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DS Academy (French) is a kind of Brain-Training game. It is made up of 15 mini-games spread over 5 categories (memory, language, figure, perception and analyze).

The answers to certain games are entered by handwriting recognition. Finally, the scores obtained in the various games are saved. It is also possible to perform a test consisting of a mini-game from each category. At the end of the test, you will obtain a certain number of points corresponding to the level of his brain.

User guide

List of games

  • Memory:
    • La Note de Simon - Simon says clone. You will hear a sequence of sounds (each associated with a color) and you must then reproduce it.
    • Mem'O Figures - A number appears for a few seconds and must be re-written. The number of digits increases as you go.
    • Op 'And Close - 12 objects appear on the screen and several times, some of these objects change, you have to find which ones.
  • Language:
    • Trou du Mot (Word Hole) - A 4 letter word appears but one is missing, you must find as many as possible.
    • Elle ou Lui (Her or Him) - You have to determine the gender of the word that appears on the screen.
    • Meli-Melo - Put the 4 letters of a word back in order.
  • Figure:
    • Calcul Mental (Mental calculation) - Maths problems.
    • Le Juste Prix (The Fair Price) - There are 2 piles of coins, you have to click on the one with the highest total amount.
    • Cal'Lettres - Identical to Calcul Mental except that this time the operation is written in full.
  • Preception:
    • Tic Tac Toe - A Tic Tac Toe game.
    • Puzzle - Find the shape of the missing pieces of the puzzle;
    • Carapa Rapper - Find the color of the most represented turtle among all the turtles displayed.
  • Analyze:
    • Faîtes la Paire (Make the Pair) - Find the 2 idential objects from a series of objects appears on the screen.
    • Couleur de la Peur (Color of Fear) - The name of a color appears (red, white, blue, green) of a certain color, you have to find the color of the word, and not the word itself.
    • Cache-Cache (Hide and seek) - Shadows appear on the upper screen and must be found where they belong.

As mentioned above, you have to write the answer for some games. Each character must be written all at once (using PAGraffiti). For example, to enter the number 4, you must not make 2 lines, but only one.

To save, SuperCard users must use the Saver technique by quickly turning the console off and on again. Then, by going to the Saver menu, by selecting the game and then choosing Yes. The save will load automatically when the game is loaded.


Operate with Stylus.




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