A Cup of Tea

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A Cup of Tea

A cup of Tea - V8 is a very gentle FPS that any newbie could beat. It does not feature touch screen controls device because the author wanted it to feel old school. D-Pad to move/aim, B to jump and any other key to shoot. It was made using Yeti3D, which was first ported to the NDS with the help of ThunderZ, Pitt and birslip.

It was participated in the Neoflash Summer Coding Compo 2007 (winner).

This is 2010. One day, a message is received from a priest, saying very rare that a band led by a maniacal voodoo, which has a large skull-shaped mask, is destroying his church...

User guide

While in the upper screen all the action takes place, the bottom screen inform us of the player's life.

The more blood, the less life you have left. Drinks are scattered throughout the level with which to recover.

When players die, it starts over.


Up and down - move forward/backward

Right and left - look sideways

A, X or Y - shoot

B - Jump

R or L - maintain with right/left on the pad to move sideways

Start - Pause


Works on:

Supercard DSONEi with Flashcard Firmware 3.0

Flashcard R4 with firmware 1.8


Final verision

  • Redesign project much, much better, using the gorgeous GFX that Lobo has laid the meantime. A true atmosphere now prevails in the game with a brief background screenplay, inspired design and the correct sounds. The game would almost be afraid.
New GFX (made ​​by the big, beautiful, beautiful Lobo)
New level
Correction and gameplay bugs


birslip, ThunderZ and Pitt