List of DS homebrew applications

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Media players

Video and audio

Title Description Author
DbrowSer File browser that can play mp3 and view jpg files. Tommie
DSMediaCenter A full-fledged homebrew launcher/movie player. Hillbilly
DSMplay Media player application that plays DSM files. Infantile Paralysiser
DSTwo iPlayer Media player for DSTWO. Supercard
DSVideo Video player and converter. Dominic Ludlam
MoonShell Well known multimedia player. Moonlight
MPEG4 Player An MPEG4 Player for the DS. Erspicu_brox
Tuna-viDS Plays AVI files that contain Xvid encoded video and MP3 encoded audio. Chishm
XM7Play XM/MOD player. Sverx

Video only

Title Description Author
Spinal Media Player Movie player. Spinal

Audio only

Title Description Author
Advanced Sound Library A sound library for the NDS. Noda
A Tint of MENUdo: Player Media player for MENUdo. Soulanger
DSAmp Control Winamp from DS. PadrinatoR
Dissonance Internet radio client for DS. Dave Brady
FAT Player MikMod A player module track. Cid2mizard
LibXM7 A C library to play XM (and MOD) modules using only ARM7 resources. Sverx
LMP-ng MP3 Player, Ipod clone. Lucas
NDS Music Player Uses fincs' SSEQ Player to play the music. KazoWAR
NDSWebradio Streaming web radio client. Yaouank
Online Jukebox DS Shoutcast player for DS. The coon
PAMOD Fully customizable modplayer. Kleevah
PocketSPC Emulates the audio hardware of the SNES, playing SPC sequence files. Gladius
Raw Sound Player RAW sound player. Extreme Coder
SIDPlayerDS Port of SIDPlayer,a replayer program for C64 music. GPF
SylphAMP Winamp-to-NDS interface. Ficedula
XMid NITRO NDS A MIDI player. Ruben
YetAnOtherMp3Player MP3 Player. Birslip


Title Description Author
3in1 Expansion Pack Allow user to load GBA ROMs from Flash Card Slot 1. Rudolph
3in1 SRAM Test Verify the SRAM memory of EZ 3in1. Cory1492
Ands-pdf PDF reader. Albinofrenchy
Back2fw A homebrew to boot DS firmware. Yasu
BackupBuddy Find files of the extensions on card and upload to an FTP server. Joe Ciagamitaro
Balik Bayan DevWifi Send files from PC to DS via Wifi then automatically runs it. Soulanger
BLARGH Text Editor Implement Joe Strout's HexInput method of inputting text on DS. Anomalous_underdog
Bowser Minimalistic browser for the NDS storage cards. Spaghetti DSDev
Brandy Basic V for Dslinux The Brandy BBC Basic V interpreter. David Daniels
Bunjalloo Simple web browser for the Nintendo DS. Quirkysoft
ComBox Allow files transfer between 2 DS,computer and a FTP server on Internet. Lilou
ComicbookDS Comics reader. Gnese
ContactsDS A contacts organizer. Hero2
DB Downloader Automatically download cheats code that corresponds to linker. Javils
Dillama Control Xbox Media Center with DS (XBMC not Xbox 360). Tsunami0ne
Dolphin Reader Txt and Html reader on DS. Chris Liu
DPhone A iPhone clone. Hillbilly
DS2DS Allows user to send files without router or via a DS to another without size limit. Kram
DS2Tools Two tools in one: SkinUp and DataUp. Fef51
DSBash Web-Browser for, and plus mp3 player. Leinad
DSBook Text viewer. Cory1492
DSchedule Organizer application compatible with ICal and Google calendar. Samel
DSCompress GZip utility to unzip zip files and GZip files. Carpman
DScritor Create text writing on a handwriting. Miguel28
DS Dictionary Turning your DS into a dictionary. William Garrison
DS-DOS MS-DOS type clone featuring a command line interface. Wolped
DSecure Flashcard security Homebrew. Luca.Fraga
DSe Notepad A notepad app originated by Enira. TD9175
DSFile2 File browser application with editing functions. Calcprogrammer1
DSFTP FTP server for DS. Bjoern Giesler
DSHobro DS HOmebrew BROwser. Costello
Dsio An "interface" allowing to interact with the DS in both senses (Send / Receive Data 8 bits). RefiX
DSKiosk A homebrew organizer/launcher. Kornflexx
DSlibris Text reader incorporating html support. Ray Haleblian
DSMouse Allows DS to become a mouse to control PC. Dankredues
DSNotes Note application, which is similar an offline pictochat. Qwerpoi
DSLua LUA scripting for the NDS. DSLua team
DSOrganize An wide-ranging organizer application. Dragonminded
DsOS Multifunction application. Aurelio
DSPhoto Photo viewer. Arialia
DSReader Ebook reader. Eddie Park
DSwiki Offline Wikipedia Reader. OlliPolli
Dsup Similar to DSFTP and DS2DS. Samel
DSZip Offline Wikipedia Reader. Pierluig
Dump NDS Backup GBA game saves with Slot-1 flashcart. UnplayedNamer
Eagle: BMP Viewer Program to display a BMP image. DreamIsland
Editeur Master To edit scripts directly on DS. Nicolas Mougeot
Eepinator A basic EEPROM backup tool. Davr
EFS Library Library/tools to manage files within a NDS binary. Noda
EOSTools Able to download skins and maintain updates for Supercard. Fef51
Etool Etool EZ4 version, a save manager. Cory1492
EZ4skin Skin GBA/NDS gfx and text for EZ4. Cory1492
FAS1 A tool to flash a FlashAdvance cartridge in Slot-2 from a Slot-1 device. Smiths
File Manager Manage files on card and send/receive files from other DS. Padnoter
FileNinja FTP Client for the DS. Azaydius, Irtehmongoose, Justinparker
GBA Backup Tool SLOT-1 GBA back-up tool. Rudolph
GBALdr 3in1 loading tool. Cory1492
GhostBuster Repair/correct the defects of ghosting that appears on DSi. Spinal
GodMode9i A full access file browser for the Nintendo DS and DSi consoles RocketRobz
HomebreWifi Download homebrew through wireless connection. XEM
IFile A lightweight file manager. Darkchild
IkuReader A handy eBook reader application for the Nintendo DS is now available for download. Chintoi
Image Viewer A document reader and image viewer for DSTWO. Infantile Paralysiser
IMGView View pictures for R4/R4i. NachtaraChecker
IReader Iphoto like image viewer. Godslash
JabberDS Jabber client. Theli
JoyDS Use NDS as a joypad using PPJoy. Luccax
JPEG Viewer Views JPEG images. RobM
Lector&Traductor Opens txt files in utf8 encoding and allows associating a dictionary to translate unknown words. Memorydes
MasterSO Shell for DS that includes a tester keys, MP3 player, sound recorder, notepad etc. The Dark Master
Mawaqeet DS Muslim prayer time utility. Mzr603
Micro A text editor like pico. Samel
Micro Lua DS Micro Lua DS is a Lua interpreter for the famous game console from Nintendo. Reylak
Minidico ds Mini French dictionary - Japanese(romanji) dictionary. Yostane
Morning Timer Clock app for ds. Infantile Paralysiser
Multitouch Photoviewer An image display application. Dragontje124
NDoS Includes note, reader, contact list and drawing apps. Gally
NDS Backup Tool FTPd Backup retail saves from DS to PC over WiFi. Rudolph
NDS Backup Tool Slot2 DS rom/save dumper for DLDI supporting GBA slot flashcarts. Rudolph
NDS SAVES to SLOT-2 Make valid backups of Nintendo DS games' savedata and restore them. Marc_max
NDSkybook A Japanese Book Reader. mizunonds
NewDictS DS homebrew application for encyclopedias, dictionaries, translators and much more. Sesa
Note DS Create and edit notes on the DS. Carlo999
Notepad DS Able to create, manage, edit and save custom notes. Pichubolt090
NotePaint Text editor and drawing tool. RRRDGames
Okiwi DS Web browser on NDS. Pedro J. Estébanez
pkmn-chest A Pokémon Bank for the 3rd through 5th generation Pokémon games. Pk11, Universal-Team
PoffPad Writing application that uses gestures to record alphabetic letters. Poffy
qDSed A homebrew text reader. QRT
R6 Save Relocator Automatically finds deserted .SAV files for Neoflash R6. MK2k
ReadMore Ebooks reader in TXT format. Björn Giesler
ReinMoon Save Game editor. Infantile Paralysiser
Reno Studio Neo Compo A notepad software. Willreno
Reveil Humain An alarm clock which plays MP3 files. Birslip
Reveil MP3 MP3 Alarm Clock. Squale76
SavReceiver Client to receive save files sent by Savsender.
SavSend 'Download' the save-files from original cartridges. Leinad
Savsender A simple EEPROM backup tool using Wifi. The B Ark
Simple GBA Dumper Reads a GBA cartridge and saves it to the Slot-1 flashcard via DLDI. Leinad
Simple GBA Mode Switcher Boot a GBA cart in Slot-2 with Slot-1 DS flash carts. Ryanfb
SliDeS Viewing photos (256 * 192) as Slide Show. Carcas42
SunOL An NDS official release list viewer. Sundevds
SunOS An open source OS for DS. Sundevds
SvSiP Use Nintendo DS as an actual phone. Samuelv
TextDS Text viewer with edit function. Stormwave
Textview Standalone text viewer. Bliss
The SMS Center Able to send SMS to mobile phones with tremendous speed. .:Mik:.
Triplecard Sample Sample code that uses all functions of the EZ 3in1 from a slot 1 card with read access. Cory1492
Trimmer DS Trim rom directly on NDS. BboyFroX
TTDSi Check TTi Genuine or Fake Check program (Only for TTi). Ndstt
TWiLight Menu++ DSi Menu replacement for DS/DSi/3DS/2DS RocketRobz
Txtwriter Text editor optimized for easy, fast typing. Alan Gerow, Sektor
VocableDS Vocabulary trainer. Frezzy
VocabularioDS Spanish French Dictionary. SpixShadow
Wifi Voice Chat Client Use NDS as a phone which allows Wifi Voice Chat. Infantile Paralyser
Wood Dumper Nintendo DS Dumping Tool. Wood
WordDs Text editor designed for nds that saves files in html format. Frezzy's
Xsystem Semi os/filebrowser like DS-DOS. Hacker013
YetiBrowser MK2/3 SD file browser/reader/editor/viewer. Smealum

Operating systems

Title Description Author
DarkSO NDS Operating System. DarkSceneGroup
DS2Key Wardriving/Remote desktop tool. Sypherce
DS2PC Remote administrator similar to Win2DS. Luis_mikau
DS2Win Using DS to control your computer. Monkeynz
DSBlue Wifi Modules, Scratch Pad, Remote Desktop, Calendar and Shoutcast support. ThaKilla
DSBrowser - Dual Slot A Multi-cart file browser. Cornaljoe
DSLinux Port of Linux to the Nintendo DS handheld device. DSLinux team
DSOperators Homebrew OS which features some applications and games. WolfSpider
DS-Me Operating system (OS), as can be Linux or Windows. Mikau, Plata
DSuite Contains a file browser and a contact list among other things. Ssjowowo, Achilleas
DS Vista An adaptation of the Vista operating system Windows Vista on DS. Filou HB
DSVNC VNC client for Nintendo DS to control the computer. Thoduv
HWOS2 Operating system that boots homebrew. Funkystuff
Inferno DS Port of the Inferno Operating system. Noah Evans
ManuSO Shell consists of a Textpad, calculator and stopwatch and several games. ManuelVS
MENUdo Free homebrew operating system. Soulanger
MOSDS A Spell application includes MP3 player, alam, notepad, etc. Mmuziek
NDS WinS Windowing systems on Nintendo DS, an API for the Nintendo Dual Screen. LiraNuna
Play Boot Ds Contain several boot up screens of different gaming consoles. Master Sonic
R4Menu R4Menu for any flash cart. Spinal_cord
Remote Touch DS Remote control your PC. BlazerRazor
RyOS An alternative OS for Supercard DSTwo user. RyoGem
Wii4DS Emulates Wii system on DS. Hiei03
WinDS Windowing systems includes several programs. LiraNuna
Winex DS Refer to Windows as system window and icons are similar. Froskito
WintenDos Recreation the Windows operating system for DS. Darkyesus
WiXP Windows XP Style Homebrew. Ametller124
Woopsi Nintendo DS GUI library. Ant 512
X-Soft With interchangeable skins environments, applications and games. Master Sonic


Title Description Author
Biorhythm A mathematical application of human biology. Shyriu42
CalcEmu Also named DS85, TI-85 scientific calculator emulator. Davr
Calculator DS Calculator App for the Nintendo DS. Lien
Digit Solver Turns DS into a calculator. Mushroomfantasy
DS-HPCALC HP11C and HP16C scientific calculator. Jeff Laing
Eigenmath DS Free computer algebra system. Leonel H. Sandoval
GraphDS Graphing calculator application. MorganDS
Handwriting Calculator Inspired by the handwriting calculator from nokia labs. Quipeace
Mandelbrots DS A fractal browser for NDS. Davr
Mandelbrot Fractal A fractal browser. TheMagnitude
Mandelbrot Set Explorer A Mandelbrot generator. Sverx
Maths Mate: Auto Algebra! Able to work out simple algebra equation. Jpoopdog
MathomaticDS Port of Mathomatic to the DS. Davr
MoonCalc Calculator on DS. Moonlight
NdsMandel A fractal browser for the NintendoDS. YJay
Pa_Calc Simple Calculator. Jandujar
TablesDS Table of multiplication. Mrvbscript
Wabbit DS TI-83+ Emulator. JimE
WireWorld DS DS version of a cellular automation. Asiekierka
Zognc Scientific Calculator. Zogna


Title Description Author
AXE Chiptune solo. Tepples
Betablocker Livecoding performance. Dave
Bliptracker NDS drum machine. Dan
CellsDS A flexible, programmable grid-based music sequencer. Clone45
ChorDS A portable guitar with the ability to play free partitions. Deuspi, Nob, Shinza
Dboy A tracker-style sample sequencer. Checkpoint
DDJs Silver A Disc Jockey Table. Braware
DrumMe A drum kit. NeX
Drummer A networked digital musical interface, allows multiple users to design and play a drum kit. Andrea Bianchi, Woon Seung Yeo
Drummers Digital musical interface for drum kit. Lien
DrumPad DS Simple drum pad app. Whistlingboy
DsAPM? Sounds of TV program called APM TV3. Pikus
DSDaft Daft Punk console. Corenting
Ds-h Change Nintendo DS into a harmonica. Braware
DsKara A karaoke application. Graph05
DSMCU A wireless mix controller. Dan
DS MIDI Keyboard Acts as a MIDI keyboard. Tobw
DSMetronome Metronome on NDS. Demented
DSolfege Port of Solfege. Pianopenguin
DS Sampling Keyboard Kind of like a casio sk-1. Tobw
DS Synth Sixteen mononphonic midi channel that you can control over wifi. Evan Morris
dSTAR Midi sequencer. Therain
DStep A live sequencer. Evil Jed
DuckSlinger Piano on DS. Coda
Finger Drum A simple virtual drum kit. Mathieu Veron
FUDI Kaos DS Use NDS as a Kaospad style input to send messages over the wifi to music program. Chris McCormick
GlitchDS A powerful cellular automation sequencer. Clone45
GrooveStep Full featured music making application. Bioroid
GuitarSound Guitar and bass tuner. Fooshi
iDaft DS iDaft ported on the Nintendo DS. Reyhn
Jazzier Suite Aid musicians in improving ability to recognize pitch,read music,etc. Gaz
Kaos DS An XY controller to adjust MIDI controls. Tobw
KnobsAndSlidersDS Create widgets on the DS by sending it messages from your PC or laptop. Chris McCormick
Lab Rec A Lab recording. Braware
LibXM7 A C library to play XM (and MOD) modules using only ARM7 resources. Sverx
MidiControl A kaoss clone, used to be MidiPad. Benji7905
MIDI Jammer Graphical midi tool. Andrew Buch
Monome DS Simple simulation of a monome 40h like device with some artistic license. Grizzly Adams
Musicly Ocarina Playable Ocarina on NDS. Dereklarue
My-MeloDS Piano-based music application. Outphase,Zoharmodifier
MyPiano A 61 note virtual Piano for Nintendo DS. BranMuffin
My Virtual Piano Play a piano on Nintendo DS. Electronix
NDS_BGMFILER A music making application, features midi playback, keyboard, channel selection. MeRAMAN
NDSOcarina A 4-hole ocarina for Nintendo DS. Danielps
NitroTracker A versatile tool for creating music. 0xtob
Olas Calming wave sound. Naruto1994
Piano DS Virtual piano simulator. CrashingThunder
Piano Rigolo A piano application to detect notes on keyboard. Blackos
Pulse DS A MIDI synthesizer to produce Game-Boy-like sounds. Tobw
ProteinDS Similar to ElectroPlankton concept. Gorgull
RepeaterDS Stuttering sample player. Clone45
Seno DS Music live sequencer for the Nintendo DS. A128
Sniff_jazzbox Converts the wlan-waves into sound waves. La1n
Solfege Music theory application. Guex
Sonic AS MIDI player. Ruben
SoundBoardDS Similar to a DJ’s soundboard. BranMuffin
Sound Cells An experimental synth. Patryk
Sound Orbit A sound manipulation homebrew. Simon Kenny
South Park Sound Contains sounds of different characters from South Park. ATHUR6
String Tuner DS Useful to tune guitars and other musical instruments. Object65
StrumMe A sampled guitar. NeX
TabBed Guitar application. Wizlon
The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Ocarina simulator which appeared in the game Legend of Zelda. RDilus
ToneSynthDS A NDS Composer Applications. HotelSinus Sound Design
Toy Piano Sampled piano. Brian Grogan Jr
TuneItDS Guitar tuning tool. SimplexProductions
UkuleleDS Virtual guitar tool. Patryk
Xylophono Classic xylophone. Mars_Visage_Software
Zelda Instruments Sounds from the Zelda series. Buck_7
Zelda SFX DS Zelda NES Music Homebrew. King Dodongo


Title Description Author
24ClockDS The clock from the TV show 24. Felix
Alarma Customize-able alarm. Lien
Alphabet Arabe O Clic Arabic educational application. Nabli Ahmed
Alphablocks Alphabet learning application for children. IceDaddy
AMAP4DS Metro and bus maps viewer. Christophe Andreani
Amy The Chatterbot Port of AineBot 0.8.12. DVSoftware
Analog clock A simple analog clock. Moonlight
Animanatee Flickbook style animation program. DekuTree64
AnimEDS A sprite/animation editor. PypeBros
ARcardPACK Simulates the 3DS AR cards on an NDS, 3DS, or PSP. Snailface
ASCII Art Maker An ASCII art application. XDPirate
A Tint of MENUdo: Doodle Paint tool for MENUdo. Soulanger
Autoescuela DS Practice driving tests to help getting a driver license. Zante
Avia : Tropic Edition Free birdwatcher's guide. Simplex Productions
Beup Live Windows Live Messenger (Formally MSN messenger) clone. KevinC and HtheB
Bible for NDS Bible software for NDS, Lite, DSi and 3DS. BibleforNDS
Binary Clock A binary clock. Mastertop101
BootFirmware Boot firmware without taking out slot-1 card. Playallday
Carnet d'adresse MicroLUA address book. Papymouge
CC Creator Create simple cartoons, using the famous "memes" circulating on the Internet. Froskito
CC Game Includes 50 funny images or memes for a good laugh. Dioni0396
ChaTchI Chat on a server that stores the conversations. Eglomer
Check NDS Check the screen, touchscreen, buttons, speaker and microphone. Bong @ HKCC
ChessClock Turns Nintendo DS into a Chess Clock. Guilhoboy
Chinese Touch Chinese educational tool. Syslock
Chuck Norris Facts DS Include exceptional jokes of Chuck Norris. MasterDJE
ClIRC IRC client. Cluster
ClockDS Clock and alarm for the DS. Stormwave
Cng's Button Tester Check if all buttons are working. Crazyninjaguy
Colors! A simplistic digital painting application for NDS which inspired by using Wacom boards in Photoshop or Painter. Jens Andersson
Comprobación de Botones Buttons tester for DS. Cheleon15
Constellations DS Constellations DS is a DS homebrew application to view and learn about stars and constellations. Nameless
CosmosDS Information about solar system. Mikethunder
Cronometro A stopwatch. DanXZero
DadoS DS dice thrower for role playing games. DKnight
Dana O.S. Includes 3 apps: flashlight, paint and fat. Neoicek, Javils
Death Chimp A tech demo with music and image effect. K2
DiagnoDS DS console tester. AlmamuPP
Diagnose DS function tester. Spinal
DiceDS Tool for RPG player that want to play everytime. Spaghetti DSDev
Dice Roller DS Roll dices on your DS. Wisen
Dice Roller (Rainbow) Dice roller. Rainbow
Draw Port of sketching application "Sketches of Q". Davr
Draw-Stereo Stereogram drawing application. Micromoog
DrinkMe Helps user run a power hour-style drinking contest. Maniacdevnull
DSAIM An AIM/Icq client for the DS. Ryan Kegel
DSArsenal Weapon viewer with information. Karatekid1111
DS Battery Life Timer NDS application that shows battery life. Snailface
DSBible Bible-reading app.4 translations included. Jeremy Ruten
DS Button Counter Check button presses, holds, and counts. Kiaku
DSCalibrate A calibration application. Arialia
DS Chat Homebrew Pictochat with online history. Bafio
DSdiag Nintendo DS Diagnostics Tool. TheOnlyEnglishRose(TD)
DSF File interpreter. Samel
DSgf A go game recorder and reviewer. Nio101
DSilver A text-based card library for MtG. Lyon4
DS Kanji Flash Learning Japanese Kanji for Non-Japanese. Schellingb
DSKash Remake of old currency converter GpKash. Chris
DSketch Simple sketch drawing application. Samel
DSLamp A torch on DS. Corenting
DS_LCD_Tester An application to check DS screens. KING CORN
DSLiveWeather Fetch the current weather information with WIFI. Lick
DS Maps Google Maps viewer. DMC
DSmerlin A single character recognition engine clone. David Lott
DSPad Turn DS into a wireless gamepad. Ced
DSPadTilt Turn DS into a motion sensing USB gamepad. KeithE
DSPixelFix Fix dead pixel on DS. MADcat1990/Darkchild
DSPlib A library for PAlib. Master Sonic
DS Sleep Help user to fall asleep. Filou HB
DSpertator2 MP3 Alarm Clock with other customizable features. Copete23
DSSpeech Speech Synthesizer DS port of a speech synth from Atari ST. Headspin
DS Star Chart An application for stargazers. Pokeball29
DSTELNET Connect to Telnet servers. ILOVEPIE
DS Test A test application. Mcat12
DS Twitter Twitter client for the NDS. Acdtrux
DS Visual Novel Reader visual novel reader. Jake Probst, anoNL
DS Weather Displays the current weather conditions with Wifi function. WolfSpider
DSWave Library for Micro Lua DS, resemble the wave effect of PSP. RedHunter
DS Weather Report A weather station on DS. Stravingo
DSZhongwen Learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. Rrc2soft
DuelDS An assistant for the card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Dr.Razor
EnigmaNDS Enigma machine simulator. Mincemeatteam
ESpeak Speech synthesizer for English and other languages. N00bey
Etch Paint app focused towards pixel art with other features. BassAceGold
EvoCheatUp Modified version of the UsrCheatUp. SolidusRegim
Evolution: 28 ans de consoles portables An educational App about 28 years development of portable consoles. Virtua Peanuts
FavDS Save & run NDS files by putting location in a text file. Xiao32
Fb4nds Facebook's chat client. Lino
Fencing A program for fencers, referees, directors, and coaches. Minty
FerretBoysFunbrew A fun homebrew. Ferretboy007
Fiches pour le BAC S A revision sheets LAC S. Beda
FlashDS 8 color flash light for the NDS. Coincoin
FlashcarDS A Spaced Repetition flashcards application, similar to Anki. Nfinite
Flickbook Animation app for the Nintendo DS. Masscat
Flipbook MSPaint-like drawing program. Sintax
GameUp Utility for Nintendo DS that conclude the trilogy of the Up-Series homebrews. .:Mik:.
GH Painter Draw on DS using the Guitar Grip to pick colors. Mjsdude
GIF/CARD viewer for Magic: The Gathering Card viewer for the card game: Magic The Gathering. Sylus101
Gun Game Remake of gun application. Rockleeace
HandWritter Hand writing app that able to identify characters. Earth2222
Heero's HBDB Cheatfiles for DSOrganize. Heeroo
HMTK Health Monitoring Tool Kit for Diabetes. Arrpirate
I Ching DS I Ching Readings. Sam Malone
Ipod Touch Gun App A gun app from ipod touch. Rockleeace
IRCDS IRC client with custom skin support. Davido2
Isofácil Isometric drawing application with color. Raultecnologia
Japanese And English Phrase Converter Translate English phrase to Japanese. Iainprice
Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review Kana character review tool. DesertDog
Japanese Training Japanese learning application . Cuicui666
JapFR Application to learn Japanese vocabulary. Benjamalin
JOZ2 3AM Depicts 36 various Sourates from the 114 of the Coran. Nabli Ahmed
Just a clock... A simple analog clock app. Hoitjuh55
Kana DS Japanese learner. Julio Gorgé
KanjiDs Japanese Kanji learner. LeToto Program to learn to write Japanese Kanji symbols. Zeroathiradi
Lampe Flashlight application. NachtaraChecker
Lampe DS A simple flashlight application coded in µLua. Aurel2108
LCD_Tester Recover pixels vague. Kleevah
Linterna DS A flashlight on DS with different colors to choose from. Neopiro
Loituma Girl DS An adaptation of some popular flash animations. Gnese
LoL Contains 33 jokes. APSSPA
MCinfoDS With tons of info about Minecraft. Ryoushi
Mediatheque DS A library to manage your collection of comics/movies/stamps etc. Cid2mizard
Meditation with Talah Rama A meditation timer/guide for the DS. Backtothefuture
MegaHAL DS Conversation simulator better known as a “chatterbox.”. Asiekierka
MegaStopwatch Megaman theme stop watch. Thungbard
MemoryDeS Allow user to study and review vocabulary lists in the Apprenticeship of languages​​. Memorydes
MemtestARM Makes sure that your RAM pak is working fine. Tepples
Mendeleiev Periodic table and element information/list. MasterDje
Metroid Gravity Metroid Prime Hunters animation simulator. Disgepia
MorseDS Morse translator. Aguilera_87
Motion Plotter An app that draws lines. Sektor
MythRemote A network remote control for MythTV frontends. Grizzly Adams
NdéS Virtual dice on DS. Coincoin
nds-bootstrap Boot an nds file ahezard, RocketRobz
NDSRo Client for eAthena servers for Ragnarok Online. Leinad
Neko DS A port of an old PC app. ThemePark
NeoKey Fileviewer An alternate fileviewer. D-loader
NDSMail RSS and POP mail client. Bronto
NdsMiiMaker Create your own Mii. CoinCoin
NDSpiritLevel A spirit level application inspired by an application on Android. Bootlegger
NitroHax Cheat tool for official games running on the Nintendo DS. Chishm
NitroTracker A versatile tool for creating music. 0xtob
Oclock Alarm clock on DS. Cid2Mizard
.:OsUp:. A homebrew allows user to update through WiFi the OS of the flashcard. .:Mik:.
OtaClockDS Port of Otacon's desktop clock application. Madcat1990
PAINT BLACK DS An application for creating black and white drawings. Cid2mizard
Paint DS (ps991) Paint application. Ps991
Paint DS A Paint application. S_hansse
Paint Stylus Another type of graphics editor Paint. RDilus
PassMe2 SRAM Writer Writes the SRAM in GBA mode for PassMe2. Pepsiman
Perpetual Calendar + Clock Calendar and a clock. Taiyou
Phidias A drawing program for Nintendo DS. Tapio Pyrhönen
Pictoblog Allows you to post hand drawn images to your Blog. 0xtob
PikuLinterna DS Simulates a flashlight on Nintendo DS. Pikus
PikUsos DS Contains a digital clock, flashlight, paint and more. Pikus
Pintared An advanced version of Telesketch. Raultecnologia
PixelFixer Flashes the screen in different colors to unstuck pixels. BassAceGold
PIXELMAN Sprite designing, testing and animation tool. Sylus101
Pocket Pixie DS Graphics editor. Morukutsu
Poker Blinds Timer Poker tournament blind timer. Der-Leo
PolyTouch Polygons painter. René C. Kiesler
PPaPP Shows coordinates of the desired point with a Stylus. Virtua Peanuts
PPSEDS Pokemon Save Editor. Chase-san
Project JDS Japanese 'alphabets' learning application. Ashai Rey
Prueba de Botones Button tester on NDS. 0-00
Putzpie Etch A Sketch Etch-a-Sketch for NDS. Putzpie
RAC Tool used to back up and restore the town on Animal Crossing: Wild World to a SLOT-2 device. Tepples
RangerDS A GPS application. Ranger
RMMnDS Calculate shortest path program for the metro's net of Madrid. Mincemeatteam
RPaint A paint like application for NDS. Revo
Roast Of Mario Port of a short Mario clip from the internet. Chadrcheze
SCDS1 Pokemon Cheat A .scc Pokemon diamond Action Replay cheats for Supercard DS. -=M*C=-
Scrabble Assistant DS Assist players using the board version of Scrabble game. Nicolas Pillot
SDepS A pedometer for the Nintendo DS. Tobiasbp
SEDS(sprite editor) Small drawing and animation tool. PypeBros
Simple Diagnosis Use it to see if DS needs a new rubber pad or fixes. Kiaku
SK8 Dice Port of the skating dice game which based on real dices for skaters. Amchacon
SkinSelcter Swap between multi-skins loaded on DS (for DSTT and YS menu). Tora Software
SkinUp Manage and upgrade skin's archive directly from Nintendo DS (Supercard DS One only). .:Mik:.
Sleeper Killer An alarm clock with special features. Mastertop101
Somebodys Watching Me Video of "Somebody's Watching Me" by R&B artist Rockwell. Rockleeace
South Africa World Cup 2010 DS Manager Manage the schedule and results of your favorite teams from World Cup. Cid2mizard
Stoppuhr DS A stopwatch with a little lapcomputer. Roman Adler
Stopwatch DS Stopwatch for DS. Foxi4
StopwatchDS Basic stop watch application based on Timer Demo by Chris Liu. Syntech
Super Alarm Alarm clock with Super Mario World scenarios. Emov2k4
Sudoku Solver An application that solve Sudoku puzzle. Krupkat
Sudoky Sudoku puzzles solver. Bobiwan
SuitekiDS Spanish-Japanese and English-Japanese dictionaries. Hispadic
Super Cutre Botons Buttons tester. Salsaman
SutraDS Portable kamasutra guide. Cid2mizard
SystemTest Able to see the language, time, color and more. Playallday
Table Sixty-Nine Find out if you are seated at table #69 in any radix. Chris
TapSpeedTest A model on how fast an average (trained) user can tap up a given button combination. Ant6n
TAUNT DS Send "taunts" to another DS via wifi. Cid2mizard
TelecranDS An adaptation of telecran. Oxo
Telesketch Pixel by pixel painter. Raultecnologia
The Magic Counter An application for the card game Magic The Gathering. 4n4bol
The Stiff Man X: The Parcel Download the latest news and competitions through a server. StudioPlatinum
ThreaDS A thread library for DS. Spaghetti DSDev
Tirada2 Dice roller. Aguilera_87
Tiri A typing Siri for DS. EyKcir
Touch Test Find bad areas of NDS touch screen. Unknown
TouchTest DS Help diagnose the touchscreen. Briankealing
Treasures of Gaia View the entire earth on DS via Google Maps. Stravingo
TwitOnly Japanese Twitter application. Momoonga
UAPaint Drawing application. BassAceGold
Ultimate Dog Tease Port of one of the most viewed videos on Youtube. Klaatu42 (from Youtube)
Uptime DS Test energy-consumption of different cards and batteries. Freemaan
UsrCheatUp Update cheats from DS through Wi-Fi. Giovanni
VibratorDS A vibrator for the Nintendo DS. Nehrem
VoiceAlarmClock Alarm clock with own recorded voice. Master Sonic
Vortex Generator Generate visual effects. Dantheman
Walkie-Talkie Walkie-Talkie for the DS. Ericgies
Wallpaper Learn polish. Tigro
Wecker DS Alarm clock with an mp3 file. MystBoy
Wildlife Greenhouse Guide for camper with variety of edible plants. SimplexProductions
Woctochat Chatting App for the DS. Acceuil
Yahoo Messenger A Yahoo Messenger client. Atomsoft
Zatmar paint Based on Paint from Windows. Zatmar
Zelda The Six Sages Zelda animation simulator. JUDELCO