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Author(s)Bus_Driver, Cobradragon1020

iHalo is a homebrew version of Halo. It was created half on the quake ds engine and half of it was made by scratch of the iHalo team (a.k.a sandso9, busdriver, ryan, and numerous others on the iHalo4iphone forums).


  • Deathmatch mode (no story mode)
  • Available 3 maps
  • AI Bots
  • Several available weapons

User guide

Maps: the map that started, on the other end will see 2 portals: one blue and one red. Each one leads to the other 2 worlds.

Weapons: knife, gun, 2 guns, and gun and rocket launcher.

Both weapons and ammunition as life, are scattered around the map, only the gun and the knife are available from the beginning.



Up/Down - select option.

Start - access the menu, return to the game, cancel

Select - confirm

In game

For your configuration, enter into menu> options> Customize Controls.

Attack - recommended for right L, R for left

Weapon Change - change weapon

Jump/Swim Up - X Recommended for right, Pad up for lefties

Walk Forward - recommended right-Pad Up, X to lefties

Backpedal - recommended Pad down for right, left-handed B

Turn Left - turn left

Turn Right - turn right

Run - moving forward at high speed

Step Left - recommended Pad left right-handed, and lefties

Step Right - recommended right-Pad Right, A left-handed

Sidestep - (did not react)

Look Up - look up

Look Down - looking Down

Center view - center view

On-Screen Keyboard - sets the screen keyboard, can configure some keyboard commands

Keyboard Look - operating Keyboard

Swim Up - swim up

Down Swim - swim down (dive)

NOTE: There are more controls that have the DS buttons.

Known Issues

When dies, there are a certain number of times to restart the game textures.

Sometimes you can see lines on the screen that you see through the walls that we face.

Ignore the option of saving options, do not save anything.

The rocket leaves a strange circle on the screen.


Tested on: ITouch DS Flashcard with firmware 3.2e (Test of Staff)

SuperCard DSONEi Flashcard with firmware 3.0