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{{Infobox DS Homebrews
| title      = Closed
| title      = Closed
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| type        = Puzzle  
| type        = Puzzle  
| version    = 1.7
| version    = 1.7

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AuthorAli Banana, Cobain
[0.7 and 1.7 Download]

Closed DS (French) is a DS homebrew riddle game that has a dark and suspenseful atmosphere. Originally developed by Ali Banana and later picked up by Cobain with new puzzles and bugfixes.

It is presented to the Dev-Fr.org Compo 2007, ranked 7th in the Game section.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it if needed (if your card does not have auto-patching) and copy it to the root directory of the card.

User guide

There are a series of puzzles and riddles where each time you will have to find out what to do.


Depending on the level.


closed2.png closed3.png


1.7 (by Cobain)

  • Added two puzzles.
  • Revision of the management puzzle.

1.6 (by Cobain)

  • Added enigma.
  • Revision of the credit for something much more fun.

1.5 (by Cobain)

  • Added two puzzles.

1.4 (by Cobain)

  • Added two puzzles.
  • Animation of the keyboard when entering.

1.3 (by Cobain)

  • Added an enigma.
  • Fixed a bug.
  • Go to the sound AS_lib.

1.2 (by Cobain)

  • Added three more puzzles.
  • Fixed a bug in the backup.

1.1 (by Cobain)

  • Added two puzzles.
  • Added an arrow to go to the next level.

1.0 (by Cobain)

  • Reissue all the sources of the game.
  • Added an enigma.
  • Replacd the click between puzzles.
  • Changed how to remove the keyboard.
  • Verification of the fat that avoids two versions (one with and one without).

Beta 0.7 2007/06/05 (by Ali Banana)

  • Added four new puzzles.
  • Reorganization of puzzles.
  • Updated credits.
  • "Sacrifice" of "click" between the puzzles and the menu.

Beta 0.6 2007/05/30

  • Added two new puzzles (based on ideas from Pilatomic and OMG).
  • Fixed combo bug.

Beta 0.5 2007/05/29

  • Fixed bugs.
  • A new puzzle.
  • Version without libfat (without backup) available.

Alpha 0.5 2007/05/25

  • Added backup system (using libfat, may require patching DLDI).
  • Changed the background music (no more use of .mood).
  • Added a puzzle (the idea of ​​Pilatomic).
  • Small change in the order of puzzles.
  • Add credits at the end of the game.

Alpha 0.4 2007/05/23

  • Added sounds (but the music stops after approx. 4 min because didn't succed in looping it).
  • Two new puzzles (including one from the idea of ​​OMG).

Alpha 0.3 2007/05/22

  • Addition of 2 puzzles.
  • Font changed.
  • Update splashscreen.
  • Fixed bug (hopefully).

Alpha 0.2 2007/05/21

  • Adding a splash screen.
  • 3 new puzzles.
  • Removal of the puzzle with micro.

Alpha 0.1 2007/05/14

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