for DS 2011 Ipod touch on DS with 2 games. Rockleeace 2011/05/15
Isométrico NDS v2 Isometric (3D) drawing application. Raultecnologia 2009/06/24
IT! the game v0.4 beta Multi player/large map homebrew game. GreenAcorn 2010/07/16
Joy Destroyer v1.0 Press buttons to gain points. Dioni0396 2011/09/07
Juego De Datos 2009 Dice game. 2009/09/23
Jugglers 2006 A game based on juggling. Groquick 2006/03/16
Kagamine Rin & Len Tamanegi Throw & Catch final Using Rin and Len from Vocaloid2 to throw onions into a basket. MeRAMEN 2008/09/11
Klungo's Brain School 2007 Games to training your brain. Omg 2007/08/20
KnifeOshon 2007 Based on the japanese game "Azarashi". Mastertop101 2007/09/03
Kung Fu Wonder Boy Chaos v0.1 Multiplayer mini game. Virtua Peanuts 2007/10/13
Lactose Intoler-ANTS! v3.0 Protect your picnic by killing ants. Team Adrenaline 2008/05/11
Leo Toddler v1.0.1d Help children learn the names of letters and the sounds. Lynx 2007/12/31
Lost Countdown DS v1.2 Adaption of Countdown TV show. Youpitou 2008/03/13
Magic 8 Ball 2011 Magic 8 Ball clone on DS. Magmorph 2010/11/07
Magic Touch 2008 Ported version of the Flash Game Magic Touch. Birslip 2008/09/23
Magnetic Shaving Derby v0.5 Shave with magnic. Nyarlu labs 2008/08/22
MarbleMan: The Arena 2008 Top-down ball game with new twist. MagNet 2008/03/20
Mario And The World 2011 Eliminate the enemies with fire balls. Rockleeace 2011/06/16
Mario Firemen DS 2009 Put out fires with different characters from the Mario world. Hamza 2009/09/03
Mario Touch 2006 Keep Mario alive and get rid of Pokey. Xtoc 2006/09/11
Mess With Mario beta 0.1 Control Mario to do almost anything. Godson777 2011/03/12
Meumeuh DS 2008 Mini rhyme game. Zeblakos 2008/06/20
Minigames v1.0 A compilation of 3 mini-games. DuskWolf 2011/08/09
Mini-jeux v1.0 A collection of minigames. Benjamin310395 2008/07/16
Moonar Lander 2005 Land the spaceship on the moon. Fredrik Reveny 2005/05/31
Mon Beau Sapin v051208 Customize Christmas tree. Cid2Mizard 2008/12/05
Monkey Touch v1 Touch a monkey that moves as many times as possible. Filou HB 2011/08/31
Moth v1.1 Play as a moth that desires to reach the light. Bobbyloujo 2013/03/04
Multigam v1.2 A collection of (currently 5) mini-games. Zzo38computer 2006/07/17
Naruto No Jutsu v1.0 Contains different spells from Naruto. 4n4bol 2009/09/26
NCIS Around The World v1.1 Port of Nyan Cat. Aguilera_87 2011/06/01
NDS Sports 2007 A tribute to WII Sports. Davgav 2007/03/20
No Place To Hide final A collection of very funny mini-games. Birslip 2006/07/30
Nyan for NDS v1.1a Non-stop Nyan Cat. Insanepotato 2011/04/17
Nyan Cat's Star Dodge v1.0 Dodge the falling stars. Rockleeace 2011/01/01
Olympic Battle 2008 Drag the opponent out of the place. Cyberwarfire 2008/10/28
PaDS 2010 Press the button to test your reflection. Xia32 2010/01/16
Papillon DS v0.1 beta Catch the butterfly. Omg 2007/05/28
PaperFootball 2006 Based on a game that played with paper and pen. YaW 2006/03/20
Pas de nom 2006 Avoid red bars. Mastertop101 2006/04/01
Penguin Football DS 2008 Kids’ football game. Sam Malone 2008/04/24
Peter Griffins: RoadHouse 2012 Clip from Family Guy. Rockleeace 2012/03/20
Peter Griffins: Roller Disco 2012 Clip from Family Guy. Rockleeace 2012/03/22
PerilousWheels v0.21 Journey upwards to the highest possible location with wheels. T4ils 2007/06/16
Pesca deportiva con dinamita 2009 Mini fishing game. Baro 2009/12/08
Picture Solve 2011 Pictionary style multiplayer game. Nffc_evans 2011/03/04
Pixel-man v1.2 2 player game. Coincoin 2009/06/21
Plane Popper 2010 Pilot a small bi-plane and collect balloons. Bobby Lou Jo 2013/07/16
Platdude’s Retro Collection v018 Contain a handful of puzzle and arcade games. Jayenkai 2007/12/08
PokedexDS v0.1 beta Pokedex Agenda. Team Wabsta 2008/09/24
PokeInfo v0.9 beta Pokédex on NDS. MJaoune 2011/04/26
Pokemon Battle v0.8 pre-alpha Homebrew RPG game based on Pokemon. Blabla 2010/06/01
Pokemon Cloth demo 1.0 Simple Pokemon RPG Demo. Rockleeace 2011/01/01
Pokemon Mini-Game v3.3 Contains 10 mini-games including 3 secrets to discover. Blabla 2009/11/21
Poke The Bunny initial Poke a bunny. LiraNuna 2006/05/10
Pop Me v0.1 Pop the bubbles. T!NO STUD!OS 2008/08/17
PrankDS demo Move a black point. Gemisis 2008/07/26
Predice Tu Muerte demo1 Predict Your Death. Frøsκitø 2010/01/30
Preguntale a Dimitri v1.0 Port of the flash game of Dimitri the expert counselor. Master Sonic 2010/01/23
Press the buttons v1.1 Press the buttons as fast as you can. Corenting 2011/03/12
Puertas v1.0 Find the right door. DanXZero 2009/07/26
PusherDS v1.1 Press buttons as often as possible. Raphi2 2009/06/04
Push The Button 2010 Make choices by pressing button. Sheeft 2010/08/31
RapiDS v0.3 Measures how fast you can press a button. Freemaan 2006/03/13
RapidRollDS 2008 Direct a ball to score point. Wolped 2008/08/19
Retro Game And Watch v3 Based on Mr. Game and Watch. Suikoden777 2011/07/27
Rose Camellia 2007 Unfinished adventure game. Mia 2007/08/25
Samurai Kirby 2010 Clone of a mini game in “Kirby Super Star”. Bluepickles 2010/06/24
Sand Game Demo demo 0.1 Classical sand game. Harg 2010/06/07
Santa Rush 2008 Christmas game. Pepsiman 2008/12/01
Santa's Bad Luck 2005 Minigame with a Christmas theme. Jandujar 2005/12/31
Santa's Factory 2008 Help Santa’s Factory and separate the bombs. Bfthsoftware 2008/11/30
Santa's Flight v0.6 Control a flying Santa. AlceX 2010/01/01
Save The Guy From The Burning Building 2010 Avoid the fire and save a guy. Podote 2011/01/05
Saving Santa v090108 Protect Santa by using a trusty magical bubble cannon. Wykz 2008/12/09
Scratch 'n' Match 2010 Reveal the picture and match the word game. Blueballoon 2010/12/21
Scribble Jump DS demo 0.1 fix 2 Doodle jump clone. S_hansse 2010/08/17
Secret Hordes v0.2 Gadget for the browser game Hordes ( Apocalyptic RPG Free Online Motion twin). Stravingo 2010/07/19
Sego/Sarko v0.0002 Crush the heads of presidential candidates. Beda 2007/05/18
Shoop da whoop VS. Stick-man v1.0 Play as stick-man and dodge the shoop da whoop. Rockleeace 2011/06/11
Slip Attack 2010 Collect swimwear. T4ils 2010/08/29
Snow Bash rc01.01.06 Roll up and fling snowballs at enemies. Miguel 2006/01/02
Sonic Screwdriver 2011 Recreate the Sonic Screwdriver, an application on Iphone. Buck_7 2011/09/27
SotoProject demo Based on the Family Guy. xXDarK ColossuSXx 2009/06/28
Spelling Bubbles v1.1 Spelling game for children to learn Vocabulary. Icedaddy 2011/03/29
Spike 2011 Avoid the spikes. Tomdev 2011/04/30
Stupid Golf DS v0.2a A game similar to Miniature Golf. LiraNuna 2005/08/10
Super Face SMASH! demo 1.0 Fighting to the fullest with stick-figures. Rockleeace 2011/01/01
Super Mario Gunk Dodge v2.0 Dodge gunk. Rockleeace 2011/03/26
Super Paper Fly White Handle a paper airplane. Heartgold 2010/09/01
SuzumeBachi v0.2 Move the insect. K4y 2006/09/12
SquareDS v1.3b Collect tiles with same color. KerneL 2007/11/15
SquareBounce 2006 Place stylus within the square as long as possible. T4ils 2006/07/04
Squash DS 2006 Squash the bugs. Tinman 2006/09/03
Squishy Bird DS 2020 Play as the pipe in Flappy Bird. Headshotnoby 2020/08/19
Stop at 500 v1.0 Make a stopwatch reaches 500. Coolbho3000 2008/08/30
SwimSuit Maniac 2010 Swimsuit minigame. EvilTroopa 2010/08/31
The Curse Of Mamie's Island v1.0 Based on Curse of Monkey Island logo and a Mr. Freeze treat. Zewhitounet 2010/08/30
The Game 2008 Simple homebrew. Fedgerama 2008/12/12
TickleGirl v1.0 "Interactive woman" on DS. Cybereality 2005/09/21
Tiros Pokémon final Kill Pokemon. ShinMazingerZ 2010/10/08
ToiletDS v0.1 alpha Flush the toilet game on DS. GeekShadow 2006/09/24
Totitoes 2008 Collect coins and avoid enemies. Cortes48 2008/08/14
Touch & Bomb 2006 Clone of the Super Mario 64: DS mini game. Tipiak 2006/03/18
Ultra-FastReflexes v0.2 Press buttons to test reflection. Montspy 2008/02/04
UselessHomebrew v1.1 Switch homebrew with different results. Rydian 2011/05/31
Vigoroth Le livreur v1.31 4 mini-games to help Vigoroth the driver to achieve deliveries. Blabla 2011/06/18
VP_ANIS 2008 Silly minigame. MasterDjé 2008/06/20
Vtt DS 2007 A game of mountain biking. CyBeRCeD 2007/06/13
WarioWare Custom v1.7 Homebrew version of WarioWare game series by Nintendo. SaviorXTanren 2009/01/13
WhatTime v1.1 Homebrew game to help children to learn telling the time. Icedaddy 2011/03/29
Way of the Rain 2005 Draw barriers, to show the waterdrops the right way. Seddy 2005/11/06
Weskers Day Off The Video Game 2011 Originally a YouTube video. Rockleeace 2011/01/01
X-Mas Gifts 2007 Christmas game. Programix 2007/12/29
Xplosion Time! v1.0 Click to make spirits disappear. Eglomer 2008/07/05
Ya Ya XX v1.1 An adaptation of flash game Ya Ya XX. N64Francois 2006/02/19
Yuck 2010 Collects slime and throws it at a girl. Padnoter 2010/02/07



Title Version System(s) Author Last updated
1942 DS v1.3 Emulated Games: 1942 (all sets). Copper 2011/05/08
1943 DS v2.1.1 1943 arcade emulator (3 sets). Copper 2011/05/15
AemioDA v3.0 Acronym for Arcade Emulator Made In One Day, Asteroid. Alekmaul 2010/02/28
BlackTigerDS v0.1.10 Black Tiger Arcade emulator for NDS. FluBBa 2021/03/26
BombJack DS v1.2.1 BombJack arcade game emulator. Copper 2011/05/14
Canyon DS v1.1 Canyon Bomber (prototype set also) emulator. Copper 2011/05/08
DoubleDribbleDS v0.4.2 Konami Double Dribble Arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/05/17
DSInvaders v1.5 A Space Invaders Arcade emulator. Copper 2014/01/31
DSPack v1.95 Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME). Copper 2012/04/21
FinalizerDS v0.3.0 Konami Finalizer Arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/03/23
GhostsNGoblinsDS v0.1.5 Capcom Ghosts'N Goblins arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/05/11
Ghosts'n Run v1.0 Arcade emulator for one game: Ghosts'n Goblins. Alekmaul 2007/03/17
GreenBeretDS v0.6.1 Green Beret, Rush'n Attack & Mr. Goemon Arcade emulator. FluBBa 2021/07/06
IronHorseDS v0.3.3 Konami Iron Horse arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/05/17
JackalDS v0.2.2 Konami Jackal arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/03/23
JailBreakDS v0.3.6 Konami Jail Break arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/03/23
Mame4All v1.0 Port of MAME 0.37b5 emulator for Supercard DS Two only. Alekmaul 2010/10/26
MarcaDS v4.0e An arcade emulator. Alekmaul 2007/07/30
MrDo DS v2.1.1 Mr.Do!, Mr.Do's Castle, Do!Run Run & Mr.Do's Wild Ride arcade emulator. Copper 2011/05/14
Pang DS v2.1 Pang and Super Pang Arcade emulator. Copper 2011/05/08
PunchOutDS v0.4.0 Punch-Out!! arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/03/28
PuzzleKlax v2.0 Arcade emulator for Klax and Tetris. Alekmaul 2010/02/27
RenegadeDS v0.1.0 Renegade arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/03/23
SnowBrosDS v2.2 Snow Bros.,Nick & Tom (all sets), Arcade Games. Copper 2011/05/08
Solomon's Key DS v1.2 Solomon's Key (US and Japan) Arcade Emulator. Copper 2011/05/08
SonSonDS v0.1.0 Capcom Son Son arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/03/23
YieArDS v0.1.5 Yie Ar arcade emulator for DS. FluBBa 2021/03/23


Title Version System(s) Author Last updated
A2DS 2008 Apple II Emulator. Grizzly Adams 2008/09/08
AmeDS v4.0 Emulator of Amstrad CPC 664, CPC 6128. Alekmaul 2010/04/25
CrocoDS v2.0 CPC 6128 (Amstrad CPC) emulator. Rebug 2007/09/11
DS81 v1.3 Emulation of the Sinclair ZX81. Ian Cowburn 2008/12/30
DSoric v1.0 Oric Emulator for the Nintendo DS. Alekmaul 2008/01/19
DSpec preview Zx Spectrum emulator. Eighttwelve 2005/09/02
DSx86 v0.43 Beta PC emulator that can run old DOS games. Patrick Aalto 2012/07/01
DSx86Cfg v1.05 Custom configuration for DSx86. RyouArashi 2010/07/04
FmsxDS v0.09 Emulated Computer: MSX2. Nyagosu 2008/04/14
FrodoDS complete Emulator for Commodore 64 games. Troy Davis 2008/05/23
Mini vMac DS r3 Macintosh plus emulator. Lazyone 2008/11/09
MSX DS v0.94 MSX / MSX 2 / MSX2+ home computer standard emulator. Nyagosu 2012/08/29
NitroGrafx v0.7 A PCEngine emulator. FluBBa 2013/03/23
PenkoDS v0.2a Emulator for Atari 800XL. Rebug 2007/02/02
PokeyDS v1.1 Emulated Computer: Atari 800XL. Alekmaul 2007/11/09
PomDS v2.0 Apple II Emulator. Alekmaul 2008/11/30
ScummVM for Nintendo DS v2.5.0 Re-engineer classic point and click adventure games of the 80s-90s on PC. ScummVM Team 2021/10/09
SpeccyDS v0.3 Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k model only) emulator. Craig 2007/08/26
SpectrumDS 2009 Emulated Computer: Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k model only). Buzz 2009/04/20
StyxDS v0.2a An emulator Atari ST. Redbug 2007/03/20
ThomDS v3.0 Thomson MO5 Computer emulator. Alekmaul 2010/03/21
XRoar v0.24fp3 Dragon 32/64 emulator. Ciaran Anscomb 2009/11/30
Xyds v0.2 XY-MINI emulator. Zzo38computer 2008/10/13
ZXDS v1.3.4 Sinclair ZX Spectrum that support WiFi multiplayer. Patrik Rak 2017/04/23


Title Version System(s) Author Last updated
A5200DS v1.6 Atari 5200 emulator. Alekmaul 2011/06/28
A7800DS 1 & 2 v1.0 Atari 7800 emulator. Alekmaul 2011/05/24
Apprentice MinusDS v0.4.0 A Gamegear and Sega MasterSystem emulator. Lordus 2008/08/20
BAG SFC r3 SNES/ Super Famicom emulator. BassAceGold 2010/11/10
CAT SFC v1.36 Emulated game Console: SNES / Super Famicom. ShadauxCat 2013/06/16
ColecoDS v2.1 ColecoVision emulator. Alekmaul 2008/04/10
jEnesisDS v0.7.4 Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator. Lordus 2008/07/13
Magnavox Odyssey DS 2010 Recreate of Odyssey, the first ever home video game system. Bobby Lou Jo 2010/06/25
Midori 2006 NES Emulator. AronBS 2006/08/20
NeoDS v0.2.0 NeoGeon AES/MVS emulator. Ben Ingram 2008/06/19
NesDS v1.3a Nintendo Entertainment System Emulation. Huiminghao 2014/08/09
Nintellivision v2.8 An Intellivision console emulator running on the DS/DSi. wavemotion 2021/10/21
PicoDriveDS v0.1.7 Sega Genesis Emulator Port. RyanFB 2007/04/02
RetroBoxDS 2005 Port of Retrobox, multi-console emulator. BlueHawk89 2005/08/10
S8DS v1.1.3 SEGA Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000 emulator. FluBBa 2021/10/13
SNEmulDS v0.6a SNES emulator. Archeid 2007/10/09
SnesDS 2005 SNES Emulator for DS. Loopy 2005/12/13
SnezziDS v0.28a Port of Snezziboy, an SNES emulator for the GBA, to the Nintendo DS platform. bubble2k, Gary Linscott 2006/12/13
StellaDS v1.2 Atari VCS 2600 emulator for DS and DSi (original by TheChucksters). Alekmaul 2011/06/06
StellaDS - PHOENIX EDITION v4.4 Atari VCS 2600 emulator for DS and DSi, an improved version of StellaDS. wavemotion 2021/08/22
VectxDS v0.1 Vectrex emulator. Alekmaul 2005/09/07


Title Version System(s) Author Last updated
DS Boy v0.75 Game Boy emulator. Brunni 2007/10/07
DS_GBC v0.1 Game Boy and Gameboy Colour emulator. Ethos 2005/08/11
DSMasterplus v1.3 Sega game Gear / Master System console emulator. Alekmaul 2007/08/20
DSMS v0.2 Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator. N3TKaT 2005/08/11
DualSwan v1.2.1 WonderSwan emulator. LiraNuna 2006/07/21
GBA exploader v0.58 DS side application used to run GBA code. Rudolph 2008/12/07
iPlayer GBA Emulator v1.1 GameBoy Advance(GBA) emulator for iPlayer only. DarkChen 2010/08/12
Lameboy v0.12 Gameboy and Gameboy Colour emulator. Paul Gustafson 2009/06/02
NesterDS v0.3 A DS port of Nester. Rich Whitehouse 2006/11/23
NesterDS+ v0.3.9 Based on nesterDS. Tall Fatman 2008/04/18
NGPDS v0.5.0 NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Nintendo DS. FluBBa 2021/09/29
PokeMini DS v0.60 Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini. Justburner 2015/06/16
RACE! fixed Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator. Flavor 2008/01/15
Watari v0.4 Watara Supervision Emulator. Normmat 2006/03/20
GBARunner2 DS v20200812 A GBA hypervisor for DS. (like nintendont for gc on wii). Gericom 2020/08/12
GameYob DS v0.5.2 [Super] Gameboy [Color] emulator for the Nintendo [3]DS. Drenn1 2017/02/04
Trojan Horse v1.0 Simulated Game & Watch: Trojan Horse. J. Conrad 2008/03/17


Title Version System(s) Author Last updated
Chip8me v1.0 Chip-8 and Super Chip Emulator. Etk 2008/03/28
DSFrotz v2.0 beta1 Port of Frotz, Z-machine interpreter to play text adventure games. Papafuji 2008/08/15
GZOIS for NDS v0.10 Sharp Pocket Computer PC-E500 Emulator. Matsumo 2007/06/30
Korg Monotron DS 2017 Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer Emulator. Furrtek 2017/02/26
Pstros NDS v0.7.2 r6 MIDP implementation running on the CLDC java machine compiled. Ole, Davr 2008/07/06


Title Version Description Author Last updated
ARDSI Menu v3.0 A firmware for ARDSI. Science1matthew 2011/08/01
Boot GBA with Frame v1.1 Run GBA games from the slot-2. Searinox, Xenon++ 2011/05/23
DSChannels beta 4 A Wii menu clone for DS. GrizzlyAdams 2007/03/26
DScovered v3 Firmware menu based on the iPod/iPhone/iTunes coverflow menu system. Spinal 2010/04/28
DSi4DS full DSi firmware menu on NDS. Spinal 2009/08/12
DSi Homebrew Channel v1.0 Run homebrews on DS. Spinal_cord 2011/06/07
DSision2 2009 A replacment firmware for Nintendo DS flash carts. Spinal 2009/04/26
DS Media Center bravo 1.2 Able to launch homebrews and watch videos. Hillibilly 2009/05/30
DSOrganize v3.2 An wide-ranging organizer application. Dragonminded 2008/02/02
Flashcart OS n2.1 Homebrew menu with a integrated .nds loader. TeenDev 2008/03/20
GBAMP Multiboot 2005 Able to run homebrew applications from only one CompactFlash-Card. Mighty Max 2005/10/31
HBWare 0.03 alpha Able to launch homebrew, also download and install it from filetrip. Stormwave 2010/07/05
HiyaCFW v1.4.0 Custom firmware for DSi. Robz8 2020/10/22
Homebrew Menu v0.7.1 Simple launcher intended to support DS homebrew developers. Team DevkitPro 2017/09/28
M3 Powerloader 2006 NDS loader that turns the power on before running the program. Pepsiman 2006/01/16
nds-bootstrap v0.49.1 Boot an nds file on DSi/3DS. DS-Homebrew 2021/10/11
NDS MP v2.11 Run NDS files from a compact flash cart using a PassMe, FlashMe or WifiMe. Chishm 2006/01/14
TEXT OS v1.0 Provide support to boot Homebrew apps for developers. Funkystuff 2009/02/27
Wifiloader 2008 Load homebrew over a wireless connection. Padrinator 2008/02/07

System tools

Title Version Description Author Last updated
DSTWO v1.14 DSTwo firmware. Supercard 2015/07/22
FlashMe v8a Firmware to start code in DS mode from a flash card in the GBA slot. Loopy, FireFly, DarkFader 2007/05/03
Haddad's Acekard 2i Setup v1.00 An organized Acekard 2i Setup, includes AKAIO 1.7.1b and Moonshell 2.10 Stable. Haddad 2010/09/05
Max Overload v1.61B2 A third party patcher for Datel's MAX Media Player. MODEV!L 2009/10/23
MoonShell NDS Loader Plugin v020509 Alternative YSMenu loader extlink for Moonshell2. Unneon 2009/05/02
Wood Firmwares v1.62 Wood firmware for R4 DS users. Yellow Wood Goblin 2017/05/25
YSloader 2009 Plugin for MoonShell2 that run commercial ROM. Linoul 2009/03/08
YSMenu update 2019 Homebrew version of the ttmenu. Yasu 2019/10/08

PC utilities

Title Version Description Author Last updated
005Tools v0.1d Allows backing up and restoring save games for 3DS/DSi/DS game cards. McHaggis 2013/12/18
Aimersoft DRM Media Converter v1.5 trial A simple do it all video converter for DS. Aimersoft 2013/01/30
Animal Map v1.8 A map editor for Animal Crossing DS. Desconocido 2007/10/28
viDeoconverterS 2006 Able to recover the 3d object in 3dsmax and gmax. Delfare 2006/03/09
BatchDPG v3.0 final Convert media to .dpg file for MoonShell. Alekstyle 2013/06/24
Convert Savedata M3 Real-R4DS 2008 Convert savefata from M3 Real to R4DS, and vice versa. Alekstyle 2008/03/27
DLDI 2008 Patch that allows you to run homebrew programs on different flashcarts. Chishm 2008/09/10
DPG4X v3.0-1 DPG video file converter for Linux. Xukosky 2020/08/06
DPG Tools v1.31 Encrypt videos to .dpg to use on MoonShell. Infantile Paralysiser 2007/08/26
Drivesort v1.242 Edit the order of files saved in the SD card or other USB storages. Anerty 2018/08/15
DSi Jpeg Signature Tool 2017 A tool to sign JPG file to be readable by Nintendo DSi Camera Application. MrNbaYoh 2017/08/26
DSMI Server v1.02 Wireless and Wired MIDI for the DS. 0xtob 2010/04/03
DSM Tools v1.2 Transcode videos for playback on the Nintendo DS using DSMplay. Infantile Paralysiser 2007/10/07
Dstexcomp v0.1 NDS Texture Compressor. Kvance 2009/03/30
DS Workshop 2011 A single application with many tools to aid in hacking the DS. Dragonboy269 2011/12/11
GBA NDS FAT 2006 FAT filesystem library for the GBA and NDS. Chishm 2006/03/03
LibFB 2007 A set of routines that display wordwrapped variable width fonts. DragonMinded 2007/11/20
µGenerator DS v1.0 Generates code in LUA to use for NDS homebrews programing. ait @ r_95 2011/02/18
M3 Powerloader 2006 NDS loader that turns the power on before running the program. Pepsiman 2006/01/16
MK4 Mini Patcher v1.1 Patcher for MK4-Mini device. Neo Team 2006/07/16
My Exporter And Animator 3D 2012 A Nintendo DS library used to create homebrew games/apps. Delfare 2012/06/25
NDS3D World Toolset v1.1 Create a 3D environment on computer for NDS. Christopher 2008/11/09
NDS Rom Cleaner v2.0b ROM trimmer application for Windows. _SuBCeRo_ 2007/10/15
NDSTokyoTrim v3.11 A rom trimmer for Nintendo DS (NDS & GBA). Techsuki 2021/09/26
NDStation v1.2.1 Package ROM within .NDS file to run from Slot 1 flash card's main menu. Chuckstudios 2007/08/20
NightFox's Lib 2020 An alternative to PAlib. KnightFox 2020/10/08
Nintendo DS Code Manager beta 3 Code a homebrew without understanding variables or functions. AlmamuPP 2010/12/11
PA_lib v100707 A Nintendo DS library used to create homebrew games/apps. Mollusk 2007/07/10
PAlib Portable v0.1 A GUI app which without the need to install devkitPro or PAlib. BigBob85 2008/10/15
Pdf2cbds v2.0 Use with ComicBookDS, converts PDF into a .cbds file. Ys 2008/09/14
PictoDS v2.1 Use with ComicBookDS, converts pictures into a .cbds file. Nicom00k 2007/08/26
PokeGenerator v3.1.13 General Pokemon editing tasks, same as PokeSav. Also known as PokeGen. Codr 2017/03/10
Pokemon Text Tester v1.0 beta Test translated text of Pokemon to see it fits in the screen. Dicamarques 2011/03/16
PokeSav 2017 Able to edit Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum save files. COM 2017/07/26
PPTXT v1.0 Edit text in Pokemon Black and White. Patrick1704 2010/10/03
R4crypt 2007 Encrypt and decrypt files for R4DS well as the M3 Simply. Chishm 2007/05/14
R4 DS Cheat Code Editor v1.01 Edit the action replay (or etc) codes. R4ds 2007/05/20
R4DS ROM Trim Tool v1.00 DS Rom Trimmer. R4ds 2006/12/18
Rominator v2008.20 A Nintendo DS rom manager with many features and extras. Hankchill 2013/05/24
SignaPic DSi v0.3.0 Tool to make all JPG readable on Nintendo DSi. cimo95 2019/12/10
Shunyweb Savegames Converter v2.0 final Web-based savedata converter. Shunyweb 2019/05/28
UniqueGeeks Offline Converter v2.6 NDS save converter. Evandixon 2011/08/24
UniqueGeeks Online Converter 2010 Web-based NDS save converter. UniqueGeeks 2010/07/21
Virtual Game Maker DS 2 v0.24 alpha A RPG Game Maker. Globoeil 2009/11/01