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Author(s)Eddie Park

Book reader for Nintendo DS with customizable TrueType font rendering, and functions on the touchpad for opening files and other options.


  • Download DSReader from here (mirror)
  • Extract the folder 'DSReader' to the root of your card

User guide

Set up DS Reader 1. Stroke the bottom screen upwards to open the menu. 2.Tap the Folder icon to open a file. This enables you to browse the files on the homebrew card. You can add books to read by copying the text file to your homebrew card. Browse to the required file and tap Open. The file will open. 3. Tap the Book icon to open files and work with bookmarks. – If you are midway through a book, create a bookmark to enable you to continue later by tapping Save Bookmark, and then tapping a Save slot. If you've already created a bookmark, open books here rather than the Folder icon as you can continue reading from the same point. 4. Tap the Font icon to adjust the fonts. You can adjust the size, style and background colour. Tap Load to use any TrueType font you have on your Homebrew card. 5. Tap the Screen icon to adjust the display. You can choose whether to view the book on either both or just one screen. 6. Close the menu with a downward stroke.


1. Tap the Folder icon to open your book. 2. Advance pages by pressing the Left shoulder button or pressing the D-pad right. 3. Go back pages by pressing the Right shoulder button or pressing the D-pad left. 4. When you need a break, tap the Book icon to create a bookmark for later.

To delete bookmarks delete the 'LIBRARY.DAT' file.

Known Issues

  • Bookmarks will only work if the source file name is five letters or less.