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Template:Infobox-3DS-Homebrews ctr-led-brary is a small c++ library to play patterns with the 3DS RGB notification LED. This is only meant for developers, not an standalone homebrew application.

The 3DS notification led is a RGB256 led which can (theorically) display 2^24 different colors (including black). This library allows to play patterns using the ptm sysmodule.


  • Generate different types of color patterns, including constant, linear and sinusoidal.
  • Set the pattern and loop delay and smoothing values.
  • Play and Stop the generated color patterns with the Notification LED.


Download contains an example shown in the demo video in 3DSX format and source.

User guide

You can find all the documentation on how to use the library and the example from the GitHub page.


Example homebrew (PabloMK7)

Practical implementation (PabloMK7)


MarcusD: Notification LED research.

PabloMK7: Creation of the library.

All the people involved in ctrulib.

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