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Balloon DS

A puzzle game where player holds DS upside-down and try to pop the balloons. It is one of the PAlib projects.

User guide

Take the DS upside doen. Then, move and look for balloon to burst and put it in one of two stocks, on left and right side.

To simply burst a balloon without the store, click on without pressing a button.

Then, for the next level, explode a number of balls of each color. These numbers are shown on the non-touch screen.


A and Y - stock left and right

Stylus - burst balloons

Known issues

A memory overflow makes the game unplayable on normal DS (disappearance of sprites) while the DS Lite, the game becomes playable after a few seconds.


Version 2.0

  • Modification of graphics and adjustments of some elements of the gameplay.
  • Addition of the balloons no-claims bonus and visualization of the next balloons.

Version 1.1

  • Added a pause which makes it possible to start again a part as well as an interface adapted to the left-handeds person (one can use left and right instead of A and Y).
  • Reduced time between each level. Thank you Sto!

Version 1.0

  • Added a menu and modified the interface of play.
  • Different the bugs from posting is also removed.
  • The sound part was also treated.
  • Modified obtaining the points and additional times.

Version beta

  • Version of test of the gameplay.