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AuthorFredrik Ahlström (FluBBa)
Last Updated2021/05/17

Double Dribble Arcade emulator for Nintendo DS.


DLDI patch the emulator for your flashcard.

Create a folder named acds in either the root of your flash card or in the data folder.

Put into a folder where you have arcade roms.

User guide

When the emulator starts, it will try to load Double Dribble automatically on startup.

The game uses 3 x M6809 cpus and 2 x K005585 gpus. Should play at full speed.



  • Load Game - Choose a game to load.
  • Load State - Load a previously saved state for the currently running game.
  • Save State - Save a state for the current game.
  • Save Settings - Save the current settings.
  • Reset Game - Reset the currently running game.



  • Autofire - Select to enable autofire.
  • Controller - 2P start a 2 player game.
  • Swap A/B - Swap which NDS button is mapped to which arcade button.


  • Display - Scaled or unscaled screenmode (L/R to scroll screen up/down).
  • Scaling - Flicker or barebones lineskip.
  • Gamma - Adjust gamma (brightness).
  • Disable Foreground - Turn on/off foreground rendering.
  • Disable Background - Turn on/off background rendering.
  • Disable Sprites - Turn on/off sprite rendering.


  • Speed - Switch between speed modes.
    • Normal - Game runs at it's normal speed.
    • 200% - Game runs at double speed.
    • Max - Game runs at 4 times normal speed (might change in the future).
    • 50% - Game runs at half speed.
  • Autoload State - Toggle Savestate autoloading.
  • Autosave Settings - Save settings when leaving menu if any changes are made.
  • Autopause Game - Toggle if the game should pause when opening the menu.
  • Powersave 2nd Screen - If graphics/light should be turned off for the GUI screen when menu is not active.
  • Emulator on Bottom - Select if top or bottom screen should be used for emulator, when menu is active emulator screen is always on top.
  • Debug Output - Show an FPS meter for now.
  • Autosleep - Does not work.


  • Lot of settings for the actual arcade game, difficulty/lives etc.



L+R or Touchscreen - Open up menu

D-Pad or Touchscreen - Navigate menus

A or Double tap - Select an option

B or Top of the screen - Go back

R/L or Touchscreen - Switch between tabs

In game:

Select - Insert coin

Start - Start

D-Pad - Move character

Y - Dribble, Steal

B/X - Pass, Switch

A - Shot, Jump


doubledribbleds2.png doubledribbleds3.png

doubledribbleds4.png doubledribbleds5.png


Tested on iDeaS emulator.

Known issues

FM sound chip emulation is not ideal, attempted to emulate the speech chip but it sounds weird.


V0.4.2 2021/05/17

  • Fixed the sound a bit.

V0.4.0 2021/03/23

  • Added load/save state.

V0.3.6 2020/06/08

  • Added support for flipped sprites.

V0.3.5 2018/07/17

  • Added VLM5030 sound.

V0.3.1 2018/05/10

  • Added loading of roms.
  • Cleaned up code.

V0.2.0 2017/01/07

  • Plays Double Dribble.

V0.1.0 2016/09/27

  • Starts Double Dribble.

V0.0.0 2016/09/11

  • Started coding.


Huge thanks to Loopy for the incredible PocketNES, without it this emu would probably never have been made.

Thanks to:

  • Dwedit for help and inspiration with a lot of things.
  • Manuel Abadia for the MAME driver.

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