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MegaZeux DS
TypeGame Engime
Version18 October 2009

DSMZX is a port of MegaZeux to the Nintendo DS. It is a game creation system (GCS) inspired by Tim Sweeney/Epic Megagames' classic shareware game ZZT, created in late 1994.

DSMZX currently builds against devkitARM-r26, libnds-1.3.8, and libfat-1.0.4. The libnds keyboard graphic has been replaced with this fixed version with better transparency.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch .nds file and copy it with files in /games/megazeux/ to the root directory of the card.

Notes from developer:

Because of the small amount of main memory on the DS, a SLOT-2 device with extra memory (e.g. SuperCard) is recommended. Without it, large game worlds will run out of memory.

User guide

Once the game loads, the top screen shows a zoomed-in portion of the screen, and the bottom screen shows the entire screen scaled to fit.


Stylus - Mouse clicks, Pan around top screen

D-Pad - Movement (arrow keys)

A+D-Pad - Shoot in this direction

B - Enter

X - Save game

Y - Load game

Start - P (i.e. P to Play in the title screen)

Select - Escape

L - Tab

R - Toggle keyboard


Version 2.1-svnr1454 2009/10/18

  • Update: Build 2.1 adds fixes for EZFlash hardware.

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