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DDRLite is a Dance Dance Revolution-type game. It's not only for the DS Lite, despite what the name may suggest, and plain old DS fans can still enjoy the game.

DDRLite comes with 3 songs (which are copyright by there respect authors/owners) and the ability to convert your own DDR songs, only .sm (Stepmania) format is supported in this version.

It was submitted for the NEO summer coding contest 2006.


Up/Down - use the menu

Start - select

A/B/X/Y or D-Pad - hit the corresponding arrow

User guide

On the first menu you'll need to choose the touch mode.

On the second menu you'll choose your difficulty. Not all songs support all difficulties, and if they don't it will show no arrows.

The third and fourth menus are navigating to the desired song.

When in game use the a/b/x/y/up/down/left/right buttons to hit the corresponding arrow when it reaches the gray arrow at the top.

Linear touch mode

  • the bottom screen will be used and you will hit the gray arrows as the green ones reach them.

Dance Mat mode

  • will do the same as Linear mode, except hit the arrows that are in a diamond shape.


To convert your own songs open a command line window and run the "DDRLite Converter.exe" application followed by the "input" dir and then the "output" dir (remeber quotes). Please remeber when putting in your own songs to put them in __Letter__:DDRLiteSongs__GROUP____SONG__ .

__Letter__ being the letter of your flash media, __GROUP__ being a folder containing a number of song folders, and __SONG__ being the actual song folder."